The Wagon

25 Jul
me waving goodbye to the Insanity wagon, sigh.

me waving goodbye to the Insanity wagon, sigh.

Imagine a wagon that represents the Insanity Program. Now imagine a 5’8″ redhead falling off that wagon, rolling on the dusty road, landing in the ditch, then crawling out of that ditch only to see the wagon never stopped and is too far away to catch so she does the only possible thing, she waves goodbye, sighs a bit, and comes to the realization she has woefully fallen off the Insanity Wagon, and fallen hard!

That is me, sigh.


Have no fear though! I am jumping right back on…on Monday. 🙂

Now, I hate when people say “I’m starting a new diet on Monday” or “I’m going to start exercising on Monday” or anything else along those lines. Why wait till Monday?? What makes Monday so special? If anything, start Friday, people hate Mondays, they are tired and cranky and just want the day to end on Mondays, how is that a good day to be starting anything let alone a new diet and/or exercise plan? *rolls eyes* Start on a day you are happy, a day you enjoy, a day you aren’t counting the minutes down until you can go home and do nothing.


Since last weekend when I was out of town racing I have been an epic fail at following the Insanity Program, food wise and exercise wise. I’m ticked at myself over this, royally ticked! Grr to me!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to follow the eating or exercise  plan on the Saturday and at least part of the Sunday but I thought once I was home Sunday I’d do the exercise session I’d missed on the Saturday and jump right back in to the eating plan…that soooooo didn’t happen! I was super tired and just couldn’t bring myself to exercise, that was already compounding the issue that not only had I missed the exercise dvd on Saturday I also didn’t have time to exercise on the Friday so that was two days in a row missed, ack! Plus, on the Sunday I was too tired to care about cooking or making sure I was eating the right amount of calories per meal or even the right amount of calories per day. I did eat meals from the Insanity Program meal plan once home on the Sunday but that’s about all I can say that I did slightly ok.

Then Monday I forgot to take my food to work with me so I had cereal for breakfast (my high protein cereal so that’s alright) but I had no mid morning snack. For lunch I ate food from work (salad with chicken on top, super yum!) then had stuff to do after work so I didn’t get home till after dinner time which means my timing for meals was way off that day! I somehow got my arse in gear and did an exercise session but I was lost as to which one to do…the one I should have done on the Friday? Or perhaps the one I should have done on the Saturday? Or should I just do the one I was supposed to be doing that day? I didn’t feel it was right to do the session that was originally planned for the Monday since i’d missed two, it seemed like cheating somehow but I didn’t want to be constantly three days behind for my exercise sessions…I ended up doing the one I should have done on the Friday, figuring I’d do Friday’s and Saturday’s exercises then on Tuesday I’d do Monday and Tuesday’s exercises and voila! I’d catch up! Lemme tell ya, that was a flawed plan. Epic-ally flawed. After the cardio workout I was all nuh-uh! I’m tired. It’s late. I wanna go to bed. I’ll catch up the next day. Catching up Tuesday made more sense, I’d be able to do one workout in the morning, one in the evening, spread em out a bit, sounds solid, right?

Tuesday did not go as planned. lol. I had a hair appointment that started a half hour late then took way longer than normal. Then I ate but didn’t have time to cook so I had Subway, then I went and did errands that couldn’t be put off, then while out got invited to a movie that evening so right from my errands I went and met with friends and before I knew it I wasn’t getting home till late. I didn’t follow the eating plan that day, or the exercise plan, while it was a fun day it was not a “good day” if you know what I mean. *rolls eyes*

From there it just kept getting worse, and now it is Thursday, I haven’t done an Insanity workout since Monday and I’ve been totally going back to my old ways of eating (that is, I’ve been skipping meals and not eating the combo of protein, healthy fat and carbs that I am supposed to be eating). I’ve been trying (for the most part) to choose things to eat that are close to what I should be eating but I’ve been nowhere near as strict as I should have been.

So I’ve decided enough is enough. Every day that I don’t do the Insanity Workout or follow the Insanity Eating Plan I feel like a big fat failure. It gets me down and I hate that. Should I have done a better job of getting back on track? Yes, without a doubt. Did I? No, obviously. But I am human and as a human that means I am allowed (and pretty much expected) to screw up, it’s just what we do! Don’t believe me? Check out the damage to the ozone layer! 😛

Instead of feeling like a failure, feeling like I suck at this, like I can’t do the Insanity Program I have decided to get more upbeat and come up with a plan of action. 🙂

I am starting back, as best as I am able, with the eating plan tomorrow. It won’t be perfect cause I haven’t gone grocery shopping but I will do my best and for the next three days that is all I am asking of myself. I will do my normal workout stuff, so gym, running, things like that, for the next three days and allow myself to feel good about just in general being active. On Monday I will start back at the beginning of the Insanity Workouts, that’s right, back at Day 1. I won’t redo the fit test since I don’t feel it will have different results but otherwise, it will be like I just started the program. I will also get my butt into gear, go grocery shopping, go back to my food schedule so I know what I am eating and when and I will no longer be “doing my best” with room to not get it right, instead I will be “following the plan”.

Sure, there are still going to be days where something goes a little wonky, but that’s life right? For the most part though I feel I should be able to get right back in to the Insanity Plan without too big of a hitch in my stride, and get back on that freakin wagon I shall!…on Monday lol 😉

p.s. fyi the reason I am waiting till Monday to start the plan again is because Insanity has you working out 6 days a week and I want my rest day to be Sunday. If you do the math that means I have to start on Monday…


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