Insanity: Day 5, 6 and 7

24 Jul

Ok, now don’t freak out at me, I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to update about my Insanity workouts and foods but I’m back so all is good again. lol. πŸ˜‰

I do that!

I do that!

Day 5 (Friday):

Was supposed to be a Pure Cardio day buuuuuut I was so busy getting ready for my trip that even though I got up earlier than normal that day I just didn’t have time to fit in the workout. Bummer. 😦 I followed the eating plan as best as I could – we all know so far I have been sucking in that area lol πŸ˜› I had all my meals planned out, ate fairly close to schedule before going to work and at the beginning of work was doing well but then I got so busy I just didn’t have time to eat, hey, it happens! After my shift was over (at 9pm) I had to go buy some stuff for the trip that I of course forgot *rolls eyes* then hightail it home to get my gear and hug the cat then I had to hightail it over to where one of my team mates was waiting so I could pick him up and we could head on out. We got to Harrison around 11:30pm-ish, met up with the team and of course by that time I was hungry and wishing I had one of my missed meals from when I was at work earlier lol. I didn’t have them, duh, so I drank some water and crashed…don’t go thinking I’m lazy, the whole team crashed lol we had to be up early Saturday!

Day 6 (Saturday):

Saturday was RACE DAY!! wOOt!! πŸ˜€ It started early, at 7am, and went till about 2am Sunday lol. No, the racing wasn’t that long, just the day! We had four races that day and we killed it! We qualified for A Division, which is awesome, normally we are B Division, and we got offered a spot in the Hong Kong dragon boat festival in 2014!! Holy crapola dude! How amazing is that?!?! πŸ˜€ We missed out on a medal by 3/100th of a second but we aren’t bummed about it. I mean sure, we wanted a medal, but we earned a spot in A Division and we were sooooo close to getting a medal that obviously we deserved our spot in that medal race. It would have been so embarrassing to qualify for A Division then be way far behind the other boats in the race, eek! Races were done around 6pm or so, after everyone had a chance to shower (it was so windy that day we were all covered, literally covered, in sand!) we all ate then partied. πŸ™‚ What else would we have done? lol That day I didn’t do my Insanity workout (case you hadn’t already figured that out lol) and I also didn’t follow the eating plan. On race day we eat little bits that are high protein high sugar between races but you can’t eat a lot because racing when full is not pleasant, or advisable. When I finally got to eat a meal I had a personal sized pizza topped with a mixture of super yummie veggies but I regretted ordering it because I really wanted some protein. My team mates got burgers and I was so jealous of them lol Oh, I also had an ice cream cone, in a waffle cone!…a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and skor pieces! omg sooooo good! I drank my share of alcohol after the ice cream but didn’t get ridiculously drunk…I’m pretending the amount of racing and the sheer energy used during the day is helping to offset the ice cream and alcohol lol πŸ˜‰

Day 7 (Sunday):

The day started off in Harrison where the team went to this little place that had been recommended to me and had brekkie. I got the french toast, it also came with two eggs and two sausages, a ridiculous amount of food if you ask me. I gave the sausage away since I don’t eat pork but I ate the eggs (over easy) and the french toast, which uh, had caramel drizzled over top and sliced banana. It was quite tasty. πŸ™‚ By the time I got home I was exhausted. I had intended to exercise when I got home, or soon after getting home but ha! like that happened?? Nuh-uh! I unpacked, partially, sat my butt down and immediately wanted a nap. I actually did end up napping, oh the shame! πŸ˜‰ I ate Insanity approved meals after that, as well as a bit of fudge I brought back from the trip lol so the day wasn’t a total loss. It sucks I didn’t manage to get off my lazy ass and exercise but it just wasn’t happening. sigh, so lazy. 😦

So, let’s recap shall we?

Out of three days I followed the food portion of the plan 1.5 days and the exercise part of the plan 0 days. Not exactly a great way to finish off my first week of the Insanity Program huh?

I’m mad at myself for messing up so badly so early on in the program but at the same time I knew something like this would happen. I was so uncertain when to start the Insanity Program because I knew I had trips that would be happening during the 60 day program that would mess with my ability to follow the eating plan and would most likely cause trouble with the exercise portion as well. I decided to start anyways because I didn’t want to put the new phase of my healthy lifestyle on hold because of life. I mean, even if I had waited, and had 60 days where I wasn’t going anywhere there will always be things that pop up and have the potential to throw a program off track, right? I have to learn to make Insanity fit in to my life, not completely alter my life to work around the program. If I can’t make it fit in to my life then (in my opinion) the Insanity Program takes on the qualities of a fad and fads are no good, you may have success when on a fad program but as soon as you finish the fad you lose all your progress because you can’t live your life long term following the rules. What would Β be the point of that? I don’t want to lose what I manage to accomplish, does anybody? I’m thinking no! πŸ˜›


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