Celebrate! woohoo!

12 Mar

30.8! thirty decimal eight! trente virgule huit! This is how much weight I have lost in total as of today!! I made it to the thirties! 😀 😀 😀

I lost exactly 1 pound this week, yah! 😀

Soooo yeah, today has totally rocked. lol. How could it not?

My mini treat to myself was a new pair of work pants if I hit 30lbs lost but shopping costs money and I don’t have that right now so instead I am going to treat myself with a perogy dinner lol. Not as exciting as a new pair of pants but hey, it’s something! And next week I will buy the pants. 🙂

Not much has happened today, besides my crazed happy dance after I saw the number on the scale, lol, I have been totally up in self esteem today which is always nice. And yeah, I know! I shouldn’t base my self esteem on my looks but uh, hello? Do you live in this society?

I may act all confident an stuff but a huge part of my self esteem is based on my looks and feeling confident in how others see me. The more weight I lose the better I am feeling about myself and the image I project to others. I wonder what I will feel about myself when I have reached my final weight loss goal…I’ll probably have to find some new way to keep my self esteem high once that happens cause even I can’t maintain high self esteem solely based on my looks…I’m shallow but not that shallow lol. 😛


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