Two Meals One Kitchen Session

16 Apr

Last week I bought some pulled chicken. Now, a chef friend of mine says there is no such thing as “pulled chicken” but like I am going to argue with the packaging? Pfft, don’t think so! The first meal I made with it I kept the chicken chilled and unsauced (yes, I know that isn’t actually a word lol) but I thought I’d try to be a tad creative with it and so my second meal went something like this…

I put some of the chicken in a frying pan with BBQ sauce on a low heat to warm up the chicken, making sure to stir it around a lot so each piece was evenly coated. In a second frying pan I heated up some frozen veggies, the ones I used are from a huge bag I bought at Costco and are “stir fry veggies”, so mostly a combo of broccoli, carrots, snap peas, water chestnuts, baby corn and some other stuff I can’t recall at the moment. While the chicken was warming and the veggies were cooking I threw a couple handfuls of stir fry noodles in to boiling water and let them cook for 2 minutes. Once all three items were properly cooked I loaded them in to a wrap along with mixed greens, chilli sauce, diced cucumbers, diced yellow pepper, sliced mushrooms, a slice of marble cheese that I tore in to small pieces and half a sliced avocado.

The result looked like this…

with the avocado...

with the avocado…

without the avocado...

without the avocado…

I figured I’d show you a picture without the avocado because you get a better view of everything else, once I put the avocado on a lot of the veggies and chicken are hidden.

I then fought valiantly to get the wrap closed and succeeded only because I had toothpicks lol 😛

took forever to close!

took forever to close!

I purposefully cooked a little extra of everything, mixed it all together, added a little extra chicken and mooshed it in to a tupperware container then threw it in the fridge. Originally I was intending to save it for the next day and make a second wrap but mild inspiration struck and I thought of something else to do with the leftovers.

I took a medium sized tupperware container, filled it with mixed greens, tossed in diced cucumber and diced yellow pepper, Then I grabbed a little container and put in some sunflower seeds, sliced almonds and dried cranberries. When I went to work the next day I took all three containers and when I had my dinner I created this wonderful looking meal…

My salad of leftovers

My salad of leftovers

Okay, granted, it doesn’t look all that great in the picture but I swear in person it looked delish aaaaand it tasted delish, bonus!. 🙂 As you can see, I put some ranch dressing on the salad. Normally if I use dressing I put it on the side and dip every second or third forkful in to the dressing but I opted for putting it on top this time to make my life easier. I don’t really get a break on my evening shift so eating becomes a speed event and taking the time to dip every second or third forkful in to the dressing is just awkward…especially since I’m not only eating super fast but usually standing, shrug.

I was really happy with how the wrap and the salad turned out. Not only did I only have to cook one time to make two meals, both meals tasted good, were different enough I didn’t feel I was eating leftovers and filled me up. Also, I think both meals can be counted as healthy, maybe? I’m never really sure but I think I followed the guidelines set out for me, there is protein, veggies and well, ok the one meal didn’t have any whole grains/wheat (the salad), but the wrap did soooo I’m gonna say I did ok. 🙂


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