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Some Food

9 Apr

I’ve been working on putting together actual meals and not relying on spoonfuls of peanut butter for my main source of food, lol, I laugh but I’m not really kidding…


I’ve been cooking, and had a decent amount of success, success in the form of I have not gotten food poisoning and I’ve liked everything I’ve been eating, so yay! πŸ™‚

Tuesday's Breakfast/Lunch

Tuesday’s Breakfast/Lunch

The above was my breakfast/lunch from Tuesday. On my days off I almost always combine those two meals cause ya know, I’m lazy, and I’m usually not up till noon-ish and well, why not? shrug.

So I made a two egg omelette and stuffed that sucker till it was hard to fold lol I put diced yellow pepper, mixed greens, a slice of marble cheese, turkey, and some diced avocado. On the side I had some baked beans in tomato sauce. Oh, and I had some toast as well. All in all a large, slightly too large, but yummy meal. πŸ™‚

The mixed greens I used are these…

my mixed greens

my mixed greens: kale, chard and spinach

First off, no I didn’t buy them because they are organic, I bought them because they were on sale and therefore the cheapest option lol I have no idea how to tell kale and chard apart so when I randomly pull pieces from the container to add to dishes I don’t know what I’m picking, this means I tend to attempt to get an equal number of the various looking green leaves so I get the same amount of everything…being that I’m not completely inept in the kitchen I actually know what spinach looks like, so at least I know when I’m picking that one lol πŸ˜›

On Tuesdays I have dragon boat practice in the evening, after practice I had to stop to pick up some milk and bread and somehow that simple two item grocery trip turned in to a two bag trip, how does that even happen? *rolls eyes* While I was in the store I decided I wanted to make a burger for dinner, now, I already had the burger patty but no buns cause usually I just cook the patty, put some cheese on it, and eat it with a knife and fork. It’s not at satisfying but it is healthier so I suffer the horrors of a naked burger patty, or rather the burger patty suffers that horrible fate. Well, that evening I decided I’d buy a bun and make it a “real burger”. Once I picked the bun I figured I should go all out so I bought a couple other things to slap on to my creation, nothing crazy, just normal yummy burger toppings that I didn’t have.

In the end I had this lovely dinner…

My oh so lovely burger

My oh so lovely burger from Tuesday night

Ok, granted it doesn’t look like much but its whats inside that counts! There is the standard ketchup and mustard, I also added a smoked chilli deli sauce for a little kick, a slice of havarti cheese with jalapenos in it (fyi, I looooove that cheese lol), there was also sauteed mushrooms, the mixed greens again and thinly sliced tomato. On the side, as you can see, was sauteed yellow pepper and asparagus. The asparagus is cut up because I was using a small pan and it fit better that way lol

It was a messy, tasty, hit-the-spot, kind of meal. πŸ™‚

And bonus, I cooked beef and didn’t kill myself! booya! πŸ˜‰

The smoked chilli deli sauce I used is this…

The smoked chilli deli sauce from Weight Watchers, one of my faves!

The smoked chilli deli sauce from Weight Watchers, one of my faves!

It is from Weight Watchers and is da bomb! I put it on so many different things, its delish! πŸ™‚ The only downside is I can’t buy it in Canada, laaaame! But lucky for me I have awesome cousins in England and they send me some when I run out and I beg and pester them. πŸ˜‰

Then Wednesday for my combo breakfast/lunch I made a tortilla wrap. I found something new at Safeway the night prior, pulled chicken, I think its one of their rotisserie chickens that they shredded, least, it was in that area. So in the wrap I put 1 tablespoon of light ranch dressing, cheese, diced yellow pepper, sliced mushrooms, mixed greens, diced avocado, salsa and the chicken. I toyed with the idea of warming up the chicken but decided against it, mostly out of laziness.

2015-04-08 14.19.12

2015-04-08 14.20.50Some helpful tips from me to you:

(1) When I buy a pepper, the first time I pull it out of the fridge to use I dice 1/4 of it and store it in the fridge, the rest I slice in to large pieces, remove the seeds and store that in a separate container in the fridge. That way when I’m putting something together if I think “oh pepper might be nice in this” it is easy to grab and add to whatever I’m making.

(2) I like putting the dressing, in the above case it was ranch, on the wrap first unlike how restaurants like to put it on last, this way I use less and I’m guaranteed to have the flavour in every bite.

Dinner on Wednesday I heated up a delicious soup from Campbell’s called Tomato Basil Bisque, it is part of their “Everyday Gourmet” product line and I love it. πŸ™‚

Mmm Mmm Good!

Mmm Mmm Good!

With it I had two dinner buns, I know, I know! I’m not supposed to be eating white foods but I am a sucker for these dinner buns and they go great with soup and well, I’ll never cut them out completely so there! πŸ˜›

But instead of just slathering the buns with margarine I took one of the dinner buns, put some miracle whip, some mustard (both in super small amounts!), mixed greens (starting to see a trend with those mixed greens? lol), a small amount of cheese and some sliced turkey. Basically, I made a dinner bun sandwich to go with my soup.

Wednesday's Dinner

Wednesday’s Dinner

Ok, yes, there is a second bun on that plate that is not a healthy mini sandwich but is instead meant to be eaten as is but let’s not dwell on that..instead, dwell on the rest of the meal! lol

So there we have it, my food from the past couple of days, all tasty, all made by me, all eaten with no side effects…other than making my tummy full that is lol πŸ˜‰ None of it is hard to make and I tried my best to get a combination of protein, veg or fruit and whole grains in every meal, it doesn’t always happen (like the white bun incident) but for the most part I think I did ok and hey, I’ll keep working at it and I’ll get better, just gimme some time! πŸ™‚


7 Jul

Alright, I will be the first to admit my skin wasn’t great looking when I was growing up. It was fine till stupid puberty and then it went, well, not-so-fine. lol. I would have never been picked for a noxema commercial or any other clear/pretty skin ad but that’s alright cause even though I didn’t appreciate it at the time I think having to contend with spotty skin helped me learn some valuable lessons about people and how they treat you based on what you look like at the time.Β  So see? Something good came from it. πŸ™‚

So here I am, at the ripe old age of…well, older and way past puberty age and what is happening? I have stupid spots again! Spots, zits, acne…whatever you want to call them…I have them!!! W.T.F.! I am not impressed. Grr!

Just last week I was thinking how my skin is looking nice and fresh and wondering if it was all the water I am drinking (and healthier food I am eating) that was the reason why. Maybe it was but it seems to have its highs and lows. I am most definitly in a low…

From what I learned today from two reliable sources; when you start drinking a lot more water and eating healthier your body starts to do it’s own flush. See? You don’t have to go buy one of those Cleansing Kits – just drink lots of water! lol. So, as you drink all this water your body starts to kick out of it’s system all the impurities and crap that have been building up inside you. Yummy huh? Why you can’t just pee it all out I don’t know but one of the ways it starts to come out of you is through your pores and apparently as it sneaks outta your pores it clogs them up and wham! Spots! It seems like some kind of cruel joke that in the act of getting healthier I am now getting uglier. sigh. I can only hope they clear up on their own and I don’t need to resort to more drastic measures! In case you’re wondering the drastic actions would be going back on Accutane, sigh, strong side effects but totally worth it, imo, I’d do it again in a blink if I needed to but I would not enjoy it. πŸ˜›

So, here is what my spotty face ate today:

3/4 cup Almost Special K = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 cup Heinz Maple Baked BeansΒ = 4 points

1 piece of toast = 1 point

2 triangles of Laughing Cow Cheese Light = 1 point

1 wafer Desiree = 1 point

1 cup blackberries = 1 point

Grilled cheese sandwich

– 2 pieces of bread = 2 points

– 1 tbsp light miracle whip = 1 point

– 2 Kraft cheese slices = 2 points

125 ml Campbell’s Tomato Soup = 2 points

1 package Jolly Time popcorn Butter Flavour = 1 point

This puts me at 21 points used. I will eat a little snack to use up my last two points, never fear! No point is left behind! lol

Oh, fyi, my 1 point weight watchers candy I had last night to use up my last point was a Pecan Crown, it is basically a Turtle. It was yum! A bit chewy for my taste but I am sure it will be well enjoyed by all…including me cause I still have a bunch. lol

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go drink another couple glasses of water to increase the speed in which my body kicks out all it’s ickiness and exfoliate…my poor skin. sigh. πŸ˜›

Real Quick Update…

28 Jun

Ok, this is gonna be quick update since I wrote so much last time. πŸ™‚

My food today was:

3/4 cup Red Berry Special K = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

c cup grapes = 1 point

tea = 0 points

1/2 veggie burger = 8 points

mixed veggies = o points

1 cup Campbell’s Butternut Squash soup = 2 points

2 pcs Safeway sandwich bread = 3 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 pckg strawberry Pocky = 5 points

Total points used = 24…right on target! wOOt! πŸ™‚

I am also currently sipping on a baby can of Coke Zero, I am not sure that I like this one so much. I used to love Diet Coke but went off it and haven’t found a pop to replace it with yet – which really, is probably a good thing since it’s so bad for me but every now and then I try a sip of one kind or another just to see if I like it. shrug, nothin yet. How weird is it I think I will pour the pop out and get a glass of water? Just not normal I tell ya! lol

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