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My Petrified Rock Dessert

2 Jul

I was given a recipe from my mom to make Chocolate Cake in a Mug, it’s a one serving dessert for that day you really want cake. Sounds great right? It’s a stupid easy recipe and if you’re a baker you most likely have all the ingredients on hand so the other day I decided to give it a try.

Well, let’s just say it was better in theory then in reality. lol. I killed the poor cake, killed it to the point that my spoon couldn’t even make a dent and it became the closest possible thing to petrified rock that could be ever found in a kitchen. *rolls eyes* You’re supposed to microwave for 5 minutes, well, for my microwave that is obviously toooooooo long!

I can’t think of the last time I messed up on a baking project, I just don’t screw up when baking (yes, I’m aware that sounds conceited lol) but this simple little recipe kicked my butt. I put it down to the microwave, I think it would’ve been fine if I’d microwaved it for way less time but once I saw the result I decided I wasn’t up to trying to make it again quite so soon so the Chocolate Cake in a Mug has been shelved for now.

Oh! And you should have seen my mug! I had to soak it in boiling hot water for hours, and then soak it all over again with fresh hot water, then scrub it like crazy, I really thought I’d managed to make the mug unusable which would’ve been disasterous cause the mug was one of my cute Eeyore mugs from England. Can’t ruin those!

Today was supposed to be weigh in day, I haven’t had a weigh in day in almost a month! I know! I’ve already given myself the lecture! lol. I weighed myself before going to AB, but not while in AB cause every scale weighs different so I figured I’d just wait till I got back here but then weekend after weekend I haven’t weighed in for various reasons. Eeek! So even though I am terrified to step on the scale I realized I really have to get on the damn thing today and find out how I’m doing…I am fairly certain I have gained, I’ve felt heavier in my tummy area for a little while now, ugh.

So, I psych myself up, step on the scale and…nothing. Nothing! The stupid battery died! Can you believe it?!?! And of course it doesn’t use a normal battery, took forever but I finally managed to pry the area where the battery lives open and it uses some round flat silver looking battery, yeah, I soooooo don’t have one of those in my place. *rolls eyes* I’m super uber strict budget girl right now and couldn’t justify driving to the store just to buy a battery, a specialty battery that is probably stupidly expensive, sigh, so no weigh in this weekend…I have a job interview Monday and a consultation on Wednesday about my Demo Reel so hopefully this week something positive will happen and I’ll start earning money again, then I will buy the battery and find out where I am weigh in wise…hopefully I’ve not messed up too badly, I don’t think I have cause my clothes still fit (meaning the newish ones I have are too large but still wearable and my older clothes are all ridiculously huge on me lol).

One day I will be at my goal weight and all my clothes will fit properly…I really can’t imagine how that will be but when it happens I’ll let ya know! 😀

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