A Weekend of Firsts

10 Jul

I had so many ‘firsts’ happen this weekend it’s a bit odd, I mean, usually one new thing a weekend is expected and enjoyed, but more then one? Crazed! They were all my doing mind you, I chose to try these new things and luckily enjoyed every experience but why I crammed them all in to one weekend is beyond me. I figure I’ll start at the beginning of my weekend and walk you through the firsts. 🙂

So, the first first was my making and then eating a Mushroom Omlette. Now, this might not seem like any kind of big deal to any of you but I have never made an omlette, in fact, I don’t even like them. lol. So why did I make one? Cause my mom had told me how my oldest nephew had been at her and my dad’s place and asked for a mushroom omlette for a snack (the kid is a bottomless pit and just keeps eating and eating lol), anyways, that was one of the things he wanted that day and I kept thinking how I’m pretty sure at the age of 10 I never would have asked for that, not even cause I didn’t like omlettles but cause I’d be more inclined to ask for toast or something. But because of that convo I kept having mushroom omlettes floating in my head so I decided to make one…well, lemme tell you, it was so not pretty! I’m not even sure it can be called an omlette cause it didn’t fold over properly or look at all like an omlette…it was more of an egg/mushroom/cheese jumble. A very tasty jumble but a jumble none-the-less.

My second first was later that day when I was doing errands, this one isn’t really all that entertaining, I was buying makeup that is for a “natural fresh faced look”, that is soooo not my normal look, lol, I usually wear black eyeliner, dark jewel tones for eyeshadow that are then covered with black to make them smoky, combine that with my uber pale skin and my eyes pop. I wouldn’t say I am goth or punk or alternative or emo, I am just me, and I take a little bit from all those types and others to create how I look, shrug, but for my demo reel I need 3 distinct looks for the 3 different scenes and characters I will be playing and none of those looks are my normal one. Sooooo, off to the cosmetic counter I went…well, actually first I went to youtube and watched tutorials about how to create these looks and wrote a list of what I will need, lol, then I hit up the cosmetic counter. 🙂

Then I went to Tim Horton’s and got the Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie with Yogurt, I had heard it was good and usually I love what I get from Timmy’s but omg that smoothie was soooooo bad! ugh! ick! gack! It had the worst after taste evah! I wasn’t even able to finish it I disliked it that much, I drank a little under half of it (I made sure to confirm this before I threw out the left overs so I’d know how many points to count for it lol). sigh. I had so been hoping for a new summer fruity slushy drink but ah well, least I will be saving points lol.

Then today I put the battery I bought yesterday in to my scale and weighed myself for the first time in a month! I wasn’t looking forward to this first cause I was worried I may have screwed up big time and gone up Up UP! Well, despite not having a working scale and therefore not being able to monitor my weight for the past month I managed to not screw up…too badly. lol. I went down in weight but not by all that much, so Yah that I went down but uh, a whole month and I only lost like a pound…durn! Something has gone very very wrong over here…I mean, sure I have days I eat more then what I should or don’t exercise or whatever, but how did I go a month and only lose 1 pound??? I’d like to say this has spurred me on to being even more dedicated to my weight loss but honestly it has just managed to confuse me and since I didn’t think I was cheating that much or being lazy that often I’m not really sure what to do. *confused face* Maybe up the intensity of my exercise? I dunno…if I figure it out I’ll let you know!

Here is my most impressive first for this weekend, I made (as in from scratch, hand made) a chicken burger! Oooooh yeah. 🙂 Here’s the thing, I don’t handle raw meat, ever! I don’t like it, it freaks me out, it’s icky. When I cook meat it is frozen, and I kinda drop it from the package on to the cooking aperatus and then I scrub my hands clean just in case I came in to contact with the meat…I do the same with fish as well in case you were wondering. So why did I decide to make a burger from scratch? Cause I am a product of my generation and easily swayed and convinced to do or try things based on ads on tv lol. I am not even joking! I keep seeing this ad on tv about this mom who has ten minutes, two hungry kids and a pound of ground beef so she combines the beef and some ranch powder mix (the kind you mix with, well, I don’t know what you mix the powder with but when you do you have ranch dip for veggies n stuff) and boom, she has 4 ranch hamburgers. Well, if she can do it  I can do it and I swear I see that ad like 15 times a day…it really made me want to try making a hamburger on my own, with ranch powder mix lol.

So, I went grocery shopping on saturday and had to call my mom from the store cause like I know what else I am supposed to put with the meat and ranch powder to make it become a burger? lol. The amount of times I call my mom from the grocery store, oy! While shopping I found ground extra lean chicken and decided to use chicken instead of beef cause it’s a healthier meat and I think I need to ease in to the touching of meat…somehow I thought chicken would be less icky even though when it’s in the package all ground like that it looks like worms, I kept waiting for it to start moving, ugh, how in the world people ever got past the look of raw ground chicken and started cooking with it is beyond me. 😛

Luckily, I barely had to touch it, phew! I dumped it from the package into the bowl and used a wooden spoon to mix all the ingredients together, I only touched it when taking a half cup of the mix from the bowl to put it in the pan, and then I of course used super hot water and lots of soap and scrubbed my hands. Raw meat *shudder*.

My burger patty had the chicken, the ranch powder, bbq sauce, diced onion and 1 egg in case you were wondering. It was tasty. I started coughing at one point cause I accidentally inhaled some of the powder when mixing lol but other then that the whole process went fairly smoothly. There was enough burger mixture to make 3 patties (1/2 Cup mix each) and a bit left over that I put in the fridge and will brown tomorrow. I have frozen two patties for use another time and well, I ate the third, duh. lol. This might just be a cheaper way to get burgers…I’ll hafta price it out. Usually I buy a box of frozen burger patties for anywhere between $12-$16 a box, I think there are usually 8-10 patties in the box and those patties are the same amount of points as mine turned out to be (4 points) but mine were ranch bbq flavour (so made for my personal taste lol) and fairly cheap to make, the meat was $4 for almost a pound, I already own the bbq sauce and the ranch package was under $2 (that’s with tax), so, almost $6 for 3.5 patties, I could make it 4 patties if I am more careful with how I divide the mixture…anybody out there good at math? Is it better for me to make my own or buy them? My brain isn’t good at figuring out stuff like that… 😛

There we go, my list of first experiences that I had this weekend…most involved food, *rolls eyes* but oh well, least it was healthy, fit-in-my-points food not going out to restaurants and eating crazy-bad-for-me food. 🙂 Little steps people! Little steps. 😀


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