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Pocky! Pocky! Pocky!

8 Sep

strawberry and chocolate

Ya gotta love Pocky…for those of you who don’t know what that is…that’s so sad. 😦 teehee

Pocky is this wonderous little treat that is imported from Japan and on the box is described as “biscuit sticks strawberry cream coated” – ok, so the grammer isn’t great but the coated biscuit sticks are! πŸ™‚ They come in chocolate or strawberry and from the looks of all the images that came up when I googled to get pics for this post there are many other flavours (that sadly are not offered here, *big dramatic sigh* lol)

The reason I bring Pocky up is because I got to eat some today; haven’t had them in quite a while. Somehow I ended up with 7 points left over at the end of the day – this is after dinner an everything! Who in the world has that many points left at the end of the day?Β I should have only had 3 points or so, just enough for a snack. shrug. Small lunch and not as much fruit during the day and this is what happens. lol. I was uber hungry by the end of the day but by the time I got home I wasn’t really wanting food anymore. You know when that happens? How you wait so long to eat you don’t want to eat anymore?Β I hate when that happens.

squeeeezable pizza sauce

I decided to make that tortilla pizza again but with minor adjustments, for starters I used real pizza sauce this time. The brand is Primo, and I am not kidding you it is called Pizza Squeeze Sauce – original name huh? There are three different flavours, least at my grocery store, Traditional, Garlic and Hot n Spicy. I bought traditional cause I am boring like that. lol. It’s only 1 point for 1/4 cup which is a lot of sauce when you’re spreading it on a tortilla. Then I put a sliced up Light Babybell on top, some orange pepper, onion, sliced mushroom and grilled chicken. When it was pretty much done in the oven I put a cheese slice on top (torn in to little pieces), I should have just put another babybell on the stupid thing but I didn’t, shrug. It was good, way more filling then the last one I made – probably cause of all the veggies I put on it…and since that was the point of all the veggies I am glad it worked. lol.

So my food today was:

2 weetabix = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 nectarine = 1 point

1 cup Tomato and Pepper soup = 2 points

salad = o points

1/4 cup chick peas = 1 point

mixed veggies = 0 points

2 triangles Light Laughing Cow = 1 point

50 grams grilled chicken = 1 point

1 whole wheat tortilla = 2 points

1 Light Babybell = 1 point

1/4 cup Primo Pizza Sauce = 1 point

1 cheese slice = 1 point

sliced mushroom, pepper, onion =Β 0 points

1 pckg strawberry Pocky = 5 points

This puts me at 20 used points. πŸ™‚ Only two left for the day and hunger pains have a started so I am sure I will find something to snack on easy peasy. So now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go work on my stance for swordfighting class tomorrow…or at least do some stretching or something cause holy crap do my muscles hurt from yesterday! This getting in shape thing is gonna be the death of me! lol

Real Quick Update…

28 Jun

Ok, this is gonna be quick update since I wrote so much last time. πŸ™‚

My food today was:

3/4 cup Red Berry Special K = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

c cup grapes = 1 point

tea = 0 points

1/2 veggie burger = 8 points

mixed veggies = o points

1 cup Campbell’s Butternut Squash soup = 2 points

2 pcs Safeway sandwich bread = 3 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 pckg strawberry Pocky = 5 points

Total points used = 24…right on target! wOOt! πŸ™‚

I am also currently sipping on a baby can of Coke Zero, I am not sure that I like this one so much. I used to love Diet Coke but went off it and haven’t found a pop to replace it with yet – which really, is probably a good thing since it’s so bad for me but every now and then I try a sip of one kind or another just to see if I like it. shrug, nothin yet. How weird is it I think I will pour the pop out and get a glass of water? Just not normal I tell ya! lol

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