Back To Basics

20 Mar

Alrighty, so if you read my more recent posts you know that last week sucked a big hairy toe and I am uber glad it is over and done with. Well, turns out last week wasn’t quite done with me and wanted one more chance to kick my ass. sigh.

My food week starts on Saturdays so I weigh myself on Saturdays so that I know how my weight changed during the previous week – make sense? Well, I weighed myself yesterday (saturday) and almost fell off the scale…I had gained 3 pounds! Gained??!?!!?! Fuck! After a moment of pure shock and sadness and freak out-ness I had the hope that maybe it showed a gain of 3 pounds cause I was freakishly bloated…maybe I really only gained like 1-2 pounds but blotation was making it worse…hey, hope springs eternal right?

So after a day of shopping with KL – where I refused to try clothes on cause I felt so bad about the weight gain, and eating not healthy food cause of being out all day I decided what I needed was a reboot.

I got up today and weighed myself again – sadly, the 3 pounds gained is real, double fuck! Then I went for a hike. *rolls eyes* Nothing like getting fatter to motivate you to get some exercise. lol.

I hiked 3.8 km on a strenuous level path around a golf course; this is the hiking path I was using last summer on a fairly regular basis. When winter finally showed up and I had to stop using the hiking path there was a part of me (a huuuuuge part!) that was happy I had a legit reason for no longer going out and exercising after work. I can’t afford a gym or anything and hey, if I can’t go out exercising cause of the weather…well, I can’t be blamed for the seasons changing. 😛

I guess since spring is practically here I don’t have a legit excuse – oops, I meant to say reason, a legit reason for not exercising. *big dramatic sigh* I’m not looking forward to the next chapter in my weight loss journey – I don’t want to start hiking again, I am lazy and I like being lazy! Also, when I got home I could still smell the out of doors, ugh, I don’t like the out of doors – I like being inside, away from nature. My clothes had picked up the smell of trees and leafs and grass an stuff – ick.

Maybe my punishment for getting fat is having to go out in nature to exercise…?

So today I started what is sure to be the painful path back to losing my weight instead of gaining it back – cause really, having to re-lose weight I had just lost, totally sucks! I thought about food groups, I planned ahead for what I was going to be eating, I refused to let myself snack when I wasn’t hungry, I was really careful about writing down what I ate, I didn’t fudge on my points and I exercised. Seems simple, and really – it is. I don’t know why I stopped being so diligent about all of this but I did, sigh. No wonder I gained 3 pounds, shrug.

This coming Friday I am going to a birthday dinner so my goal for this week is to not use any flex points until Friday and weather permitting I will hike twice this week. Those both seem reachable goals to me and I made sure to buy lots of healthy stuff when I went grocery shopping – I have even come up with some dinner ideas to try out this week that will include large veggie portions and lean meats – see? Planning ahead!

I wonder if I will be able to lose that 3 pounds as quickly as I gained it? Guess we’ll find out in a week! 🙂


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