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13 Jun

Alrighty so today was THE day, the day I was stepping on…dun-dun-dunnn…the scale! (insert scream here!)

It was NOT a pleasant experience at all! 😦

Everything started off ok, I got the new battery in, chose a flat non-carpeted spot to place it (as per the sticker on the bottom), stood on it once to get it calibrated (still following what the sticker said). According to the sticker you step on, wait till it flashes a number, ignore the number, step off, wait till the screen goes blank then step back on because only after all that is the scale actually able to properly weigh you.

I gotta say, after all that, the number that showed up on that stupid silly little digital screen made me so upset I couldn’t decide if I should hit something, cry, pout, break the scale, crawl back in to bed and hide or immediately sell my car so I could find a doctor and get liposuction.

Of course I did none of those things, Β I hopped in the shower with that horrible horrible number repeating itself in my head and gazed blindly at the wall of the shower wondering what the hell happened. How had I let that happen?? Talk about epic fail.

I had thought I’d gained 10-15 pounds from the last time I weighed myself, which, in case you are wondering was hmm, two years or so ago? I stopped weighing myself when I started building more muscle and the scale number stopped giving me proper feedback on my progress. Um yeah, no, according to the scale I have gone up 30 pounds. THIRTY POUNDS!!!

fat cat 2

I just don’t get it, I mean yeah I have gone up a pant size, but usually a pant size is 10 pounds, and my top half hasn’t changed size in years, where are these thirty pounds? Where?!?!

Why didn’t any of my friends give me a heads up I was headed back in to porker land? Aren’t friends supposed to tell you things like this? 😦


I’m so mad about that number!

A friend of mine, who is also a co-worker, was at work today and I spoke to her, I was in such a funk and I needed to vent to someone. Turns out she doesn’t even own a scale so as soon as I said I stepped on one she was asking me why I would do that lol Only the supremely fit wonder why the rest of us rely so much on the scale *rolls eyes* She is a personal trainer and couldn’t believe the number the scale gave me. She also said that:

(1) the scale can’t tell the difference between fat and muscle and since we’ve known each other (about a year) I’ve put on muscle

(2) unless it is one of the scales that tells you your body fat percentage, muscle and water retention the number doesn’t mean anything

(3) if I’m wearing the same, or close to the same clothing size as before then the change in number can’t all be fat gain

(4) never pay attention to a scale

During our convo another co-worker walked in and heard what we were talking about, she said she gained 40 pounds in a year so my weight gain is a totally possible thing to which my friend asked about her clothing sizes and she admitted she went up 4 clothing sizes in that one year…so she most likely gained fat (I’m not being mean, she is the one who said that!) where as I apparently gained some combo of fat and muscle…I just don’t get it, sigh. I mean, I get it in theory, but that doesn’t help me with how I’m feeling right now.

It especially doesn’t help that I have an audition tomorrow and have to be in a swimsuit. 😦

So I don’t know what to do…I was freaking out when still at home and getting ready for work and decided that things need to change asap. I made my healthy breakfast (dropped an egg on the floor while doing it, ugh, messy!), made a healthy dinner to take to work (which I accidentally left on the counter when I left for work so I had to throw it out when I got home, talk about a day for wasting food, sigh), decided I am no longer eating food from work unless it is legit healthy or I stupidly leave my healthy food at home *rolls eyes* and I took workout gear with me so when I was done at 9pm I changed at work and went for a run in the area I work. I find by the time I get home at 9:30pm it is too dark to run but if I run at 9pm it is still decently light outside hence the running where I work.

I was paranoid about how I looked when I left the house but while at work I went to the washroom and thought I looked good in the mirror…am I trying to subconsciously delude myself about how bad the situation has gotten? Are my eyes tricking me? Maybe the mirror is faulty?

When I was finished at work and changed in to my workout gear I could see all my problem spots but I was still confused about the change in number, no way I would have been able to wear the t-shirt I was wearing the last time I weighed this amount, it is too slim fitting, and I only bought these work out pants when I was a lower weight then I am now (about 15 pounds lighter than I am now) but they still fit and more importantly they still look good.

So what gives?

I’ve decided to let that number spur me in to motion, be my reason for moving more, eating better, being fitter. I hate that number and even though I have no idea how much of it is fat and how much of it is muscle, I don’t care, I still hate it and I want it to get smaller. I will make it smaller!

More workouts at the gym, more evening runs after work, more proper meals, more focus, more dedication, more pushing myself.


never quit again


Admitting The Truth

6 Jun

I didn’t think I was that person who lost weight, then gained it back. After all, I’m nowhere near the size I was at the beginning of my weight loss journey buuuut…I’m also not the smallest I have been on this journey.

I haven’t wanted to admit this to myself, let alone to anyone else, but it is time I faced the truth…I rebounded a bit. Does this mean I am now a yo-yo dieter? I dunno. Does it mean I am doomed to gain back all the weight I lost? I dunno. Does this mean I am destined to gain and lose and gain and lose for the rest of my life? I don’t know that either…sigh.

Seems there is a lot I don’t know.

I know that I have to get back on track, but I feel lost and not sure how to do that. I keep thinking I am not going to go back to Weight Watchers because I plateaued so badly on that program. Don’t get me wrong, I am super grateful for Weight Watchers, I lost 35 pounds with them, I learned about proper portion sizes with them, I learned I can happily swap out junk food for fresh fruit and enjoy healthy eating but I also feel there are limitations to that program and that I outgrew it. I don’t feel like going back to Weight Watchers is the right choice for me but that doesn’t mean that I know what the right choice for me is.

I also know I am not good at extreme programs. I can only maintain eating paleo, or the bodybeach program, or super restrictive low calorie eating plans for so long before I cave. Even if I like the food and am getting good portion sizes it is more about all the foods I am not allowed to eat. Knowing that on an extreme program having even one spoonful of peanut butter could be considered cheating messes with me. I need a bit of wiggle room, space so I don’t get all down on myself when I step outside of the food rules that I am following.

I need something realistic, and affordable!

My scale has been tucked away for over a year and I am scared to pull it back out, I am scared to see what the number will be when I step on it. I’d rather be back in boxing class getting hit during sparring than stand on that scale again. How pathetic is that?? I originally put it away because I was building muscle and the scale number was no longer an accurate way to measure my progress. It was sloooowly going up as I was getting more trim and it was messing with my head. For so long I relied solely on the number it gave me every week to know if I was doing well and to see it go up, even though I knew it was because of muscle gain, made me feel like a failure. I started gauging my success/failure by other means, how my clothes fit, what size I could now buy, every now and then I would check my size with a measuring tape. For a while these methods of tracking worked but then they didn’t work so well anymore and I was left with no solid way to hold myself accountable.

I’m thinking that is around the time I started to slowly go up in size. For a while it was easy to ignore, my clothes still fit, just maybe a bit tighter, I could still reach the same levels at the gym, even though I wasn’t at the gym as often, I was eating roughly the same amount calorie wise but the calories were coming from more processed foods than fresh healthy foods. Β The pounds snuck up on me and now I have to face reality that I have gone up an entire size, so that’s what, ten pounds? That’s depressing. All that work I did to lose weight and I have gone and gained some of it back. What was I thinking?!Β 

What’s twisted is that even with the weight gain I am more active then before, just in different ways. Instead of going to the gym daily I will swap out gym visits for a hike, or a run or my dragon boat practice. I am still active just not in a regimented gym equipment kind of way, and I guess the activities I am doing now aren’t as good for weight loss or weight maintenance as following a gym program is. Kinda sucks cause I enjoy the hikes an such but if I have to choose between enjoying the activity and getting results from the activity I will choose results every time…well, except for dragon boating, I will always choose dragon boating lol.

I don’t want to be writing this, I don’t want to be that person that gained weight back. But ya know, I follow a lot of other blogs that deal with weight loss, healthy lifestyles etc and I’ve noticed over the years I don’t seem to be the only one this happens to. It seems a lot of people, before they reach their goal weight have a slip up and gain some of the weight back. Most take a while to admit it to themselves and the longer you take to admit it the more weight you have gained back. I know with me part of it was the way I was thinking about food, I started getting cocky, thinking I didn’t have to be as strict cause I’d lost so much, I could let down my guard a bit. Well, proved that idea wrong! I let down my guard and look what happened! πŸ˜›

Even though I’m feeling down because I am facing the truth about my weight gain I am glad I am facing this truth now rather than a couple more months down the road when I will have possibly gained back even more weight.

I don’t have a solution for this, I wish I was concluding this post with some great awesome plan that would get me back on track but I don’t have one…yet! For now I am going to aim to get a new battery for my scale (mine died) and I plan to stand on that scale Tuesday morning. I also have a 4 week eating plan that I am going to research a bit more, see if it is doable on my budget, and I am going to schedule exercise into my days instead of leaving it as an up-in-the-air thing that happens more sporadically then it should. Hopefully I can get myself back on track within 5 days or so and huh, look at that, I may not have a solution yet but it seems like I actually do have a bit of a plan, at least a plan in the making…I’ll cross my fingers it works!…Uh, anybody wanna step on that scale for me? πŸ˜‰ lol

Must remember this

Must remember this

Thyroid Update

16 May

I had a doctor’s appointment today, to find out the results of the tests done on my blood from last Monday. It would appear that everything is working a-okay within my body.

How messed up is it that I’m a little disappointed right now? *rolls eyes* I was sorta hoping I’d have a thyroid problem and that I would get medicated (even though I hate taking medication) so that I would then have an easier time losing weight (although from what I’ve heard the meds don’t always help with that…) but instead my thyroid is apparently functioning as it should be so nooooo meds for this girl.

Which really, in the long run I am happy about because meds are so not my thing lol In the short term though, grr! and Boo! lol πŸ˜›

The doc says the reason I am having trouble losing weight is because I am subconsciously restricting my movement/activities due to the hip problem. She says it is normal for someone whose had an injury to hold back a bit and not be as active as they used to be because they have to baby the injured body part but most people don’t change their eating habits so they are eating more than they should be considering the reduced activity and bam! Weight gain! Then, as the person starts to regain their active lifestyle, they, without realizing it, hold back, or just do a bit less day-to-day which of course means the weight doesn’t come off as quickly as they would like.

Speaking as someone who was badly injured years ago and took for freakin ever to become fully mobile again and then even longer then freakin ever to lose the weight she gained while gimped I am not impressed with this analysis. I understand it. I just don’t like it.

I am back to being active. I mean yeah, I am a lazy person in general but I am back to my twice weekly dragon boat practices, and my hiking (though not as often as I would like but that is not my fault! life gets in the way *pout*) and my random other activities that are generally not planned but just happen. I mean c’mon, I just ran the BMO Run two weekends ago, isn’t that a sign of an active person??

Apparently not. sigh.

How much more do I have to do to be considered active and for my body to stop being a jerk and drop this weight? *glares at body*

I know that when it comes to weight loss it is 80% what you eat and 20% your exercise and I will admit that I am not the greatest when it comes to food. I try, sorta, in spurts lol I’m pretty sure though that I undereat, shocking I know! Except for the days I indulge in something stupid and them boom! Overeater in the house! *groan* I annoy myself. πŸ˜›

I’ve got to get my food back on track but no big gimmicks, no weird tricks, just, I dunno, normal healthy eating, in the proper portion sizes, and no more treats just because. I mean yeah ok, I’m not going to cut out every single treat but I have to be more careful with them, actually have them be treats and not daily occurrences ya know? Oh, and I think maybe I should be eating more than once or twice a day…but I always find that hard, sigh.

I’m starting with baby steps, which may seem lame, but I figure every little change will help and will eventually grow in to a big change *crosses fingers and hopes* So, in that vein, when I got home from work this evening I had a cup of tea but no snack. Not gonna lie, I miss having a snack, but my night time snack was almost always something not nutritionally beneficial to my body and not really needed for anything other than taste bud happiness and those little buggers can just suck up the loss as far as I’m concerned lol

I will have to come up with an actual eating plan of some sort otherwise nothing will actually change, but that can wait for tomorrow, when it’s not one in the morning and I’m not kinda tired. πŸ™‚



A Fresh Start

13 Aug

Alright so I haven’t been on here if for-evah! I know it, you know it, we all know it…so can we just forget about it and move onwards? Please? πŸ˜€

Where did I go? Nowhere exciting lol. I’ve still been here, doing the same ol same ol that is my life, I just haven’t been blogging about it because well, I couldn’t figure out what to blog about. It was easy when I was on Weight Watchers, I could talk about the points, what I ate, how I followed or didn’t follow the plan, it was easy to see if I was doing things right or if I was going off course. This new plan I switched to is harder to track, I mean sure I have an app that I use to track all my nutritional information (right down to the macro-nutrients, it’s quite scary actually…) but I wasn’t ever really sure if I was doing things right every day, so how could I type about it, not like it’s fair to ask you to help me figure it out, sigh.

Well, add to the confusion of the new eating plan and my increase in Dragon Boat practices (three times a week, wOOt!) and my laziness (like we didn’t all know that was a factor?? lol) blogging dropped by the wayside…is that the proper expression? I’m never really sure…Oh, and don’t forget my having a life, I do have one of those you know, and it does take time out of my blogging, facebooking, emailing, twittering, msn-ing, google-ing, youtubing when it amps up…hey, something has to give, there isn’t enough time in the day for everything! lol

I managed to get a job, finally! It pretty much rocks, I really like it…not as much as oh say, getting paid to act!!! but it’s a good company, good hours, good people just in general good place so I’m content for now…not that I’m giving up on you Hollywood! I’m still coming for you!…somehow…

An awesome perk to this job is that I get fed there, for a measly $2 I get to eat what the kitchen makes that day and oh my gawd do they make amazing things! Doesn’t matter if it’s lunch or dinner you get a starter (soup or salad), the main course and then dessert, all for $2!! I’ve never eaten so well! The other night I had leg of lamb for dinner, with Mediterranean veggies and roast potato wedges, oh the salad was a Greek salad and there was a strawberry tart for dessert, YUM! Everyday is like this, which is awesome cause well, hello? Foooood! but what sucks is it is gourmet level restaurant quality food (you are thinking that isn’t a sucky thing but for someone trying to lose weight it is!), cause think about it, when trying to lose weight do you eat out 4 times a week? Nope, you don’t! Unless you’re kinda crazy or have a wicked weird lifestyle but let’s not go there k? πŸ˜‰ And why don’t you eat out 4 times a week? Oh, maybe perhaps because you have no say in how the food is cooked, what ingredients are used…things like that…and you start to GAIN weight! Yeah, you read that right, GAIN weight! Even with all my dragon boat training and gym going I started getting rounder, sigh, and well, that just can’t be allowed to happen!

I took myself off the meal plan today, no more gourmet meals for moi! Nuh-uh! I am going to go back on my low carb, high protein, high healthy fat eating plan and begging mercy from my metabolism. I am going to amp up my exercise routine and hope to hell I can reverse the damage and start going down in sizes again. I’d say down in numbers on the scale but my scale is wonky so I’m going by clothes sizes right now, and how the clothes I currently own are fitting. Jeans are such a good indicator of how your weight is doing aren’t they? Unforgiving bastards that they are…er, I mean, helpful wonderful pants that I could never do without *grumble*

I’m going to go back to basics with my blog, I started using it way back when to hold me accountable because I knew starting Weight Watchers was going to be hard and if I didn’t have other people to be accountable too I’d find it too easy to cheat. I got over that and realized cheating on what I eat or my exercise was cheating myself so I stopped needing this blog to hold me accountable and used it just because I liked to blog. But now, I am going to use it to hold myself accountable. My food will be boring, you’re going to feel pity for my taste buds, and I know on work days when I am smelling all that amazing food, and watching the others eat it and listen to them commenting on it I am going to be sooooo tempted to cheat, but that is where this blog will come in to play (again! lol) If I cheat I have to tell you, and I don’t want to have to admit that I failed, wasn’t strong enough to resist temptation, couldn’t do it. All of you reading this are what is going to help make me strong while I build up my willpower. I can’t believe I let myself slack so much, not when I put in all that hard work. I’ve gotta get back to the grind and this is my first step towards doing that!

On a side note, I know I’ve been away a while but what’s with all these ads at the top of my wordpress screen?? Can I get rid of those, they are super annoying, grr.

Oh St. Patty’s Day

18 Mar

Alrighty, who had an awesome St. Patrick’s Day? er…Night? lol Mine was fairly sweeeet but oh how it unhinged my eating plan, eek! I’m trying not to freak out about it but since I had those two days this past week where I wasn’t feeling well so my eating was off and I missed one exercise day (also due to not feeling well) I’m really worried about having to step on the scale tomorrow.

Ah geez, I just realized that even thinking about the scale has made my face grimace, how attractive *rolls eyes*

I went out with my roomie, her brother and a bunch of friends to a bar called Joe’s Apartment, a little too hipster for me but all the so-called Irish Pubs were crazy full way early in the evening and hey, we had a connection to Joe’s so we got in without waiting in line and only paid half the cover charge…which incidentally I didn’t have to pay at all as the roomie’s bro picked up my tab, nice huh?

There was a live band that I never did catch the name of but they were excellent and inbetween their sets the dj played a good mix of tunes. I felt a bit old at one point though cause the dj played a small portion of the song Step By Step by the New Kids On The Block (this is a song from when I was in elementary) and my roomie had no idea who it was, I can’t remember who she was guessing it was but I remember being shocked that (a) it was being played at all and (b) she didn’t recognize it…just goes to show how a couple years difference in age can really affect what people remember from their childhood lol.

Sadly, I did not drink any green beer, I had fully intended to but I couldn’t bring myself to let the Guinness be touched by food colouring and well, the other drinks I had (a) I didn’t order, the roomie’s bro did and (b) weren’t really conducive to being turned green…I mean come on, a green Corona? Ick. πŸ˜‰

BW (that’s my roomie, I’m just sick of typing ‘roomie’ lol) and I left about 1:30am cause we had to make sure to catch the last bus going back to our area, on the way home this guy whose her friend but who also kinda likes her texted and somehow ended up inviting him and his buddy to our place so we were home maybe 5 minutes when they showed up and we all stayed up partying until about 6:30a when we all started to crash where we sat…it wasn’t a pretty sight. lol.

Now, I had anticipated all the alcohol that would be going in to my system and although I hadn’t done anything crazy over the top to compensate for those calories I thought I might do ok buuuuuut, here’s where things went a bit downhill eating wise. I got home from the gym, didn’t think we’d be going out till maybe 8p or 9p but BW’s bro picked us up early, I think around 5:30p or so, not good for my timing! I only had time to have my yummy protein shake with all the fruit etc in it and then I had to rush to get ready so no actual dinner for moi. Oops number one. Then! When we were at the bro’s apartment we pre-drank with the group we were hanging out with that night so both BW and I were drinking on what amounted essentially to empty stomachs…I learned that BW gets drunk quickly when this happens lol We both wanted to go somewhere with food…I was fantasizing about nachos lol, but we ended up going right to the bar, after we got stamped and knew we’d be allowed back in without waiting in line we left and went to find food, at that time of night though, in that location and with such a limited amount of time we ended up with pizza, ya know, from those places that sell it by the slice? sigh. Oops number two. We each got two slices, I have no idea why I got two, who needs two?!?! But two I got, one pepperoni and one veggie (and oh man, the veggie one was grrrrreat!) Then back to the bar and the alcohol *happy silly grin* We did spend the night dancing up a storm so I’m going to pretend that burned a lot of calories lol

I might have been ok if after we came home we’d just gone to bed but when the guys came over we all ended up staying up and the munchies set in so I ate some cookies and some chocolate flake, oy! Oops number three. I ate more cookies then I wanted cause by that time I was craving sushi but like there’s an open sushi place at 3am? Uh, no, no there isn’t. Epic fail on the part of sushi restaurants everywhere I say lol πŸ˜‰ Least at this point I stopped drinking, well, I was drinking water which doesn’t count. My two wins of the night were the dancing and the stopping of drinking when I did cause without those two actions it woulda been waaaaay worse! πŸ˜›

Today (sunday) has been a recovery day lol I slept for a while then basically did nothing. I was wanting pancakes more then a cat wants to catch a mouse so I got pancakes from this all day breakfast restaurant relatively near my place. I figured the walk to get the food would do me good, and it did. πŸ™‚ I got the short stack which is three pancakes and brought em home, and wow they were yum! I unfortunately ate without really thinking about it though and where I would normally of stopped at one pancake, maybe one and a half, I actually ate all three, ugh, so then I felt even worse then before and spent even more time doing nothing. Well, drinking water, but again, that doesn’t count lol.

Eventually my system sorted itself out and tomorrow I’ll be back on track but I’m soooo dreading that scale! What do you bet it shows a weight gain??!?!? All my hard work down the drain! 😦

Down then Up, Up then Down

17 Apr

Man does my weight fluctuate. πŸ˜› We all know that our weight can and does fluctuate daily – hell sometimes hourly *rolls eyes* but ya know, the way the number moves around on the scale each week can be depressing, disheartening…just downright aaarrrggghhhhhh! Yeah I know, not a descriptive word but a descriptive sound and I feel that should count! lol.

Yesterday, Saturday, my official weigh in day, I was up exactly 1 pound, sigh. I s’pose I should have expected that cause of my two huge cheat days at the beginning of that week and the random flex points I used during the week but it still sucks to see the number go up.

A happy thought tho is even with the 1 pound gain I am still over 30 pounds total weight loss, wOOt! Which means I am still allowed to buy new pants. πŸ˜€

My plan was to go pants shopping today (Sunday) but I got a shift at work that took up my whole day so no shopping for me. I am a tad disappointed but I’d rather make money then have an entire day off just so I can make an hour long shopping trip lol. I figure I’ll go tomorrow or Tuesday after work so no biggy. πŸ™‚

Even though Sunday is not my weigh in day I stepped on the stupid scale cause I wanted to see if it was better or worse then Saturday…well, it was better. πŸ™‚ Yah! I went down not only that 1 pound I gained but also a little bit more – seriously, only a little bit, like 0.2 pound, lol, barely enough to even count but ya know what? I am so counting it! πŸ˜›

Means I defiinitely get to buy pants! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ teehee

My food this weekend has been…weird. Saturday I woke up and was nowhere near hungry, which is odd cause normally by the time I am up and showered on a Saturday I am starved, but ah well not this weekend. shrug. I made myself eat cause I was going out to work and was worried I’d get hungry part way through my shift – my tummy lasted the shift at work even though it went 1 hr 45 mins longer then booked, I wasn’t really sure if this was a good thing or not cause by the time I got home it was around 12:30 am and I’d only eaten 12.75 points…and that’s all I ate cause I went directly to bed.

Because of my being so under yesterday I gave myself a bit of a treat today – well 2 treats actually lol πŸ™‚ As a result I can’t actually calculate my points for the day cause the dinner I bought didn’t have the nutritional info on the packaging, oops, I thought it did but when I looked closer after I got home it was just random stuff printed on the label – there isn’t even a full list of ingredients! shocking!

Today I ate:

1/2 cup Maple Baked Beans = 2 points

1 scrambled egg = 2 points

2 pcs bodywise toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls light peanut butter = 1 point

4 perogies = 4 points

1 tbls light sour cream = 0 points

2 yorkshire puddings = 2 points

ginger beef with veggie fried rice = ??

1 boston cream donut = 5 points

I feel some of my food needs explanation, lol.

Yes, I had perogies with my breakfast, I was looking for potatoes to make into hash browns when I realized I didn’t have any so I opened my freezer to see what I could find and saw the perogies, they were my last 4 and seemed a great idea. I mean, who says certain foods should only be eaten at certain times? Why can’t perogies be eaten for breakfast? They were a totally awesome addition to my breakfast and I am pretty sure I will do that again. πŸ™‚

The donut was only eaten cause I still had a winning cup left over from the Roll Up the Rim to Win contest held by Tim Horton’s and I was worried if I didn’t cash it in they wouldn’t honour it. I don’t know that this is a valid fear, I have no idea how long you can take in winning cups after the contest closes but hey, better safe then sorry. And yes, I am aware it’s only a winning donut not like I was missing out on a huge prize or anything but I bought that tea and got a winning cup and no way am I wasting that! Besides, who doesn’t like a donut? I wanted the chocolate donut covered in toasted coconut (omg, that donut is like heaven in your mouth!) but the location I went to doesn’t carry that donut so I got the boston cream. Probably for the best since I don’t know the points for the coconut donut and if I’d gotten it with my luck it would have been way higher then the 5 for the boston cream but still, sigh, it would have been nice to have it.

The yorkshire puddings, I made them as part of the dinner for the kids I was taking care of (my weekend job is being an on call nanny) and there were enough that I could have some if I wanted…I wanted! They were a home made batter not the kind I make that comes from a package, lol. They were yum, but a tad salty, which is odd since I don’t equate yorkshire puddings with salt but ah well, guess it’s one of those things everyone makes a bit different. Even with the salt they were delish and totally worth the 2 points I used to eat them.

Oh, and the ginger beef with rice, I was going to eat salad for dinner – I have a yum one in the fridge, but the house I was at is crazy cold and by the time I got out of there all I wanted was something hot! A salad just wouldn’t of cut it – hey, there is a reason people eat more hot meals during winter. lol. When I was grocery shopping after the nannying shift was over I went to the section that has pre-made meals, I know I shouldn’t have, almost none of the food there is healthy but it was getting late and I am lazy. lol. It was tasty, Mmm! That is the food that didn’t have nutritional info tho which means I won’t be getting it again cause if I can’t calculate the points then I don’t eat it (usually) – sometime I really hate that rule of mine but hey, if it helps me lose weight then I guess it’s a good rule. πŸ™‚

So that’s my weekend – my weight went down last week, then was up Saturday, then down Sunday…wonder what it’ll be next week?

Back To Basics

20 Mar

Alrighty, so if you read my more recent posts you know that last week sucked a big hairy toe and I am uber glad it is over and done with. Well, turns out last week wasn’t quite done with me and wanted one more chance to kick my ass. sigh.

My food week starts on Saturdays so I weigh myself on Saturdays so that I know how my weight changed during the previous weekΒ – make sense? Well, I weighed myself yesterday (saturday) and almost fell off the scale…I had gained 3 pounds! Gained??!?!!?! Fuck! After a moment of pure shock and sadness and freak out-ness I had the hope that maybe it showed a gain of 3 pounds cause I was freakishly bloated…maybe I really only gained like 1-2 pounds but blotation was making it worse…hey, hope springs eternal right?

So after a day of shopping with KL – where I refused to try clothes on cause I felt so bad about the weight gain, and eating not healthy food cause of being out all day I decidedΒ what I needed was aΒ reboot.

I got up today and weighed myself again – sadly, the 3 pounds gained is real, double fuck! Then I went for a hike. *rolls eyes* Nothing like getting fatter to motivate you to get some exercise. lol.

I hiked 3.8 km on a strenuous level path around a golf course; this is the hiking path I was using last summer on a fairly regular basis. When winter finally showed up and I had to stop using the hiking path there was a part of me (a huuuuuge part!) that was happy I had a legit reason for no longer going out and exercising after work. I can’t afford a gym or anything and hey, if I can’t go out exercising cause of the weather…well, I can’t be blamed for the seasons changing. πŸ˜›

I guess since spring is practically here I don’t have a legit excuse – oops, I meant to say reason, a legit reason for not exercising. *big dramatic sigh* I’m not looking forward to the next chapter in my weight loss journey – I don’t want to start hiking again, I am lazy and I like being lazy! Also, when I got home I could still smell the out of doors, ugh, I don’t like the out of doors – I like being inside, away from nature. My clothes had picked up the smell of trees and leafs and grass an stuff – ick.

Maybe my punishment for getting fat is having to go out in nature to exercise…?

So today I started what is sure to be the painful path back to losing my weight instead of gaining it back – cause really, having to re-lose weight I had just lost, totally sucks! I thought about food groups, I planned ahead for what I was going to be eating, I refused to let myself snack when I wasn’t hungry, I was really careful about writing down what I ate, I didn’t fudge on my points and I exercised. Seems simple, and really – it is. I don’t know why I stopped being so diligent about all of this but I did, sigh. No wonder I gained 3 pounds, shrug.

This coming Friday I am going to a birthday dinner so my goal for this week is to not use any flex points until Friday and weather permitting I will hike twice this week. Those both seem reachable goals to me andΒ I made sure to buy lots of healthy stuff when I went grocery shopping – I have even come up with some dinner ideas to try out this week that will include large veggie portions and lean meats – see? Planning ahead!

I wonder if I will be able to lose that 3 pounds as quickly as I gained it? Guess we’ll find out in a week! πŸ™‚

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