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4 Pairs

16 Dec

I seem incapable of travelling and taking any less than four pairs of shoes. Why four? I have no idea!

I am packing for a Christmas trip, and by packing I mean I am sitting here blogging, but ya know, close enough, and trying to figure out how to cull weight from my suitcase. I’d love to say an easy one would be to remove shoes but they all seem so necessary…even though logically I know they aren’t lol

My packing process always starts with a mental list of things I want to take, and that list always starts with shoes. Why pick outfits first and then choose shoes to match when you can pick shoes and then more shoes and then get an overweight bag?

To be fair, not all the weight in my suitcase is due to shoes, I have Christmas presents in there, and 6lbs of coffee…don’t ask, it’s a long story lol

But yeah, I always start with the shoes…

So this year I was determined to not go shoe crazy, after all, I need room to bring home the new pair I will probably buy when there. πŸ˜‰ I managed to get down to three pairs, my workout runners, a pair of grey converse, and a pair of black ankle boots. Theoretically those options should cover all possible scenarios, and thick socks will make up for the fact that none of my shoes are all that warm and definitely not meant for Alberta winter. The boots are the heaviest so I’ll wear those, and if desperate I can easily fit the converse in to my carry on, save a little weight in the suitcase, but hopefully I won’t have to do that.

Hopefully. *crosses fingers*


Not my shoes, but you get the idea lol

Only three pairs of shoes coming with me, I’m already missing my cozy boots, and my red converse, and my knee high boots, sigh.


Long Lost Books

17 Aug

I am packing, slowly, though not as slowly as before, because I have to move.

Moving isn’t my choice, though it is something I have wanted to do for a while now. I live in a basement suite that is cold, has low ceilings and almost no natural light, has no storage space, and had to be fumigated twice because of a biting spider infestation, and sometimes the hall outside my front door reeks because a rodent has gotten in to the wall and died and the landlord won’t do anything but make me wait for the smell of decomposing animal to fade away.

Real winner of a place!

There are a couple good things about it though. The landlords are good people, they let me have my cat, rent is cheap, it is in a good location for all the various places I have to be on a regular basis. Mostly though, I stayed because rent is cheap and I live in a ridiculously over priced city when it comes to real estate.

The landlords are selling the house though, so I’ve gotta go. There is the chance whomever buys the house will want a tenant, but I can’t rely on that, so I’ve been apartment hunting for freakin’ ever!

I realized I totally got off topic…oops!

Packing! I have been packing. I own a lot of books, as in…a lot! So a good chunk of the boxes piled in my living room right now are books.

Books make me so happy. I just love reading, shrug, there is something about curling up on the living room chair with a cup of tea and a book. I am also that person who re-reads books often. Which is why I own so many of them I suppose. I feel that if a book is good then it deserves to be re-read, and if it is good, I will want to re-read it, not because I don’t remember what happened in the story but because it is like visiting with an old friend. Going over familiar ground, getting wrapped up in a story that sure I already know, but is well written and entertaining all the same.

While packing I realized there were some books I hadn’t come across yet and I wondered where they were. Most of my books were in bookshelves but I had some in storage containers, and some stacked beside my bed waiting to read, and some here and there because I don’t have enough space on my bookshelves to hold them all so I strategically plant books all over the place so there is always one at hand.

Imagine my surprise when I pull the photo albums off a bottom shelf to pack and I found a stash of paperback books, hidden behind the photo albums! It was like finding a hidden treasure lol I had to stop and look at each one, read the backs to confirm which books they were, divvy them in to two piles (one to pack, one to re-read before packing), and no joke, I actually let out a happy little laugh when I found them and realized which books they were.

I was so happy to see them, it was like coming across a long lost friend in a random place you would never expect to find them.

Such a happy surprise! πŸ™‚

Books. Gotta love ’em.


Not Enough Time

20 Dec

I need more time…for everything! lol

I need more time to get back on track with my eating plan in the hopes I will fit in those jeans. I need more time to get packed for my trip home for Christmas. I need more time to find an outfit to wear to my agency Christmas party. I need more time to emotionally prepare myself for leaving my cat at a boarding place. *sniffle* I don’t wanna leave my cat! 😦

I’m not sure if it would be better to add more hours to the day or just add a day or two in to the weekend…as if I could do either! lol πŸ˜›

I had a horrible three days this week when it comes to food. Each day I ate something super high in calories, and what’s even worse is I can’t get specific nutritional information for any of those days so my numbers are guesses, sigh, I hate inaccurate nutritional information, makes me feel like I am cheating lol So now I am freaking out about being able to fit in to the jeans that are hanging on my wall. The goal jeans. The jeans I have been aiming to be able to comfortably wear since last month when I went on this revamped eating plan. Arg!

Packing. Man oh man I suck at packing. Actually, no, that’s not true, I can pack and pack well, you’d be surprised at how much stuff I can fit in to a suitcase! lol I suck at actually getting around to packing…I have this unfortunate habit of trying to pack practically all of my clothes and shoes, realizing I can’t take them all, taking over half the stuff out of the suitcase, squishing what I deem essential in to the suitcase, expand the suitcase, realize I forgot something then try oh so hard to fit it in, give up and decide to fix it the next day but the next day is the day I am leaving so when I try to fix it I am super rushed and always end up with an overweight suitcase when I get to the airport. It’s practically tradition! lol

luckily my suitcase isn't that small! lol

luckily my suitcase isn’t that small! lol

I don’t have time to do any of that this trip so I actually *gasp* wrote a list of what to pack! A list! Eeegads, I feel so grown up…I packed my clothes and the Christmas presents and am shocked at how quickly the process went, maybe there is something to this list thing…Of course the packing isn’t done, I still have to pack my wash kit but I don’t fly out for a couple days yet and I need that stuff till then lol

I spent part of yesterday shopping for a dress to wear Saturday night to the agency Christmas party. I failed miserably. Ugh. Shopping is one of those activities that either makes me ridiculously happy or ridiculously miserable. The party is a formal affair and I don’t have an appropriate dress, crap! I didn’t have a lot of time to shop so picked one shop I usually have success at and basically put all my eggs in one basket…let’s just say I broke the eggs *rolls eyes* lol broken-eggs1Nothing they had looked right on me which was disheartening. I ended up buying two blouses and hoping one of them would match a lace skirt I already had at home. I tried them on with the skirt this evening and the one was ok, not amazing or anything but I guess it’ll hafta do. shrug.

For the first time ever I am putting my cat in to boarding and I am spazzing about it. sigh. He would be too if he knew what was coming. I had a cat sitter but that fell through and an awesome friend said she’d come over daily with her daughters and take care of my little bundle of fur but she is a super busy lady and the more I thought about it the worse I felt. She doesn’t have time for that and even though I knew she’d somehow find the time I (1) didn’t want to cause her even more stress and (2) realized that she’d at most spend an hour a day at my place which would mean he’d be spending 23 hours a day alone and that’s not cool. I put his name on waiting lists for boarding places and was told odds were way slim so I bought him a plane ticket and was all excited he’d be coming with me. Well go figure someone cancelled and he got in to a boarding place so now he is staying here and I’m sad he won’t be coming with me and worried he’ll be miserable. What if he thinks I am abandoning him? Not coming back? Don’t love him? 😦 I took him to the vet this past Tuesday and he only finally forgave me for that today…that’s three days of upsetness over one little trip. What the hell is he gonna do when he is left somewhere for a week?!

On happy notes we had snow again today, more then the last snowfall! There was enough snow I had to brush it off my suv, some people at work made a snowman and everything is gorgeous looking. πŸ™‚

Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Gotta love a snowman!

Gotta love a snowman!


I Should Be Packing

19 Dec

I fly out tonight, headed back to my family and friends for the Christmas holidays and I soooo should be packing…instead I am typing this post, checking my facebook page, watching a movie and lounging on the couch lol. My poor mom would be freaking out if she was here and could see. She’s one of those organized people who starts sorting the stuff that is going to be packed days and days and days in advance and would have been all but done with the packing yesterday. Whereas I only got my suitcase out of the closet a couple hours ago…sometimes the apple not only falls far away from the tree it also rolls quite a distance lol πŸ˜€

I always figure it’ll all work out in the end so why freak out about it? shrug.

I had intended to go to the gym today, I haven’t been in an uber long time and I am feeling soft and flabby as a result but I was up stupid early after only getting about 4 hours of sleep to do an errand and when I got home to change for the gym I “accidentally” ended up back in bed lol. I was soooo tired I figured a little nap couldn’t hurt, right? Well, wrong. I woke up with the nastiest headache, ugh, so I’ve been doing stuff around the apartment but at a slower pace then normal cause I have this overwhelming urge to rip my head off. Stupid head. 😦

I got to try a new food today tho, yah for new food! I have no idea what the nutritional info is as it was bought for me and is a freshly made item so it doesn’t come with a list of ingredients or nutritional info, shrug.

It is called Chicken Roti. Ever had it? It’s a huuuuge wrap filled with chicken (duh), potatoes, some other veggies, and currey spices. YUM! It took forever to get it warm in the oven cause it’s massive and it just wasn’t heating through but I waited it out and it was worth it. I am not able to finish it all and I’m sad cause it’s so tasty. I had intended to cut it in half, freeze half and heat up the other half but I was told there was a currey inside and I thought that might mean it was runny and if I cut it in half to warm it up I thought it might make a huge mess. Turns out I was wrong, it’s not runny at all so I could have done that, sigh. Now I’m wondering if I can freeze it or will I risk poisoning myself via the chicken because I heated it up and then froze it and then heated it up again? I dunno…the chicken was already cooked so I think that means that’s ok but really, what do I know? lol I’ll freeze it and hope for the best! πŸ™‚

I guess I should keep this short as I have to wrap some presents, finish the packing, shower and clean the apartment before being ready for my ride – thank goodness my flight isn’t until night time, if it had been any earlier in the day I think there’d be serious doubt as to me getting there on time lol. πŸ˜›

Oh! I’ll attempt to keep blogging on a semi-regular basis but it’s always hard when I’m in AB cause my parents don’t have wifi so to get online I have to be physically plugged in to the modem (weird right?) and the modem they have only has one jack so only one computer can be online at a time (even weirder huh?). So combine that with being pulled in twenty different directions at a time while in AB and that doesn’t leave much time for blogging, heck, I barely have time to check my email! But I’ll do my best! πŸ™‚

My Brain Is Stumped

21 Oct

I can’t seem to write a post today to save my life. sigh. It’s not writer’s block exactly, I have written two well thought out drafts…and then I deleted them because they are not what I want to post on this blog. One was too well, weird, the other was somehow becoming political…all cause I wanted to share a picture but the picture needs an explanation and the explanation was getting out of hand. I am the least politically minded person out there and well, hello? this is a weight loss blog – not a politics blog! Too bad about the picture tho…shrug.

I haven’t posted in a couple days, mostly cause nothing all that interesting was going on. lol. I had intended to post yesterday but got in this strange mood and actually wanted to pack so I figured I better not waste it lol. It’s not that I don’t like packing, I mean, really, what’s not to like? Put on some music, have a drink near by and put your stuff in boxes – easy peasy. πŸ™‚ But I keep putting it off, mostly cause I am lazy…and scared of spiders. *shudder*. I don’t want to pack at night cause I’m scared when I’m moving furniture or getting stuff from under my bed or up high in my closet I’ll disturb spiders and I’ll see them but not easily enough to be able to kill them before they hide somewhere I can’t follow…like under a baseboard. ick. Then I’ll be freaking out about the spider, and how it is watching me and waiting for me to sleep so it can exact some sort of revenge, and I’ll be too icked out to do much else.

During the day I am out and about doing random prepping-for-the-move errands (like getting boxes, booking a truck etc) and when I get home from all of that I have just enough time to get a bite to eat before going to boxing. Which, fyi, tuesday was my last Dragon Boating session, then I boxed wed, thurs and fri and every-freakin-muscle in my body aches, and I mean aches! *groan*

This whole week I have felt off, I can’t figure what it is, but the boxing classes seemed harder then normal, my rowing was off a bit, it just seems like I am getting muscle fatigue quicker and it’s lasting longer then what I normally experience. I am hoping this is my body realizing I’m gonna keep making it work out even if it does insist on plateuing and so it’s caved and is building muscle mass and getting rid of fat – fingers crossed!

But yeah, so really, the only time I have to pack is in the evenings after boxing, so starting around 9pm or so but that’s when things get creepy cause of spiders…so I’ve been letting the whole packing thing kinda stay on the back burner…*whistles innocently*

I realized (thanks to my mom) that perhaps I have let things slide just a tad too much and should start packing. ugh.

I am quite possibly the least organized packer out there lol. I started in my room, got to a point and stopped there. Oh, and the ‘point’ I got to and then stopped at? Doesn’t really make any sense. Some of my books were packed but not even half, the contents of my desk drawers were packed up but not the stuff on my desk, most of the non-clothing items in my closet were packed but not quite all of them…you get the idea I’m sure. πŸ˜› Then I moved to the living room…*rolls eyes*…most of my movies are packed, but not all, I did manage to pack an entire two shelves of a three shelf bookcase, and some random decorative items are now packed…ok, fine, most of them are packed. lol.

The only thing I am organized with is the labelling of boxes. Every box gets a number, I have a notebook where I write down the box number and the contents of that box so I know where every item is. Oh, and each box is labelled what room it needs to go in to at the new place, if it has fragile items in it and if it is heavy…I’d say that’s a decent level of organization, kinda… πŸ˜‰

I’m happy to be able to say that the food-buying rules I came up with a couple weeks ago are still holding firm. πŸ™‚ I am only buying (when needed obviously lol) eggs, milk, bread, yogurt, fresh fruit. I am not buying frozen food items, canned or boxed foods. This is not some weird addition to my healthy eating plan, lol, this is so I have less food to move. I don’t know about you but I somehow end up with a stockpile of boxed/canned foods. Most of it comes from when something is on ridiculously good sale, like the Thinsations, every now and then they go on a great sale so I stock up cause I know I am gonna eat them. But I always eat certain flavours faster then others so when I finish eating say, the Oreo Cakesters, instead of saying I can’t buy anymore until I have also finished the other types off I will buy more Cakesters. Gradually, I end up with more food in my cupboards then is practical for me space wise and diet wise. Sometimes it’s useful to have this stockpile, like when money is so short that I can’t afford to buy anything, then I know I have some food in the cupboards that I can eat, but really, a package of Thinsations chocolate covered pretzels does not a meal make – no matter how tasty they are. Yum! lol. πŸ˜›

Everytime I finish something and can get rid of the box or can or bag I get a little happy glow. πŸ™‚ Yeah, so what if that is lame. πŸ˜› lol. I did cave, kinda, and bought some frozen chicken breasts. I had a RainCheck for them cause when they were on sale the store was out of stock and I realized last night when cooking dinner once the chicken breast I was cooking was eaten the only things in my kitchen that would have protein were my last two hot dog weiners, eggs and peanut butter. Rather pathetic considering how often I exercise. lol. Sooooo, I decided buying the chicken, while yes, it was bringing food into the apartment, isn’t such a bad decision cause I’ll have eaten most of it by the time I move, and, well, it’s kind of a necessity, right? πŸ˜‰

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