This is not happening again?!?! Really? sigh…

25 Sep

Ok, that title implies I am more mad then I really am. lol. Today was weigh in day and I stayed the same as last week, sigh. Upsetting? Yes. Understandable? Yes. It’s that understandable part that is stopping me from being upset. shrug.

I was sick this past week, didn’t eat all my points two of the days, barely managed them the next day…it’s a given I was not gonna lose weight this week. Altho, I sorta hoped I’d lose more then normal cause of being sick, ya know? But I think I would have had to be sicker for longer for that to happen…like those times when you have a stomach flu and spend a good 5 days not even thinking of food cause that makes you have to run to the bathroom. ew, right? But hey, we’ve all been there, so whatever. Anyways, I wasn’t that sick so I didn’t get that kind of weight loss.

I have had my regular lazy saturday and am debating on how to spend the rest of it…movie? tv? book? chillin with friends? oh so many options and so little time! lol.  I should have forced myself to be productive today and gone for a walk or hike or something…I had intended to but shrug, it just didn’t happen. Now I am kinda glad I didn’t cause I was sitting watching tv and bam! all of a sudden exhausted and having trouble keeping my eyes open, what’s with that? So I made s’thing to eat in the hopes it’s just my body needing some fuel but maybe it’s not and maybe my body needs a couple more days of chillaxing before it’s at top level.  That’s all good, ya gotta give your body some pampering at times to help it work at full throttle. 🙂

So far today I have eaten:

1/2 cup Sidekicks Three Cheese pasta = 4 points

1/6 Delissio Pizza = 5 points

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points

5 baby potatoes with onion = 1 point

1 hamburger patty = 4 points

1 cheese slice = 1 point

Puts me at 17 points, it’s all good tho cause there is lots of evening left to have a snack in. 🙂 I have weight watchers tortillas that are only 1 point per tortilla instead of the 2 points for the tortillas I have had up till now so maybe I will fill one with nutella and some peanut butter and eat that…not sure tho, when there is lots of time left in the evening and lots of points left I kinda get overwhelmed cause there are so many options for what to have. lol. Crazy huh?

I mean, I live in a country that has so many options for pretty much anything you can think of you’d think I’d be used to having lots of options and making a decision but I am finding it more difficult now because I know that if I eat that tortilla wrap with nutella and peanut butter then I can’t have anything else for the rest of the night and what if I get hungry? or crave something? or just feel like a nibble? Is it just me that has this problem or do other people worry about this? I never thought about it before, if I wanted that wrap I’d have it and if later I wanted something else I’d have that…I had all those options and I over-chose from them, now knowing where the line is for how much I can have, well…sometimes it can feel a bit pressured. *rolls eyes* I know, I know, weird. But hey, I never claimed to be normal! lol. 😛


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