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Instant Pot: Sweet & Sour Chicken

30 Jan

Cooking! Once again with the cooking. sigh. When will I be rich enough I can pay someone to do this for me? πŸ˜‰

I bought an Instant Pot in November, it took ages to get to me thanks to WalMart’s slow delivery, but that’s fine because though I wanted it, and had vague but great plans for it, I had no idea what I wanted to cook in it.

It finally got opened a week ago and there were so many warnings in the box, in the book that came with it, on the actual device, that I almost boxed it back up out of fear that I would kill myself if I tried to use it. If anyone could do it…

Instead I washed it, put it in the cupboard, and tried to figure out what to cook in it first. After much scouring of the internet for recipes I decided on Sweet and Sour Chicken. See, while the Instant Pot can be used in a whooooole bunch of ways, I mostly wanted it for it’s slow cooker settings. I owned a tiny slow cooker, because I am single and don’t need a massive slow cooker, but the tiny slow cookers are lame in that they aren’t programmable, so you have to be around to turn it off when you want it to stop cooking which means I could never set it and go to work, or practice, or wherever, because I wouldn’t be home in time to turn it off and the food would over cook.

This adorable 3 quart Instant Pot however, has all the bells and whistles, while being a small enough size for my needs. Yay!

Because I was still half convinced I was going to either (1) make it explode or (2) experience recipe failure, I picked an easy recipe to try.

I bought one of those Club House slow cooker packages and for the most part did what it said to do.

Club House Slow Cooker Seasoning

I kind of guessed how many peppers would make the measurement required, same with the onion, aaaand the celery lol I ended up using three peppers (one red, one yellow, one orange – cause I liked the colours), one red onion, three or four celery stalks (can’t quite remember), one can of corn kernels (drained), and one can of pineapple tidbits (not drained). Oh, and instead of chicken thighs I used chicken breasts, I believe I put four or five in there, but that is because they were tiny.

Except for the guessing on measurements for the vegetables I did everything else exactly as described on the back of the seasoning package. After much googling I learned that “low” on a slow cooker equals “normal” on an Instant Pot, so I set it for 8 hours on normal, oh so slowly backed away, quickly begged the universe to let this work, and went to bed.

Whoever decides to try a new recipe, in a new kitchen appliance, for the first time, when it is a meal you are taking to share with friends, is either very sure of their cooking abilities or an idiot. I’m pretty sure you can figure out which of those applies to me lol

When I checked it in the morning it was perfect! The chicken was tender, moist, perfectly cooked, the veggies were cooked but still a bit firm (which is how I like them), and the sauce was delish. I took the chicken out, cubed it, put it back in and mixed it all around, then left it on the “warming” setting until I was ready to put it in a container and take it to the get together I had made it for.

People loved it! It also made a huge amount, so I am grateful I took extra and sent people home with left overs, there is after all, only so much sweet and sour chicken a girl can eat in one week lol

I’m glad I started with such a simple meal, makes me think maybe the next dish I make in there will work out also!…maybe…

sweet and sour chicken 2

Warming up left overs…

sweet and sour chicken

Aaaand a close up, cause why not?

So Many Things

18 Mar

I have so many things I want to blog about tonight it’s crazy lol I have had post ideas almost everyday since my last post but never had time to write them up so now they are all circulating in my head and want to be released in this one post, how oh how do I pick just one? Maybe little bits about everything and in the future I can elaborate if I want to write more? Seems as good a plan as any! πŸ˜›

I said in my last post I want to be physically active daily and boohya! (that is so not how to spell the marine sound is it?? lol) I was! *happy dance* Not always in an organized gym visit type of way but in some way…oh wait, I had one day of rest I think, hmm, yeah, yeah I did, due to scheduling and muscle pain (from the previous days workout) but I don’t feel bad about it cause I was active all the other days and ate better then I had been so all in all, I made a lot of improvements in my “healthy living lifestyle” this past week. Personally, I think that deserves a happy dance, don’t you?

Now, what did I do for exercise? That is the fun part! I went to the gym a couple times, one of those visits was after a work shift that ended at 9pm, certain days my gym is open till 11pm, sweet huh? I didn’t get to complete my entire workout because I didn’t get to the gym until 9:45pm and I requested some help for the stairmaster (I wanted to try a new piece of cardio equipment) and the help was long in coming and not really that great, sigh, oh well! I also ran on that visit and used some weight machines aaaaaand did some free weights. I was that annoying person who worked out till literally the last second the place was open lol. You should’ve seen the guy working, he was so irritated but whatever! You are open till 11pm so I am staying till 11pm! neener neener πŸ˜› lol

I also had a great time with my friend KL. Normally when we hang out we go to a movie or dinner or something else sedentary. Not that there is anything wrong with those activities but now that weather is theoretically getting nicer and while we are still young enough to have energy in the evening after a day of work why not do something active? The evening we went out it was pissing rain so no outdoor activity for us! We did something way better though, we went to this boxing class thing. I can’t call it boxing cause it wasn’t us with a boxing coach actually boxing in a ring or anything. It’s basically a twist on that Curves place – ya know, that place where you show up, do a 30 minute circuit training exercise deal and then leave? Ok, so imagine that idea, the 30 minute circuit training but based around boxing, oh, and only for women so no intimidating smelly men to get in the way, lol. Cool huh? I had a lot of fun, it was a really great workout, we were both sweating by the end and neeeeeding water. There is a trainer there who kinda helps push you along, motivationally I mean not literally, and there is a buzzer that lets you know when to not only switch stations but when you are at your station when to switch from normal speed to double time. See, you stay at each station for 2 minutes and in 15 second intervals you go from normal speed to double time. Oh, and the stations are organized so you go from a high intensity activity to a lower intensity activity, so the first station is hitting a punching bag using a left-right jab combo, the next station was abs I think…I can’t remember the order but you know what I mean right? Please say right! lol If you already having boxing or kickboxing training like we both do it is a breeze form wise to get through the circuit and you can really focus on speed and intensity. If you don’t have any experience it might take a bit of adjusting but you’ll get the hang soon enough. πŸ™‚ I would like to join there, switch it up between the gym and that place buuuuut it is expensive, I think it was $50 or $60 bucks a month, something like that, just to do a 30 minute circuit where you’re mostly hitting punching bags and cushions, no sparring or anything…so I am hesitant to join…I think it’d really help me with getting in shape and being stronger for dragon boating but if I do join it won’t be till next month cause of budgeting.

The other exercising was using my exercise bike and doing stuff at home, I didn’t wimp out though, I was doing high intensity and then low intensity exercises to get my heart rate up and get real benefit from my at home workouts. Sidenote, the cat thinks I am nuts, lol, and he sits behind me when I do a sit up so when I go down I bump him and then he has hurt feelings and I have to give him a treat later to make it up to him, brat. πŸ˜‰

The abso best workout I am going to get though is tomorrow when, dun-dun-dunnnnn…Dragon Boat Β season starts!!!!! You can not find a person more excited then me right now! We start training tomorrow so at 7:30pm I will be out on the water, rain or shine, warmth or cold, in sickness or in health lol Seriously, so psyched for this! πŸ˜€

hmm…I didn’t get to all my post ideas and already this post is pretty long, guess I’ll have to leave the rest for next time. Let me leave you with a picture of tonights dinner which I actually cooked! No buying dinner for me tonight, I slaved away πŸ˜‰ and made a healthy meal of grilled red and yellow peppers, steamed asparagus and three skinless boneless chicken tenders that are sweet thai chili sauce flavour. Oh heads up, there is a story behind those, which I guess I am saving for another day lol

Tonights homemade dinner! Mmm!

Tonights homemade dinner! Mmm!

OMG! I almost totally forgot! I watched the finale of The Biggest Loser tonight and am so psyched that Danni won! By one freakin pound! Holy crap! She was always my fave contestant and I am so so so glad that she won! I am going to use her as my inspiration for the next while, when I have a day where I think I can’t do it I’m gonna think of her and how she kicked ass and decide that if she did it then so can I! πŸ˜€

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