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My Last Lazy Monday

27 Feb

When it isn’t training season Mondays are not that bad of a day for me. In my work week Mondays are like most people’s Thursdays, so I’m close to my days off, I’m starting to wind down a bit, I don’t usually mind them. In fact, after work on Mondays I am down right lazy.  I may run some errands and then it is home to do laundry, watch Netflix, and at some point go to bed. Such an exciting life! 😉

lazy panda

I channel my inner lazy panda, I’m just not as cute 😉

But next week training starts back up which means Mondays become a little hellish for me. Not because of training! I’ll be happy to be back on the boat, well, sort of happy lol I do enjoy it, and I’ll be glad to be back at it, but for the first couple months I’ll be wondering what kind of crazy person I am to go out when the weather is crappy and paddle around in the dark and cold for hours. Dragon boaters are a special breed lol 😉

Mondays become slightly sucky because they are also the only day I have access to the laundry room where I live. So I start work at 7am, get home in time to have a small bite to eat, change, and go to practice, then I get home from that around 9:45pm, thaw out in the shower for a bit, get something started on the stove, then throw in my first load of laundry.

Oh laundry, how I hate thee. sigh.

It wouldn’t be so bad except that I almost always doze off while waiting for a load to finish, wake up an hour or two later, and then end up staying up until 4am or so finishing up.

It kinda sucks.

Knowing that next week the long Mondays start really brought me a fresh appreciation for just how relaxed this past Monday was. I reveled in it. I actively thought about how I was cozy in sweats and my biggest effort was in remaking my bed after washing the bedding and how great that was and how I should enjoy it because starting next week I’ll be freezing my butt off on a boat and wondering if I’ll get the feeling back in my cold cold fingers before I get home.

I guess my moral of the week is enjoy where you are in life, settle in to that cozy moment, because soon it will be gone and only a hazy memory.



This is not happening again?!?! Really? sigh…

25 Sep

Ok, that title implies I am more mad then I really am. lol. Today was weigh in day and I stayed the same as last week, sigh. Upsetting? Yes. Understandable? Yes. It’s that understandable part that is stopping me from being upset. shrug.

I was sick this past week, didn’t eat all my points two of the days, barely managed them the next day…it’s a given I was not gonna lose weight this week. Altho, I sorta hoped I’d lose more then normal cause of being sick, ya know? But I think I would have had to be sicker for longer for that to happen…like those times when you have a stomach flu and spend a good 5 days not even thinking of food cause that makes you have to run to the bathroom. ew, right? But hey, we’ve all been there, so whatever. Anyways, I wasn’t that sick so I didn’t get that kind of weight loss.

I have had my regular lazy saturday and am debating on how to spend the rest of it…movie? tv? book? chillin with friends? oh so many options and so little time! lol.  I should have forced myself to be productive today and gone for a walk or hike or something…I had intended to but shrug, it just didn’t happen. Now I am kinda glad I didn’t cause I was sitting watching tv and bam! all of a sudden exhausted and having trouble keeping my eyes open, what’s with that? So I made s’thing to eat in the hopes it’s just my body needing some fuel but maybe it’s not and maybe my body needs a couple more days of chillaxing before it’s at top level.  That’s all good, ya gotta give your body some pampering at times to help it work at full throttle. 🙂

So far today I have eaten:

1/2 cup Sidekicks Three Cheese pasta = 4 points

1/6 Delissio Pizza = 5 points

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points

5 baby potatoes with onion = 1 point

1 hamburger patty = 4 points

1 cheese slice = 1 point

Puts me at 17 points, it’s all good tho cause there is lots of evening left to have a snack in. 🙂 I have weight watchers tortillas that are only 1 point per tortilla instead of the 2 points for the tortillas I have had up till now so maybe I will fill one with nutella and some peanut butter and eat that…not sure tho, when there is lots of time left in the evening and lots of points left I kinda get overwhelmed cause there are so many options for what to have. lol. Crazy huh?

I mean, I live in a country that has so many options for pretty much anything you can think of you’d think I’d be used to having lots of options and making a decision but I am finding it more difficult now because I know that if I eat that tortilla wrap with nutella and peanut butter then I can’t have anything else for the rest of the night and what if I get hungry? or crave something? or just feel like a nibble? Is it just me that has this problem or do other people worry about this? I never thought about it before, if I wanted that wrap I’d have it and if later I wanted something else I’d have that…I had all those options and I over-chose from them, now knowing where the line is for how much I can have, well…sometimes it can feel a bit pressured. *rolls eyes* I know, I know, weird. But hey, I never claimed to be normal! lol. 😛

A Non-Weigh In Day

11 Sep

I was s’posed to weigh in today…it is saturday after all but I didn’t do it. This may not seem fair to you, my readers, since why read my blog and suffer through my mid-week posts and then not get the payoff on saturday when you are s’posed to find out if I went up, down or stayed the same but I have a reason! Two actually…

Reason One: I, like I have done for the past however many weeks now went out friday night and ate much later then normal. I didn’t eat anything too heavy this time around, we went to Brown’s Social House and I got a great fish dish, yum!, but still, bigger dinner then normal and eating later at night then normal skews weigh in day. sigh. I don’t know why I keep doing that, well, except that I have a social life and don’t want to put it completely on hold while losing weight…cause where is the healthy life balance in that?

Reason Two: I am a girl, and like all girls once a month for a couple days I am bloated and crampy and miserable and for me that is today, sigh. Sometimes being a girl can suck! It’s days like this I wish I was a boy…then I think of all those years during puberty where guys are paranoid whenever out in public that they are gonna cop a tent and I am grateful I am a girl. lol. 😀 Since I am all bloated today I know I will weigh more and so I ain’t steppin on that mean ol scale. Grr scale.

I am gonna get on it tomorrow and see what it says and I am a tad scared since it’s been very unfriendly to me these past 3 weeks or so, double sigh. It’s really hard to keep with the program when the scale is not showing the results I was led to expect…hopefully tomorrow isn’t so bad…

I had two swordfighting classes this past week and last weekend I went for a hike so that makes three times in one week I exercised. 🙂 I know I meant to exercise 4 times but it just didn’t happen, shrug, I ended up working late a lot of days and today I wasn’t feeling well so that fourth exercise session never got fit in…maybe I will do better next week. I am already trying to find something to do when swordfighting is done – there is a community centre kinda near me that has a variety of yoga and pilates classes that I am looking in to, the class times don’t look like I will be able to fit them in to my schedule and a lot of the classes are only once a week and I’d prefer something that’s twice a week so I think I will have to keep looking. If anyone has any suggestions for exercise activities to look in to I’d appreciate hearing them…

So for today I spent most of the day doing nothing, lol, I slept in, read a book in bed, had a nap, watched some tv…that about sums up the day. 😛 Pretty awesome, no? I love weekends. 🙂 I was s’posed to do errands and originally thought I’d go for a hike but none of that happened. Ah well, I firmly believe everyone should have one day a week where they do nothing, normally mine is sunday but there’s nothing wrong with it being saturday. I will be out and about tomorrow so I probably won’t have time for a hike but maybe I will fit in a walk or something…we shall see!

Today I ate:

1 whole wheat tortilla = 2 points

1 scrambled egg = 2 points

tomato, orange pepper, onion mixed with egg = 0 point

1 light babybell cheese = 1 point

7 sweet pickles = 1 point

2 Hershey Oh Henry cookies = 3 points

1/2 cup Ben n Jerry’s We Are Waffling Ice Cream = 7 points

1 cup Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

21 grams Breton Minis = 2 points

Puts me at my daily limit of 22 points. 🙂 It was an odd food day, I didn’t eat anything till around 5pm which is late even for me! After I ate my wrap I realized I was gonna have to eat high point foods the rest of the day or not reach my 22 points – hence the Ben n Jerry ice cream. 😛 I have had that ice cream since 2 days before I started Weight Watchers – you’re probably thinking that’s weird I know how long I have had it but let me explain. I had a bad day at work and stopped at safeway on my way home with the specific intent of getting a really bad for me meal cause I was gonna pig out, I got macaroni and cheese from the deli and some onion rings then I went and got the ice cream, after that I stopped at a liquor store and got something to drink, came home got in to comfy clothes and dived on in!

That is what I used to do when dealing with crappy days. I don’t even remember what made that day so bad…hmmm…ah well, whatever it was I used food therapy to deal with it. That was a friday night, the rest of the weekend wasn’t quite so bad with the food but it wasn’t great then for some reason sunday I randomly decided to start Weight Watchers monday. shrug. That is the beginning of this journey, is it odd I started my “lifestyle change” on a whim? Nah, it’s just my style! lol

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