A Non-Weigh In Day

11 Sep

I was s’posed to weigh in today…it is saturday after all but I didn’t do it. This may not seem fair to you, my readers, since why read my blog and suffer through my mid-week posts and then not get the payoff on saturday when you are s’posed to find out if I went up, down or stayed the same but I have a reason! Two actually…

Reason One: I, like I have done for the past however many weeks now went out friday night and ate much later then normal. I didn’t eat anything too heavy this time around, we went to Brown’s Social House and I got a great fish dish, yum!, but still, bigger dinner then normal and eating later at night then normal skews weigh in day. sigh. I don’t know why I keep doing that, well, except that I have a social life and don’t want to put it completely on hold while losing weight…cause where is the healthy life balance in that?

Reason Two: I am a girl, and like all girls once a month for a couple days I am bloated and crampy and miserable and for me that is today, sigh. Sometimes being a girl can suck! It’s days like this I wish I was a boy…then I think of all those years during puberty where guys are paranoid whenever out in public that they are gonna cop a tent and I am grateful I am a girl. lol. 😀 Since I am all bloated today I know I will weigh more and so I ain’t steppin on that mean ol scale. Grr scale.

I am gonna get on it tomorrow and see what it says and I am a tad scared since it’s been very unfriendly to me these past 3 weeks or so, double sigh. It’s really hard to keep with the program when the scale is not showing the results I was led to expect…hopefully tomorrow isn’t so bad…

I had two swordfighting classes this past week and last weekend I went for a hike so that makes three times in one week I exercised. 🙂 I know I meant to exercise 4 times but it just didn’t happen, shrug, I ended up working late a lot of days and today I wasn’t feeling well so that fourth exercise session never got fit in…maybe I will do better next week. I am already trying to find something to do when swordfighting is done – there is a community centre kinda near me that has a variety of yoga and pilates classes that I am looking in to, the class times don’t look like I will be able to fit them in to my schedule and a lot of the classes are only once a week and I’d prefer something that’s twice a week so I think I will have to keep looking. If anyone has any suggestions for exercise activities to look in to I’d appreciate hearing them…

So for today I spent most of the day doing nothing, lol, I slept in, read a book in bed, had a nap, watched some tv…that about sums up the day. 😛 Pretty awesome, no? I love weekends. 🙂 I was s’posed to do errands and originally thought I’d go for a hike but none of that happened. Ah well, I firmly believe everyone should have one day a week where they do nothing, normally mine is sunday but there’s nothing wrong with it being saturday. I will be out and about tomorrow so I probably won’t have time for a hike but maybe I will fit in a walk or something…we shall see!

Today I ate:

1 whole wheat tortilla = 2 points

1 scrambled egg = 2 points

tomato, orange pepper, onion mixed with egg = 0 point

1 light babybell cheese = 1 point

7 sweet pickles = 1 point

2 Hershey Oh Henry cookies = 3 points

1/2 cup Ben n Jerry’s We Are Waffling Ice Cream = 7 points

1 cup Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

21 grams Breton Minis = 2 points

Puts me at my daily limit of 22 points. 🙂 It was an odd food day, I didn’t eat anything till around 5pm which is late even for me! After I ate my wrap I realized I was gonna have to eat high point foods the rest of the day or not reach my 22 points – hence the Ben n Jerry ice cream. 😛 I have had that ice cream since 2 days before I started Weight Watchers – you’re probably thinking that’s weird I know how long I have had it but let me explain. I had a bad day at work and stopped at safeway on my way home with the specific intent of getting a really bad for me meal cause I was gonna pig out, I got macaroni and cheese from the deli and some onion rings then I went and got the ice cream, after that I stopped at a liquor store and got something to drink, came home got in to comfy clothes and dived on in!

That is what I used to do when dealing with crappy days. I don’t even remember what made that day so bad…hmmm…ah well, whatever it was I used food therapy to deal with it. That was a friday night, the rest of the weekend wasn’t quite so bad with the food but it wasn’t great then for some reason sunday I randomly decided to start Weight Watchers monday. shrug. That is the beginning of this journey, is it odd I started my “lifestyle change” on a whim? Nah, it’s just my style! lol


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