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A Little Recap

26 Apr

Now you may be thinking because I haven’t posted in a little bit I have fallen off the wagon in regards to the fitness challenge I am in, you my friends would be wrong!

It’s so nice to be able to write that cause let’s be honest, it is so easy to say yes to a challenge and after a week kinda slack off. I think in part I am sticking with it because (1) I made up the challenge, and (2) there is an end goal of looking good in that bridesmaid’s dress…vanity can be a great motivator! πŸ˜‰

Since I last wrote my team (I compete in dragon boating) won bronze in Division A at a regatta. πŸ™‚Β  It was this particular regattas first year and it went really well. I don’t mean it went well because we won a medal *rolls eyes* but that the regatta was run well. It went smoothly, no real glitches to be had…that I know of anyways lol They were rushing the races to get as many of them done before the afternoon as possible because afternoon water conditions were less than ideal due to lower tide levels than normal for this time of year. Our last race of the day was in choppier water but I kinda liked it, made it more fun! And yes, I know I’m a bit of an odd ball lol

apr 22 2018 race day 8

The Twisted Hips, 2018 Roster

The medals are definitely original. Normally they are made of metal but this regatta, in honour of the races being held on Earth Day, hand crafted the medals out of three types of wood. So one person made all the medals, by hand, in his basement…we know this because he was reminding everyone all day lol

Then it was back to normal life for a couple days before a little overnight trip to Whistler. Yay for it being late enough in the season it is no longer law to need snow tires to drive up there! πŸ™‚

I went with a bunch of friends, we all went up at different times based on our schedules. So I got there about a half hour before two people had to leave, which kinda sucked, but the majority of the group was still there so it all worked out in the end.

My FitBit was very happy on Wednesday, with all the walking to the Village and around the Village (twice!) and my quick gym session, I got a hella lot of steps. And we all know FitBit owners live to make their FitBit’s happy lol Proof that even when in Whistler you can keep to a fitness challenge!

It was a pretty chill trip, one of our group is moving away (lame!) so we did this trip to give us all a chance to hang out before she leaves. It was mostly spent playing board games, lounging by the pool (that part didn’t include me since I’d burn in a stupid short amount of time, sigh), going to the Village to shop and eat dinner, and I dunno, just being in each other’s company.

Both the bear and the scenic picture were taken on the walk to the Village. The sign the bear is holding basically says please don’t feed me, or my cubs, and keep your dog on a leash..just ya know, in a cuter way lol It was so sunny and summery and lovely, I took a picture of the river? Creek? The water, I’ll just call it water, but my picture doesn’t do it justice. There are chairs set up on both sides so you can just sit and enjoy being there…which I actually didn’t do because well, we were on our way to the Village so we were going somewhere and also, I don’t voluntarily sit out in the sun, that would be the equivalent of me putting a target on my back and daring the UV rays to come get me. πŸ˜›

whistler apr 25 2018 3

The sheep are too cute!

This is purely a picture of cuteness…especially the sheep on the right side. They are bombs, which I don’t actually know what that is, some sort of chocolate something or other, I just wanted to share the cute. πŸ™‚

And lastly, a picture of me touching snow, who’d of thought you’d see the day! πŸ˜‰

whistler apr 25 2018 4

In case you’re thinking it mush be sort of chilly because I am wearing a long sleeve top, no-no, I am wearing long sleeves as sun protection…hence the hat! It is easier to wear long sleeves than reapply sunscreen every hour and a half, and less messy, so I spend a lot of the sunny months in long sleeves. But forget the clothes, look at the snow! It was so odd, the snow ends right at the cement, it is on the hills for the snowboarders and skiers but nowhere else. Kind of a random thing to see…I’m used to seeing snow covering everything – when I do see it that is.

Besides my fun random days I’ve been going to dragon boat practice, hitting up the gym, taking walks, all sorts of things to keep up with the 44 Day Fitness Challenge. There are only 30 days left!…not that I’m panicking about that or anything… πŸ˜‰


Good Times On Mt Seymour

28 Feb

Snowshoeing, I hate typing that word, it feels awkward, but it is a fun activity so alas, I will be doomed to keep typing it. Oh what a hard life I lead *pauses for a dramatic swoon*


Some friends and I went up to Mt. Seymour to go snowshoeing and had a blast! Hmm…I’ve really gotta learn some new slang…

The day started with dragon boat practice (for two of us), then brunch, then snowshoeing. So ya know, just a slightly active day. πŸ˜‰

I wasn’t sure my suv would be allowed up the mountain, if the roads are bad they make you park at the bottom and take a shuttle up but nobody checked us so up we went…slowly…as in old granny slow…the higher we got the more the snow was swirling around and the more wintry it became. It always amazes me how you can go from city to mountain so quickly here.

Because we were snowshoeing and not skiing or snowboarding we had to park farther away, snowshoe discrimination! πŸ˜‰ It is actually ok because it gave us time to get used to walking on the snowshoes.

Once we were strapped in and on our way it was basically just fun. The whole time. I mean c’mon, get four friends together, strap their feet to snowshoes, set them on a trail, and how could that not be fun?

I did learn that all my survival knowledge is basically theoretical and does not kick in as an automatic response when faced with a potentially dangerous situation…great thing to learn up on a mountain in winter lol

See, we were trekking along this one narrow stretch where you have to go single file and all of a sudden snow is falling on us. And not the snow that had been falling all day, no no, I mean big poofy coming from the side of the mountain snow. There is technically a potential of avalanche and part of my brain kept thinking “keep moving. you have to keep moving. woman move your feet!” but in actuality all the four of us did was turn around, look up at the mountain to see where the snow was coming from, start laughing and wondering what was happening. So yeah, the survival skills of my friends and I are maybe not the absolute highest they could be…but I’m sure somewhere out there someone is worse than us…right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all it was a great day, as you can see in the above pictures. I wish there could be more like that. πŸ™‚

A Lovely Mountain Day

6 Feb

I spent a chunk of my afternoon up on a mountain today and thoroughly enjoyed myself. πŸ™‚ This may not seem odd but anyone who knows me knows I don’t like being outside during the winter, it’s cold, and there is snow and ice, and it’s cold! Yes, I know, I am a failureΒ as a Canadian *rolls eyes* πŸ˜›

I decided to go snowshoeing today, yay! It was zero degrees Celsius, which is, um…gimme a sec, I gotta google…it’s 32F…so nice n warm and perfect for spending outside. πŸ˜€

We haven’t had a lot of snow this winter (yes, I’m in that part of Canada lol) so I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for the trails to get snowy enough to make it worth my while and decided today was a good day to try em out.

There was snow, and a decent amount of it, but none of it fresh and none of it even remotely powdery, which, if you snowshoe you know is the most fun type of snow to trek through. Todays snow was all packed down, partially icy because the snow keeps melting during the day then freezing overnight – vicious loop that.

For part of the trail my snowshoes looked liked this…

2014-02-06 14.59.31yup, that’s right, they were being carried not worn cause the snow was just that packed down that there was no point putting them on my feet, sigh. I felt like an idiot carrying them and was really wishing I’d left them in my suv but obviously I wasn’t going to go all the way back to my suv to put them in the trunk so in my hands they stayed.


2014-02-06 15.23.23


I finally got to put them on! Yay! πŸ˜€

And hey, don’t judge the pants! They are super warm, fit well and my friend sold them to me for a measly $60, I heart those pants!…even if in this pic they do make my legs look huuuuuge lol




Me…the most unattractive cold person ever, sigh.

more snow...

more snow…

omg, me without makeup, on the internet, ack!

omg, me without makeup, on the internet, ack!

Do you see the damage to my toque? The loose threads that make it look old and worn? Well, lemme tell ya the story of that damage. This toque is brand new, this is only the third time I have gotten to wear it and I take good care of my stuff. So how did it get to look like this? The cat. *glares at the fur ball* I came home from work and discovered my toque at the base of his scratching post, it normally hangs on a hook on the wall by my front door. So he got it off the hook, brought it through the kitchen, in to the living room, killed it, then dumped the carcass somewhere I was sure to find it. The sadist. I’m trying to figure out how to fix or hide the damage but don’t know how…so right now, if you are keeping score, it is Cat-1, Human-0.

I didn’t get to go all the way to the top of the mountain due to timing issues. I got up there a bit later then planned which would’ve been alright except I was going on a trail I haven’t gone on before and accidentally went on the wrong trail to start with, oops! In my defence, there are two trail entrances, fairly close to each other, the first trail entrance turned out to be the wrong trail but the other trail entrance is hidden from site when at the first trail entrance so I thought there was only one trail…does that make sense? lol

Anyways! I went on the first, incorrect trail, and fairly quickly thought I was gonna die. It was super icy, lots of rocks, not a lot of snow, steep decline the entire way and of course the rocks were covered in ice so every part that had some serious decline trekking to do left me feeling I was facing certain doom. I don’t do awesome on ice, thanks to my stupid knee, and I didn’t even have my hands free thanks to having to carry my snowshoes. The trail was seeming like one super bad idea. I didn’t get all that far in to it when I decided screw it and I turned back. I felt like a bit of a failure but figured better safe than sorry. Since I thought that was the path I was supposed to be using I was deciding how I was going to get my exercise for the day since snowshoeing obviously wasn’t going to work out but when I got back to the start of the trail I noticed some people seemingly pop out of nowhere on my left side who had snowshoes. Being the nosy person I am I went to investigate and found the real trail, yay! and phew! lol

The second, and correct trail was way better because (1) it had snow (2) it was meant for snowshoeing (3) it was uphill and (4) way less icy patches.

Oh, and can I say people who take part in outdoor winter sports, super friendly! Every person I passed on the trail (by passed I mean they were going the opposite direction as I not I was faster than them and scooting around them) said hi, or asked how I was doing, a couple people stopped and we chatted a bit. Messed up my timing (I was tracking my distance and speed) and also shortened the length of time I was active but I don’t mind. People look out for each other, and that’s nice. This one lady checked to see if I was going up the mountain alone, I said yes so she gave me a recap of what I was in for (she was on her way down), reassured me about how many other people she had seen, where there were some rough patches, stuff like that. Nice lady. πŸ™‚ I notice the same thing when I am hiking in the summer, people say hi as you pass on the trail, sometimes stop and chat, things like that. Maybe it’s all that sunshine people are getting, makes them friendlier lol


Not Enough Time

20 Dec

I need more time…for everything! lol

I need more time to get back on track with my eating plan in the hopes I will fit in those jeans. I need more time to get packed for my trip home for Christmas. I need more time to find an outfit to wear to my agency Christmas party. I need more time to emotionally prepare myself for leaving my cat at a boarding place. *sniffle* I don’t wanna leave my cat! 😦

I’m not sure if it would be better to add more hours to the day or just add a day or two in to the weekend…as if I could do either! lol πŸ˜›

I had a horrible three days this week when it comes to food. Each day I ate something super high in calories, and what’s even worse is I can’t get specific nutritional information for any of those days so my numbers are guesses, sigh, I hate inaccurate nutritional information, makes me feel like I am cheating lol So now I am freaking out about being able to fit in to the jeans that are hanging on my wall. The goal jeans. The jeans I have been aiming to be able to comfortably wear since last month when I went on this revamped eating plan. Arg!

Packing. Man oh man I suck at packing. Actually, no, that’s not true, I can pack and pack well, you’d be surprised at how much stuff I can fit in to a suitcase! lol I suck at actually getting around to packing…I have this unfortunate habit of trying to pack practically all of my clothes and shoes, realizing I can’t take them all, taking over half the stuff out of the suitcase, squishing what I deem essential in to the suitcase, expand the suitcase, realize I forgot something then try oh so hard to fit it in, give up and decide to fix it the next day but the next day is the day I am leaving so when I try to fix it I am super rushed and always end up with an overweight suitcase when I get to the airport. It’s practically tradition! lol

luckily my suitcase isn't that small! lol

luckily my suitcase isn’t that small! lol

I don’t have time to do any of that this trip so I actually *gasp* wrote a list of what to pack! A list! Eeegads, I feel so grown up…I packed my clothes and the Christmas presents and am shocked at how quickly the process went, maybe there is something to this list thing…Of course the packing isn’t done, I still have to pack my wash kit but I don’t fly out for a couple days yet and I need that stuff till then lol

I spent part of yesterday shopping for a dress to wear Saturday night to the agency Christmas party. I failed miserably. Ugh. Shopping is one of those activities that either makes me ridiculously happy or ridiculously miserable. The party is a formal affair and I don’t have an appropriate dress, crap! I didn’t have a lot of time to shop so picked one shop I usually have success at and basically put all my eggs in one basket…let’s just say I broke the eggs *rolls eyes* lol broken-eggs1Nothing they had looked right on me which was disheartening. I ended up buying two blouses and hoping one of them would match a lace skirt I already had at home. I tried them on with the skirt this evening and the one was ok, not amazing or anything but I guess it’ll hafta do. shrug.

For the first time ever I am putting my cat in to boarding and I am spazzing about it. sigh. He would be too if he knew what was coming. I had a cat sitter but that fell through and an awesome friend said she’d come over daily with her daughters and take care of my little bundle of fur but she is a super busy lady and the more I thought about it the worse I felt. She doesn’t have time for that and even though I knew she’d somehow find the time I (1) didn’t want to cause her even more stress and (2) realized that she’d at most spend an hour a day at my place which would mean he’d be spending 23 hours a day alone and that’s not cool. I put his name on waiting lists for boarding places and was told odds were way slim so I bought him a plane ticket and was all excited he’d be coming with me. Well go figure someone cancelled and he got in to a boarding place so now he is staying here and I’m sad he won’t be coming with me and worried he’ll be miserable. What if he thinks I am abandoning him? Not coming back? Don’t love him? 😦 I took him to the vet this past Tuesday and he only finally forgave me for that today…that’s three days of upsetness over one little trip. What the hell is he gonna do when he is left somewhere for a week?!

On happy notes we had snow again today, more then the last snowfall! There was enough snow I had to brush it off my suv, some people at work made a snowman and everything is gorgeous looking. πŸ™‚

Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Gotta love a snowman!

Gotta love a snowman!


A Winter Wonderland

9 Dec

I live in the one part of Canada that gets almost no snow. When I first moved here I loved and hated that. I’m still pretty torn on it to be honest. I think if I had to shovel it I’d flat out hate it again but since I never live in places that require me to shovel, the snow never gets deep or lasts beyond 4 days and it is more a dusting than a snowfall I can safely say I generally look forward to the snow. πŸ™‚

Today I was at work when the snow started and I was so happy and cheerful about it you’d think I was a child on Christmas morning looking at a huge pile of presents lol. But hey, if you can’t find joy in the little things how will you ever find happiness? I was told if I kept referring to it as pretty I’d be the one who had to go outside and shovel it from the work driveway lol I promptly stopped cause, uh hello? Me? Shovel? Pfft! So not happening! I didn’t bring a jacket to work! πŸ˜›

It is supposed to keep snowing, although really it is flurries at best, until sometime tomorrow which means we might actually have snow that stays! πŸ˜€ Better yet, it might fully cover the grass! Ooooooh exciting! I’m not looking forward to the driving tomorrow, people here suck at driving once our little amount of snow arrives. It’s embarrassing on behalf of all Canadians from other provinces *rolls eyes* I have to be somewhere at 1pm which would normally take maybe 20 minutes to get to, I will be leaving an hour in advance just in case traffic is that slow. Sounds overly paranoid I know but last year I had to drive somewhere that normally took about 30 minutes and it ended up taking more than 2 hours. Told ya people here don’t know how to drive in snow! lol

I had other stuff I was gonna blog about today but the snow has taken over my thoughts lol It is the perfect evening to sit inside with a cup of hot chocolate a book and a view of the snow…if only I had windows that gave me a view of the snow! lol

I highly enjoyed making footprints in the snow!

Proof I walked through the snow lol


Still a lot of grass but I have hope the grass'll be covered by tomorrow!

Still a lot of grass but I have hope the grass’ll be covered by tomorrow!


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

25 Nov

Snoooooow Day! My first contact with a person today was when SB from work called to see if I was going to work, I believe her question went something like “what are we gonna do with all this snow?” – at that point I was running a tad late and was just about to leave my place but had yet to look out a window so I didn’t know what she was talking about. lol. Well, I peeked out my living room curtains and yelped, then said something along the lines of “ah fuck, I don’t wanna go out in that…” Ultimately, both of us ended up at work cause “snow days” are only for kids, grr to kids! lol.

brr, snow.

However, while at work we (“we” being the entire office) kept staring out the wall of windows in shock because of how fast and thick the snow was falling…and a bunch of us kept hoping that the snow would get sooooo bad we’d get to leave early. πŸ™‚ I mean really, the snow was not gonna be that bad that we could easily justify leaving work early, but I have been told that is my outlook on it because I grew up somewhere that gets way worse winter weather then here. lol.

The snow kept up all day, at times it was mixed with freezing rain – joy – πŸ˜› at least in order for it to snow it has to warm up, it was ranging between 0 to -4C all day, not bad at all! For all you Americans that’s 32 – 24.8F πŸ™‚ We were told towards the end of the day we could go home early but by that point I didn’t see any reason to so I stayed my normal shift. shrug.

I find the weather is making me want to eat hot more filling foods – I have a salad in the fridge that I was gonna have for dinner tonight but I just couldn’t do it, I ended up having a wrap filled with cooked veggies and scrambled egg. What I really wanted was a burger on a bun, or a big plate of pasta, or toast – yeah, I know, odd maybe, but I am a bread lover and I’d have killed today for toast with either peanut butter or some jam on it. *big dramatic sigh* lol. If I thought toast would have filled me enough as a dinner I so would have gone with that!

Something else I noticed this week, my lunches are bigger then normal. Ok, tuesday makes sense cause I ate out but the other days? shrug. Something went wrong there. Because of my higher pointed lunches I am going over my points for the day or hitting it right on the mark and while hitting my points exactly is a good thing it’s not so good when you are still hungry! Really not good…uber not good…makes for a cranky hungry redhead…foooooooooooooooood! πŸ˜‰ heh

I blame it on the weather, it makes me want toast or other heated carbs so I have been eating an english muffin at lunch with my lunches and that is making my lunches way higher in points then normal for me. sigh. I have thawed out the remaining veggie soup and will have that tomorrow for lunch so yah! 0 points for the soup I will eat which means I can eat an english muffin with no worries about being able to eat dinner too. πŸ˜€ This is important because after my day job tomorrow I have a nannying job and will have enough time to grab a sub from Subway if I am lucky…if the snow hadn’t plopped down on us I wouldn’t be too worried about my timing tomorrow with grabbing a sub and getting to nannying but people in this city are horrible at driving in snow and go sooooooo slow so I will need way longer to get to the job then normal. *rolls eyes*

This week, food wise, has just been bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. ugh. I feelΒ like I have gained weight and it’s not a happy feeling. It’s partially tempered by wearing a pair of work pants this week that the last time I wore (couple weeks ago) were not snug but were fitting just nice around the waist…the legs/butt area were looser then strictly fashionable but the waist still fit so, shrug, I wore em. Yesterday I grabbed them from my closet when getting dressed in the moring and found that they are now too large, I can hold the waist out an inch or so and they are so loose everywhere else they have now joined a bunch of other clothes in the “can never be worn again” pile. Yah! πŸ˜€ But still, I feel like the success that made those pants too large happened prior to this week and that this week I screwed up so much I am gonna gain weight, it’s so depressing. Feeling this way makes me want to eat even more, I am at times an emotional eater and feeling for days and days depressed about how many flex points I have used and that I have screwed up royally makes me want to eat! *rolls eyes* the amount of times this week I almost ate cake or cookies or chocolate or whatever, there have been many temptations and I have almost eaten all of them! Horrible! I had gotten to a point where the temptations didn’t even cross my radar and what happens? I totally dip and now am seeing the temptations everywhere and want them! Argh!

Here is what I ate today:

54 grams Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Lean Cuisine Honey Mustard Chicken = 5 points

1 weight watchers english muffin = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow = 1 point

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points


Β Β Β  – 1 weight watchers wrap = 1 point

Β Β Β  – 1 scrambled egg = 2 points

Β Β Β  – 15 grams light shredded cheese = 1 point

Β Β Β  – 1 tbls creole dijon sauce = 1 point

cooked mix vegg = 0 points

1 pckg Jolly Time popcorn = 1 point

Total points eaten is 21. πŸ˜€ Least I didn’t go over – feels like a frickin miracle! lol. I still have two more days before weigh in so two more days of feeling like I totally screwed up but not knowing for sure by how much…sucky. 😦

I won’t be posting tomorrow cause of nannying after working all day – sadness, but I’ll be here saturday afternoon to let you know the results of weigh in!

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