Breakfast Food Day!

25 Jun

I declare today a Breakfast Food Day – meaning everything I eat will be a breakfast food – Yum! 😀

The reason for this? I had to get up early today (well, early for me anyways) and when I was making breakfast rain started pouring down like crazy, it immediately made me think it’d be a nice day for staying in, wearing sweats, drinking tea and lounging and what goes better with that then warm breakfast foods? lol.

So for breakfast I had oatmeal and oh, you should try this! My mom got me eating this combo, you cook your oatmeal on the stove (oh yeah, this is real oatmeal not instant) then you pour it on top of yogurt – uh, in a bowl, not into the yogurt container 😛 It’s yummy! The yogurt stops it from tasting too bland and you save points by not putting brown sugar or syrup on it…or whatever it is you put on it. I had a 1/2 C of uncooked oatmeal which turns in to 1 C cooked, normally I have 1/3 C uncooked and some toast but I thought this time I’d just do the oatmeal and yogurt so 2 points for the oatmeal and 2 points for my yogurt, a 4 pointed breakfast, not too shabby. lol.

It’s only 2 pm so I haven’t eaten anything else yet (I ate breakfast at 11am) but I’m already looking forward to the rest of my food for the day. lol. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to eat eggs in some format, pancakes or french toast…so many breakfast food options! Obviously there are more options but those are my top three picks so far…I could always go for cereal, some turkey bacon, crepes….oooooh, crepes, hmm, now I have a top 4 to choose from! lol. Ah well, I’ll figure it out by the time I get hungry I’m sure. 🙂

As you have probably noticed, I am not dead, nor did I get robbed when the couple came to look at my desk today – this is why I had to be up early. *rolls eyes* I was asking $75, she offered $60, I wasn’t expecting to get over $50 so I feel happy about how much I got. My room looks a lot emptier now, it’s kinda sad, what is even sadder is that my poor computer is turned off, unplugged and sitting in pieces on my bed and by tonight it will be sitting in pieces on my floor! My poor computers! They will feel like I don’t love them cause of this treatment! Ack. 😉 Sorry…I’m way attached to my computers. 😛 One of them is never turned off, unless I go away for over a week cause well, why keep it on if I am not here? It is almost always downloading something though which is why it is always on. That is the one I am worried will be distraught, thinking I don’t love it anymore. hehehe. Heck, even my external hard drive is turned off and unplugged…it is so…weird…

My friend KL is selling me her old desk cause she is getting a custom made one. This may seem weird, selling mine just to buy another but it’s not. Mine is really big, can easily hold 3 computers (and it has!) and is really meant for someone who needs space to spread out text books, papers etc and I don’t need that space anymore. Also, the desk takes a lot of space in my room and I am feeling cramped in there so KL’s desk is perfect, it is smaller, it’s antique which is not normally my thing but I enjoy the rollertop lid part and it has lots of built in drawers whereas the desk I sold today doesn’t. It’s a good swap and since she’s charging me $50 and I got paid $60 for mine I have a super tiny but still there profit. 😀 Profit is goooood, even if it will only pay for a small amount of groceries, shrug. 😛

This is usually the time I would be getting up on a saturday but not this time, so far today I have sold a desk, gotten all groomed for the day, eaten, realized I can’t hike cause of the rain, checked and discovered there is no boxerfit class, spoken with my acting coach on the phone, spoken with my parents on the phone, had multiple text convos, watched Wimbledon, drank multiple cups of tea and well, now I have nothing to do. lol.

What the hell do people who get up early on saturday mornings do with their day??? *confused face*


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