Self Isolation Day 7: Half Way There

21 Mar

Day 7, who knew 7 days could take so long to pass?

I’m equal parts “woohoo, half way done!” and “omg, there are still 7 more days left of this”.

I decided to treat today like a normal day off, so, like how last Saturday was…it is crazy to think how fast everything changed!

I slept in, woke up to the cat plotting my demise, by this I mean I woke up laying on my back, cat on my chest, one of his paws on my mouth. Not lightly resting, more a heavy weighted paw, on my mouth, while he stared right at me. What may be even weirder is that when I woke up and saw this I just figured ok, and closed my eyes again. Who am I to interrupt whatever the cat is up to?

Anyways! After I finally got up I stayed in pj’s for a while, ate a bit, watched Criminal Minds Season 2 (I’m re-watching the entire series), read part of a book, rented a movie, checked out social media, and not too much more.

Well, I did also do some work training for my part time job in preparation for a work meeting I am attending on Zoom tomorrow morning.

It feels wrong that the most productive part of my day was an online training module, something that still had zero contact with humanity. I tested out my laptop with Zoom, made sure my microphone was working ok and when I popped up on screen I waved to myself. It has been so long since I’ve had contact with people I waved to myself.

Today was a day in the Before Time I would have loved, would have wallowed in, would have enjoyed every moment of, and I would have been sad when it was done. Now, today was so similar in so many ways to every day of the previous week it doesn’t stand out as any different. Except I didn’t get to go for a walk today, I’m not allowed to do those anymore. I am well and truly stuck inside this basement suite, for 7 more days.

You may be happy to hear the plants I mentioned in yesterday’s post are doing ok. I was going to say they are doing well but that seems a tad optimistic. They are all drinking, which I take as a good sign, and the one with the extra crispy leaves, remember him? His leaves aren’t quite so dry and crispy today.

So yeah, to recap, I haven’t killed the plants yet, I did nothing of interest today, and by accident I sat on the cat, something I am still making amends for.  That my friends, is how Day 7 of Self Isolation is going. Woohoo!

day 7


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