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All Things British

29 Apr

I s’pose the title should be All Foods British but I like the sound of Things instead of Food better. lol.

In my own little show of celebration for the wedding of Prince William and Kate since Thursday dinner time I have eaten only “English food”, can’t go wrong with that plan since they do have some kick ass yummy food. 😀

Most of the British foods I know are quite unhealthy, *rolls eyes*, figures right? I asked my mom for some suggestions on what I could make that would be traditional and perhaps not too too bad for me – oh, fyi my mom is from England, she moved to Canada in her 20s so I wasn’t asking her just cause she’s my mom and the person to go to when I have questions about things but because she is from England and will actually have an answer. lol 😛

She had lots of suggestions, some healthier then others, but due to my limited budget, fondness for unhealthy foods and general laziness when it comes to cooking I chose some of the easier and slightly worse for me options. 🙂

Thursday night dinner was none other then a 2 piece fish and chip dinner. 😀 Oh YUM!! I sprinkled malt vinegar on top and dived right in. So So So good! I would have gotten a 1 piece dinner cause really, who needs 2?? but I had a coupon lol, so 2 pieces it was, shrug. When I was done my stomach was actually distended there was so much food in it, lol, and I kinda felt a little icky but I don’t care, the food was so good I’d do it again – although not for a long while cause I shudder to think how many points I ate…

Quick side note – starting thursday dinner time through to the end of today (friday) I am not counting points cause I felt that would make my mission to eat only British food too hard, lol, LAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I stayed up all night to be able to watch all the coverage for the wedding, yup, I was that whacko! I napped from about 12:30am to a bit after 2am or so then watched the royal family going to the Abbey, watched the wedding ceremony but napped through the church service, then stayed awake for the ride in the carriage, the balcony and of course the kiss! The commentator said they would be on the air live for another couple hours but I figured they wouldn’t be showing anymore of the royal family it’d just be people yapping and since I was about to fall over from being so tired I opted for bed, lol, I finally got to bed about 6am or so. Could have been worse – and ya know, I’d do it again. 🙂

When I got up around noonish today (friday) I ate 2 (yes, two, sigh) blueberry scones. One was cut open and I put some raspberry jam on it, the other I just broke off in to pieces, both got dipped in to light cool whip – yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be clotted cream but I couldn’t find any. It was good, not as good as the fish n chips but good. 🙂

Later on I had a sausage roll, I screwed up though and microwaved it to heat it up so the pastry went soft, sigh. I’d say I’d remember next time but I probably won’t be buying a sausage roll for so long that by next time I’ll have forgotten lol.

Dinner, which I had disturbingly late in the day was a home made cheese and onion pie. Now, when I ask people if they ever had one they can’t seem to figure out what it is, it’s not a quiche, it’s not a pie like a fruit pie, its a one pie is one serving closed pastry pie…so, imagine a pizza pop but with puff pastry and filled with melted cheese and sauteed onion. Good huh? The recipe I have is from the internet and it’s supposed to make 1 pie, 1! Well, I offered to make a pie for my roomie but when I opened the puff pastry box there were only 2 squares in the box and according to the recipe those 2 squares were needed to make one pie so I decided to make 2 smaller pies and put half the filling in each, if nothing else it would save calories right? ha! Even when I halved it each pie was so large 1 pie covered the entire bottom of a large sized dinner plate – can you believe that??? We both just stared at them like ‘holy fuck’. It took a looooong time to eat cause it was so big and it’s doing the same thing the fish n chips did – making my tummy large and making me feel ick. sigh. Why do I do this to myself?!?! Oh, and no, I don’t need you to answer that…

So now it’s a bit after 11pm, I’m watching Rambo (can’t go wrong with a Stallone movie!) and trying to digest my uber large dinner. While enjoying the wedding stuff and the food I wasn’t worried about the points cause I knew I wasn’t counting so I refused to let myself feel guilty, well, I don’t feel guilty but I do feel worried cause of weigh in tomorrow. I ate bad last weekend but not just for the standard 2 days of a weekend, more like 4 or 5 days, and now I have eaten really bad today and last night for dinner. Oh my.

There’s nothing that can be done about it now, and weigh in isn’t for hours n hours yet so really, I shouldn’t be worrying about it cause not like worrying will do me any good, shrug, but I always worry on friday evenings about saturdays weigh in results. I’m starting to think it’s natural…or at least kinda normal…


27 Apr

Today was a fairly normal day, soooooo boring. lol. Got up, went to work, was bored at work, came home, ate a two parter dinner and am now watching tv and doing various things online while I kill time. Rather pathetic but that’s ok cause you need a boring day every now and then – it helps make the other days more interesting. 🙂

I had a total yum lunch, see, I forgot to take my lunch to work, my bad! 😛 I went out and bought a massive salad at Salad Loop. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. I topped it with sooooo many things, which is what I love about build your own salad places. I had all kinds of veggies, chick peas, cottage cheese, yam, artificial crab, hard boiled egg…all types of great things. The trick is to put super duper small amounts of anything that will cost you points – just take enough to get a taste. It helps bulk up your salad, makes it more filling and tasty but doesn’t make your salad stupid expensive or high in points. Gotta love tricks. lol.

Today I ate:

1 Quaker Hearty Medley = 2 points

Salad Loop = 5 points

10 mini breton = 1 point

30 grams light cheese = 2 points

7 pickles = 1 point

1 cup tomato rice soup = 4 points

2 pcs toast = 1 point

1 tsp marg = 1 point

Total points eaten = 17 😀

I am under my daily points but I have sitting on the table beside me an Activia yogurt for 2 points and a weight watchers 1 point candy that is like a 2-bite Bounty Bar, yum! 😀

I almost caved and chose to go over cause I still have 3 left over pancakes my mom made for sunday brunch and I was planning to put a bit of nutella on them…or maybe some cheese…some kind of topping…and eat those but I decided that I have absolutely no need to go over my points, I could use a higher dairy intake for today since I haven’t had much and well, an 80 calorie yogurt that is super tasty is just as good if not better then a high point snack that (sadly) has no nutritional benefit.

Weird how it becomes easier to make the healthier choice…

Food by Mum

26 Apr

So, I haven’t written in for-evah! Ack! I was way busy then lacking in internet…no, that’s not quite right, the way busy part is but then I was out of town and there was internet but I couldn’t get on it…no, that’s not quite right either, I had my laptop but to get it online I would have had to plug it in to be connected so no internet…nooooo, wait, that’s not right either, I could have used the computer that was already there but everyday I was busy working (like manual labour working, ugh) so by the time it was evening and I was chilling I was too tired to want to bother with getting online with a computer that is not my own. lol. I am quite lazy at times, duh.

What was I doing you ask? I drove all day thursday to get to my parents (they are one province over) so I could help with some stuff around the house – and get to hang out with them for a bit. 🙂 It may be a long drive but it is totally worth it!

You know how all (well, ok, most) parents let their kids store all that random shit they (the kids) collect over the years and aren’t ready to part with but also don’t want to take with them when they move? Well my parents have 3 of us kids and we all left stuff behind; that poor basement has turned in to one big storage unit. lol. My parents are hoping to move sometime this summer so they have started The Big Clean (as I like to think of it), renovations, decluttering – all that kind of stuff. When I informed my mom I had a 4 day weekend thanks to Easter the time was pounced upon as perfect for me to come home for a visit and as a time for me to go through all my stuff and sort it in to (a) throw it out/recycle it (b) sell in the upcoming yard sale or (c) give to friends who will utilize it. Fun huh?

It’s funny, normally when I go back for a visit I don’t get to see my parents all that much because all my friends there wanna see me and trying to fit everybody in is freakin hard! So this time…we didn’t tell anybody I was coming. haha. I was all incognito, super stealth mouth-kept-shut girl, crazeeeee! teehee

How does this all relate to food? Here’s how: I spent 2 days eating varying levels of good and crap stuff (thursday and monday – the days I was on the road) and in between those days I spent friday, saturday and sunday eating oh so yummy made by my mummy home cooked meals that were in larger portions then I am used to eating – so, I’m not sure if it was an “oops” or not…ya know? Cause, well, I didn’t cook the food, or portion it on to my plate and I was so excited to be eating food made by my mom that I ate it all. Mmm! I don’t regret any of it but I really have no idea what my points are like for the days I travelled and visited. shrug. Ah well, you only live once! 🙂

I just realized I made it sound like I was eating massive portions or something lol, I wasn’t! It’s just that when I cook I make enough for me for one meal and I measure everything I eat, when I was at my parents I eyeballed my portions which leaves me feeling uneasy cause what if I think I am taking a good portion size but in actuality am taking way more then I should be??

While I may not have the points for what I ate I can give you a list of all the amazing food…

Friday: tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, Mexican casserole, mixed cooked veg, apple pie, yogurt and a Guinness.

Saturday: Pa Peterson’s cheeseburger and fries with gravy and a slush (from one of the best fast food burger places ever that is in danger of shutting down so I am glad I got to eat there one last time!), mixed fruit (berries), meat loaf with green beans and baby potatoes, oh, and a Guinness in the evening

Sunday: family brunch – scrambled egg, 2 pancakes, stuffed french toast (1/2 piece), turkey bacon, hash browns, oh, and cool whip and fruit for the pancakes, there was also a mimosa to start the morning off right and then dinner was a full turkey dinner with turkey (duh!), stuffing, baby potatoes, yorkshire puddings, veggies and gravy, and of course a Guinness in the evening lol

Monday and Thursday were on the road so both those days I ate food I took with me and food I bought along the way – which means some of it was healthy and some of it was not. lol. What is it about road trips that inspire me to eat junk food? I think it’s a throw back to when I was a teenager and in my early teens, I would go on road trips and all we would eat was junk food and it was perfectly fine. shrug. It’s not so fine anymore, sigh. For one thing I worry more about the calories I eat and for another I feel kinda gross today. sigh.

All weekend I was fine, even though I was eating larger portions then I normally eat it all settled well, it all tasted great and well, everything was fine. Yesterday however, I think I crossed a line I didn’t know my stomach had and just pushed it too far. Oops. It was the chocolate, I know it was and even when I realized it wasn’t settling happy in my tummy I kept eating it (sometimes I swear chocolate is addictive lol) so the uncomfy sensation is totally my fault, it sucks. 😛

Today I took it easy for the most part, being kind to my tummy an all that lol. I also picked up some probiotics when picking up my groceries after work today and will be popping one of those soon, I am hoping it will help – I’m sure it will. 🙂 If I hadn’t eaten that chocolate I wouldn’t be having this problem and it’s kinda nice knowing that I was able to eat all that home made food and digest it with no problems, aaahhhhh, gettin back to normal.

Oh, and guess what my mom did for me? She made me a turkey sandwich and a meat loaf sandwich for the road so I ate the turkey when actually on the road and the meat loaf sandwich tonight with some soup for dinner. It is sad the food-by-mom is now gone (all eaten by me lol) but it was yummy while it lasted. 😀

Down then Up, Up then Down

17 Apr

Man does my weight fluctuate. 😛 We all know that our weight can and does fluctuate daily – hell sometimes hourly *rolls eyes* but ya know, the way the number moves around on the scale each week can be depressing, disheartening…just downright aaarrrggghhhhhh! Yeah I know, not a descriptive word but a descriptive sound and I feel that should count! lol.

Yesterday, Saturday, my official weigh in day, I was up exactly 1 pound, sigh. I s’pose I should have expected that cause of my two huge cheat days at the beginning of that week and the random flex points I used during the week but it still sucks to see the number go up.

A happy thought tho is even with the 1 pound gain I am still over 30 pounds total weight loss, wOOt! Which means I am still allowed to buy new pants. 😀

My plan was to go pants shopping today (Sunday) but I got a shift at work that took up my whole day so no shopping for me. I am a tad disappointed but I’d rather make money then have an entire day off just so I can make an hour long shopping trip lol. I figure I’ll go tomorrow or Tuesday after work so no biggy. 🙂

Even though Sunday is not my weigh in day I stepped on the stupid scale cause I wanted to see if it was better or worse then Saturday…well, it was better. 🙂 Yah! I went down not only that 1 pound I gained but also a little bit more – seriously, only a little bit, like 0.2 pound, lol, barely enough to even count but ya know what? I am so counting it! 😛

Means I defiinitely get to buy pants! 😀 😀 teehee

My food this weekend has been…weird. Saturday I woke up and was nowhere near hungry, which is odd cause normally by the time I am up and showered on a Saturday I am starved, but ah well not this weekend. shrug. I made myself eat cause I was going out to work and was worried I’d get hungry part way through my shift – my tummy lasted the shift at work even though it went 1 hr 45 mins longer then booked, I wasn’t really sure if this was a good thing or not cause by the time I got home it was around 12:30 am and I’d only eaten 12.75 points…and that’s all I ate cause I went directly to bed.

Because of my being so under yesterday I gave myself a bit of a treat today – well 2 treats actually lol 🙂 As a result I can’t actually calculate my points for the day cause the dinner I bought didn’t have the nutritional info on the packaging, oops, I thought it did but when I looked closer after I got home it was just random stuff printed on the label – there isn’t even a full list of ingredients! shocking!

Today I ate:

1/2 cup Maple Baked Beans = 2 points

1 scrambled egg = 2 points

2 pcs bodywise toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls light peanut butter = 1 point

4 perogies = 4 points

1 tbls light sour cream = 0 points

2 yorkshire puddings = 2 points

ginger beef with veggie fried rice = ??

1 boston cream donut = 5 points

I feel some of my food needs explanation, lol.

Yes, I had perogies with my breakfast, I was looking for potatoes to make into hash browns when I realized I didn’t have any so I opened my freezer to see what I could find and saw the perogies, they were my last 4 and seemed a great idea. I mean, who says certain foods should only be eaten at certain times? Why can’t perogies be eaten for breakfast? They were a totally awesome addition to my breakfast and I am pretty sure I will do that again. 🙂

The donut was only eaten cause I still had a winning cup left over from the Roll Up the Rim to Win contest held by Tim Horton’s and I was worried if I didn’t cash it in they wouldn’t honour it. I don’t know that this is a valid fear, I have no idea how long you can take in winning cups after the contest closes but hey, better safe then sorry. And yes, I am aware it’s only a winning donut not like I was missing out on a huge prize or anything but I bought that tea and got a winning cup and no way am I wasting that! Besides, who doesn’t like a donut? I wanted the chocolate donut covered in toasted coconut (omg, that donut is like heaven in your mouth!) but the location I went to doesn’t carry that donut so I got the boston cream. Probably for the best since I don’t know the points for the coconut donut and if I’d gotten it with my luck it would have been way higher then the 5 for the boston cream but still, sigh, it would have been nice to have it.

The yorkshire puddings, I made them as part of the dinner for the kids I was taking care of (my weekend job is being an on call nanny) and there were enough that I could have some if I wanted…I wanted! They were a home made batter not the kind I make that comes from a package, lol. They were yum, but a tad salty, which is odd since I don’t equate yorkshire puddings with salt but ah well, guess it’s one of those things everyone makes a bit different. Even with the salt they were delish and totally worth the 2 points I used to eat them.

Oh, and the ginger beef with rice, I was going to eat salad for dinner – I have a yum one in the fridge, but the house I was at is crazy cold and by the time I got out of there all I wanted was something hot! A salad just wouldn’t of cut it – hey, there is a reason people eat more hot meals during winter. lol. When I was grocery shopping after the nannying shift was over I went to the section that has pre-made meals, I know I shouldn’t have, almost none of the food there is healthy but it was getting late and I am lazy. lol. It was tasty, Mmm! That is the food that didn’t have nutritional info tho which means I won’t be getting it again cause if I can’t calculate the points then I don’t eat it (usually) – sometime I really hate that rule of mine but hey, if it helps me lose weight then I guess it’s a good rule. 🙂

So that’s my weekend – my weight went down last week, then was up Saturday, then down Sunday…wonder what it’ll be next week?

What’s Stopping Me?

15 Apr

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! I sooooo wanna eat! Argh! It’s not that I am hungry, I am comfortably full, and it’s not like I didn’t get my little sweet at the end of the day, I used 2 flex points and had a snack I probably shouldn’t of had – it’s just that for some reason I want to eat, like, right now! Anything I can find! I want fooooooooood!

I swear, if tomorrow wasn’t weigh in day I’d raid the kitchen and make half hearted promises to myself that I’d make it up the rest of the week. This is so not good! Hell, I’m tempted to go to bed just so I can try to sleep through this cause honestly, I don’t know how well I am going to be able to resist this urge to eat. 😦 My willpower is only so strong…and this week, that sure as hell isn’t strong!

I got no exercise this week cause some of the evenings I had stuff to do after work so I got home too late to be able to use the hiking path, also, it’s been raining a lot so the trail is probably all mud right now, ugh. That’s the main problem I find with having my main form of exercise be an outdoors thing – if the weather sucks I can’t hike. 😦

The lack of exercise and having used a lot of flex points at the beginning of the week is making me way concerned for weigh in tomorrow. 😦 I really really really don’t want to gain (duh! who would?) And I swear my tummy is sticking out more then normal – what’s worse is my work pants seemed snugger yesterday – I am not sure if they really were or if I am imagining things and there is always the possibility if they are snugger it’s due to me accidentally shrinking them (hey, it’s possible!) and not cause I gained weight…sigh…I dunno, I think they were snugger, and my tummy looks like it’s sticking out more, and I ate badly this past week, what with Indian food and Old Spaghetti Factory and random flex points during the week – who knows what kind of damage I have done. And then today, with all I want to do is eat eat eat…

I wonder if it has anything to do with my new probiotics…I bought a new kind and maybe they are messing with my digestion and thereby making my tummy stick out? *curious face* I dunno…I am grasping at straws at this point, and I suppose this could all be in my head and things will be fine at weigh in tomorrow but we all know by now that the night before weigh in I stress and freak out a bit wondering if I screwed up so bad I gained instead of lost – it’s practically tradition! lol

Today I ate:

2 weetabix = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

Stir Fry

    – 1 cup rice = 4 points

    – mixed veggies = 0 points

    – teriyaki sauce = 0 points

    – uber small amount of tofu, chicken, shrimp = 2 points

Market Vegetable Blend soup = 4 points

12 mini bretons = 1 point

30 grams light cheese = 2 points

6 pickles = 1 point

1 dinner bun = 1 point

1 tsp margarine = 1 point

1 babybell = 1 point

1 pckg Quaker Crunch’ers = 2 points

Total points eaten = 22

sigh. I was only supposed to eat 20 points worth and would have hit that perfect if I didn’t have that final snack of the Quaker Crunch’ers but it was either eat that and use 2 points on something I knew (in my head, not my tummy) would be filling enough I wouldn’t need anything else or eat a 1 point tiny little chocolate and end up caving later cause I wanted something more – I opted for the 2 points cause it seemed the smarter decision for the long run.

The stir fry I had for lunch was from one of those places where you pick your veggies and meat/tofu from a buffet style layout and they stir fry it (using water) right in front of you then put it on top of rice. Yum! 🙂 Thing is, it’s based on weight so I always try to pick the lighter veggies, lol, doesn’t always work tho, shrug. I took a tiny piece of chicken, 2 small cubes of tofu and 2 little shrimps for a bit of protein – I don’t have any way to calculate the points for them except I know each was in such a small amount to not even equal 1 point each so I figure combined those three items equal 2 points at most. The food was tasty – I love places like that, where you can’t really screw up, whatever you eat is gonna be healthy – makes it easier. lol.

I am gonna go cross my fingers and toes that tomorrows weigh in goes well, I’ll let ya know! 🙂

No Flex Points For Me Today, phew

13 Apr

I feel like ever since the weekend I have been using flex points like crazy. I knew I’d use a lot last weekend but I didn’t think I’d continue the trend during the week but I dunno, I am way more relaxed this week about food and more inclined to say fuck-it and eat something I know I shouldn’t for no real reason…I mean, sure if I was craving, or especially hungry or exercising like crazy then hey, sure, eat some chocolate, but it’s none of those things, I am just eating. shrug.

But not today! 😀 Today, even with eating more during the day then normal and getting a late dinner I managed to somehow only eat my points for the day, yah!

Today I ate:

1 pear = 1 point

1 apple = 1 point

1/2 cup light cottage cheese = 2 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

8 pcs Philly Roll (sushi) = 5.36 points

1 vanilla Girl Guide cookie = 1.5 points

5 perogies = 5 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

1 tbls light sour cream = 0 points

1 small slush = 1 point

2 pieces bodywise toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls light peanut butter = 1 point

Total points eaten = 19.86…so really, 20 points lol

Why do I have such a weird total you ask? Because I was bored and got way in to figuring out my sushi roll points. lol. For philly rolls it is 4 points for 6 pieces, my sushi had 8 pieces and you can bet your fine blog reading ass I ate them all! Yum! So, 4 points divided by 6 rolls is 0.67, 0.67 multiplied by 8 is 5.36…hence, 5.36 points for my sushi. 😀 I really hope I did that right, math isn’t really my thing…

It is now 9:16pm and I am fairly hungry, which sucks. But really, it’s my own fault, I let my tummy eat a little extra monday and tuesday and it ate way extra sat and sun so now it thinks it should be getting more food then it is supposed to get, sigh.

My stomach and my eating plan often times remind me of dog training. Every now and then you put the dog through a slightly stricter routine, this way it remembers who is “in charge” and is grateful when the more strict time is over and it gets to be a bit more relaxed about things (ex, normally the dog is allowed on the porch when you are sitting drinking a beer but for a while you make it stay in the yard – it wants to be on the porch and when you finally allow it on the porch again it recognizes that as a treat and acts accordingly). Well, my stomach is like that, I put it through stricter times so when I eat something special it recognizes it as special but sometimes I forget to stop with the special food/quantities and go overboard, making retraining harder. *rolls eyes* My own fault. Means the next couple days have the potential to suck a big hairy toe cause I’ll feel hungry a lot but by the weekend I should be back to normal and it won’t be a big deal again…now I really want the weekend to get here! lol. 🙂

Bad Strawberries! tsk tsk, go sit in a corner!

12 Apr

Oh the sadness of fruit gone bad – not visible bad so you know just from looking to throw it out but  the you pop it in your mouth and chew and are immediately disgusted by the gross taste that is now covering your poor innocent taste buds – oh the inhumanity! That was me with my afternoon snack of strawberries today – lemme tell you, most disturbing taste evah! It was like overly sweet yet sour and reminded me a bit of wine, not yummy wine, but wine…what’s with that?? *shudder*

So yeah, was lacking in my snack and really, after that train wreck of a tasting I didn’t want anything else in my mouth for a while – I think my tastebuds were banding together to stage a coup (I swear I felt picket signs being raised on my tongue) but I soothed them with tea – ah the wonders of tea! 🙂

Today I ate:

1 apple = 1 point

1 pear = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

2 pieces Bodywise bread = 1 point

2 cheese slices = 2 points

2 slices turkey meat = 0 points

baby spinach = 0 points

1 tbls light miracle whip = 0 points

1 tsp mustard = 0 points

1 stuffed potato from M&M’s = 3 points

1 tbls light sour cream = 0 points

1 blueberry toaster strudel = 4 points

1 Eat More choc bar = 6 points

Total points eaten = 21

Alright, fine, I shouldn’t have eaten the chocolate bar, I could have easily not screwed up my points and gone over by getting any number of healthy snacks that are in my kitchen but well…the chocolate bar was closer…lame, sigh, I know…I’ll do better tomorrow!

You may be wondering about that toaster strudel – wellllll, I bought them on sale 2 weekends ago, one box was $2! One toaster strudel is 4 points (same as a pop tart, fyi) and what can I say, the marketing got to me. Lately where I live there has been a crazy increase of toaster strudel ads on tv – when I was in junior high (grades 7-9) mom would sometimes buy them and I loooooved them. Everytime I saw an ad I thought about how I used to eat them and not worry about my weight and how I just enjoyed them and for some delusional reason I seemed to think I could get them now and eat them and not worry about the calories…stupid I know. *flared nostril face* Now I have a box of frickin toaster strudel (minus 1) in my freezer and it’s gonna take me for ever to finish them cause I’ll hafta eat them so sporadically, arg!

Oh, another fyi, they don’t toast all the way through, as soon as I started eating it I remembered this problem from all those years ago. lol. Part of it will be uber hot, part of it a perfect temp and part of it still cold…er…what’s with that?? So, shrug, next time I pop one of those suckers in the toaster I will stand nearby and flip it around mid toasting…maybe that will help…oh yeah, and another thing, it tasted really good…long as you like processed sugary goodness – which I sooo do! lol. 😛

What a Weekend! :)

11 Apr

Some weekends just rock – and the one that just finished was one of them. 🙂 While I am a little sad the weekend is over (I mean, does anyone really like Mondays??) it was so fun that I am just happy having an awesome two days to look back on…weird huh? lol.

Saturday started off with me standing on the scale – I was kinda worried (as normal!) cause the day before I had eaten Beef Teriyaki and some sushi rolls and some miso soup for lunch and then compounded it by eating (you’re gonna love this!) a donut for dinner…yup, a donut, oh! and I had an Iced Cappuchino from Tim Horton’s with it (medium not small! ack! – least I got it made with milk not cream…) I don’t know what got in to me, shrug. So I step on the scale thinking I was bound to gain weight anyways since it was my first full week back to normal eating and how dumb was I on Friday but hey, the number went down! 😀 I lost another 0.8lbs, and what made it even better was I wasn’t regretting the donut, iced capp or Japanese lunch, there were no thoughts about how much more I would have lost if I hadn’t eaten those things, I was just so shocked at having lost weight this week that after a moment of stunned awe I went directly to giddy. 😀 I love when that happens!

After the scale I went for a hike, came home, got clean, ate a healthy meal, chilled for a while, then the fun part of the day! I met up with KL and we went to see Riverdance. 😀 Don’t you dare laugh! I love that show! You try bending your leg that way and dancing that quickly with such precision and then see if you think it’s still ok to make fun of them. 😛 It was really good – I had seen it before but KL hadn’t and she really liked it, which, phew! since I was the one who convinced her to go! lol. We then went for a late dinner at an Indian place I can no longer remember the name of, oops. 😉 It was way good. I don’t eat Indian often (read that as practically never) so I had no idea what to order. We ended up with shared rice that was filled with veggies and some spices, a vegetarian dish with chick peas, peas, tofu (it was Paneer something or other), a chicken dish with coconut and a lotta spices. Oh, and two kinds of Naan bread (yum!) one was spinach and cheese the other was coconut, raisin and some kind of nut. The one with the raisins was actually sweet, like there was honey or something in it, more a dessert naan but holy crap yum! Everything was quite tasty. 😀

The only negative to the dinner was we ate around 10:30pm so I was still quite full by the time I got to bed at 1am, oops again! lol

Sunday I went for lunch to the Old Spaghetti Factory with MS and K…(holy crap, I forgot her last name, aaaaahhhhh!), oh well, I guess she’s just gonna be K hehe. So, lunch with those two, got to see MS’s new apartment (way nice!) and give her belated bday presents and holy-shit-you-got-knocked-up-presents – she loved all the prezzies. 🙂 We had such a good time, none of us had seen each other in a while so it was a major catch up day; always fun. They were both stunned (in a good way) and what I look like cause they haven’t seen me since oh, last summer I s’pose – losing 31.8lbs makes a difference! 😀

After that it was a normal day, did some errands, came home, did stuff around the apartment – nothing exciting but that’s ok cause by that time I was now digesting two meals (the Indian and the pasta from OSF) and was certain I should never eat again. lol. Way yummy tho!

I will hafta be careful the rest of the week, since I am sure I used a lot of flex points during those two days – I haven’t a clue about the Indian food and the OSF I know I have calculated before so I can find that info but I remember the numbers being high, *rolls eyes* all the good stuff is high in points! Least I got them to only serve me half and I brought the rest home…which I ate for dinner tonight along with a spinach salad and dinner bun. shrug. Hey, come on, not like I am gonna waste the left overs! I figure, better to eat them and get them outta here then let them linger and then throw them out and be pissed cause I wasted money – hey, the logic works!

I didn’t write down my food today so let’s see if I can remember:

1 apple = 1 point

1 pear = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1/2 serving Pesto Linguine from OSF = 7 points

2 dinner buns = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

baby spinach, mushroom = 0 points

1 babybell (cubed) = 1 point

tofu = 0.5 points

1 tbls light ranch = 0 point

Reese peanut butter egg = 4 points

Total Points Eaten = 21.5 Points

Lesson learned from this day? Calculate the points before eating the Reese peanut butter and chocolate egg and you just may save yourself from going over, *rolls eyes*, lol, ah well, that egg was a-frickin-mazing, totally worth the 4 points, Mmm!Mmm!Mmm! I just may have to buy another one before they go off the shelves.

Really, not too bad points wise, I thought it would be worse cause of the pasta but half a serving is 7 points, totally doable! 😀 The meal yesterday was worse the just the 7 points cause I also had the free bread and free ice cream and a salad with dressing on the side but hey, it’s not yesterday, it’s today and there’s no point in dwelling in the past. lol. 😛


6 Apr

For over a week now I haven’t felt hungry – it’s been real weird. Well today – dun dun dun – my tummy growled! grr. lol. Not only did it growl but I felt hungry almost all day! Crazed! 😛

By 7:15am I was hungry, that never happens! Normally I have breakfast around 9am or so, this past week it’s been closer to 11am but that is an oddity. So yeah, not even out of the house and I neeeeeeded food, oy. 😛 I ate a Bagelful, chive flavour. Yum! I bought them two weekends ago when they were on sale, I didn’t have my points calculator with me when I bought them and I (mistakenly) thought each bagelful was 2 points, uh yeah, no…they are 4 points each, sigh and oops! lol. They are so tasty though – I just wish they weren’t so bad for me…

I felt like I was eating all throughout the day and when I wasn’t hungry I still wanted to be eating – like my tummy is well enough now it wants to catch up or something lol. Stupid stomach. grr.

Today I ate:

1 chive bagelful = 4 points

1 pear = 1 point

1 Activia raspberry yogurt = 2 points

1 banana = 1 point

1 cup strawberries = 1 point

5 perogies = 5 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

100 grams beefless tips = 2 points

1 tbls light sour cream = 0 points

2 pieces bodywise toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls light peanut butter = 1 point

2 mint cookies = 3 points

Total Points Eaten = 21

perogies, beefless tips and veggies - yum!

That picture is what I ate for dinner tonight – it was nice to want to eat, be able to cook and then enjoy eating a proper meal again. 😀 There were actually more beefless tips then what is in the picture but before I had the brilliant idea to take the picture I ate some, lol, 😛 Those beefless tip things are so tasty, they are seasoned and have a very similar texture to beef but I don’t have to worry I didn’t cook them all the way through and thereby will have food poisoning – these are the things I worry about when I cook lol. And well, you can’t go wrong with perogies. 😛 I had some light sour cream for the perogies and ketchup for the beefless tips but I figured you didn’t really need a picture of those.

The cookies, sigh, I am not sure of the name of them, weird right? Well, when I open a box of cookies I put the cookies in to a plastic container with the cut out nutritional info so that they stay fresh longer. Normally when I open a new box of cookies I eat a couple every evening until they are done so I never worry about forgetting what kind they are…that did not happen with these. For a while I went a little “treat crazy” and kept buying different snacks and goodies, I had so many to choose from these cookies got forgotten, oops! I decided to stop ignoring them and start eating them instead – wouldn’t want them to feel left out now would I? teehee.

So for a little while I will be eating these mystery cookies, they are yummy tho so it’s not like it’s a hardship – they are a chocolate cookie base with a layer of mint and then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate – awesome huh? 😀

Closer To Normal

5 Apr

I’m slowly getting back to normal, yah! 🙂 I felt more normal today, and felt I looked closer to normal – by this I mean I was walking without hunching over my tummy and I am slightly more hydrated so I’m not as bony and sickly looking. lol. The only part of this I don’t like is that I think my tummy looks more poofy then when I was sick – I know it’s a healthy “poof” lol, it’s because I have food in my system again and I’m not gaunt but still…I had been enjoying the flatter look to my abdominal area and am a bit sad that it’s getting rounder again, sigh. *rolls eyes*

I even managed to eat a normal sized dinner today – amazing! 😉 I’m still not eating a lot during the day but I felt actual hunger this morning around 9:30am or so which I am taking as a sign that my tummy is digesting, phew, and my body is getting healthier and needs more energy. 🙂 See? All kinds of positive changes – and I suppose if a poofier tummy is the price I must pay for being healthier well, I’ll pay it – for now! One day this gut of mine will be flat – I’m determined about this! lol.

So today I ate:

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 Activia Raspberry yogurt = 2 points

1 banana = 1 point

1 Fiesta Salad = 5 points

85 grams tofu = 2 points

1 tbls sweet and sour sauce = 0.5 points

Total points eaten = 14.5

Ok yeah, I have a lot of points left over but ugh, I’m still so full from dinner and don’t want to eat – I’ll find some kind of a snack I’m sure cause I can’t leave my points so low but it’s already after 8pm and I still don’t want my evening snack…it’s a slow process this getting back to normal! 😛

I find that I am having trouble reading my body – today was the first time I actually felt hungry so I have been eating when I notice that it is the normal time to be eating, not when I feel like I want to eat; if I waited till when I felt like eating I’d never eat! lol. Anyways, I have not felt hungry in like a week but when I notice it’s dinner time (for example) I eat dinner and then I keep eating, it’s like, I never felt hungry so I don’t know when to stop eating…weird huh? So I’ll sit and eat and eat and eat and when I get up I become aware of how sick I feel because I over ate, sigh, vicious cycle that.

On top of feeling gross from eating too much in one sitting I also feel way fat cause, well, hello? overeating always makes me feel fat, doesn’t it make you feel that way?

I can’t wait till I am back to normal and can understand what my body is trying to tell me! Until then I’ll use a clock to tell me when to eat and see if I can’t manage to eat a proper portion size and not go overboard – yeah right! lol.

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