Oh the horrors of dieting while on vacation!

3 Aug

Alrighty, well, I have really screwed up, sigh. It’s like I just gave up completely at some point because the food options were getting worse and worse and I just couldn’t seem to control anything! I don’t mean I couldn’t control if I put the food in my mouth or not, I mean I couldn’t control where I was going to be eating and when…which lead to a lot of “oh dear” moments. lol. The absolute most horrible-est part is…I stopped carrying around my notebook I keep track of all my food in!!! I am not even sure where it is, gasp, gulp, ack!

I will dig the notebook out and start keeping track again but I am quite upset with myself that I went so far off course; not gonna meet my goals if I fall so harshly off the wagon just cause vacation pops up! grr to me. 😦

Let’s work backwards from today since I think that will be easier, and well, today wasn’t so bad actually. lol.

Tuesday Aug 3rd

1 breakfast wrap

    – 1 wrap = 2 points

    – 1 scrambled egg = 2 points

    – 1 tbsp spinach cream cheese = 1 point

    – uber small bit of marble cheese = 0.5 point

2 egg salad sandwiches = 5 points

    – I can’t say for sure what was in them (quantities anyways) cause my mom made them but she also does weight watchers and she said she calculated them at 5 points for both so let’s just believe her shall we?

carrots and green peas = 0 points

1 med iced capp from Tim Horton’s (milk not cream) = 3 points

5 timbits (I know! I know!) = 5 points

1 orange = 1 point

1 weight watchers snack = 2 points

That is a total of 21.5 points for the day; it is going to stay at that total cause it’s late and I am sitting in my hotel room thinking about going to sleep. Oh yeah, so I am on my way back home after my vacation…I forgot to mention that. lol.

Yesterday, what did I eat yesterday? Oh god! I remember! K, brace yourself…I had McDonald’s. Go ahead, you can holler “you did what?!?!” at me…I will hang my head in shame while you vent. sigh. I started off not too badly, I got a Booster Juice (tried a new flavour and was not so impressed, ah well, that’s what happens when you try something new) but then I was out with J and J and one of the J’s is preggers and was craving McDonald’s so we ended up going through the drive in and I caved. double sigh. I got a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, fries and coke. I ate the burger and fries and OMG it was so freakin good! but only sipped at the pop, I haven’t had anything to drink except water and tea (and while on vacation booster juice) and I didn’t want to stop that. I guess I should think of that as a nice little victory. lol. I wasn’t going to eat dinner since I ate McD’s but my mom had this tofu and brown rice bowl, I think the brand name was Amy’s? It was fairly good. I am going to look for it at the grocery store when I get home; it was only 5 points and a really good meal size. 🙂

The two days before that, Saturday and Sunday, were spent at two different outdoor festivals, Heritage Days and Capital Ex (formerly Klondike Days). Heritage Days is the best! It’s 3 days of food from all different countries. Yum! There are booths set up all over a huge park, you buy tickets and then the different dishes are worth different amounts of tickets. The food at each booth is s’posed to be authentic food from that country. It works great each year. 😀 Capital Ex was better when it was Klondike Days but oh well, things change I guess. shrug. It is tradition for me to eat a foot long corn dog at Capital Ex and I didn’t break tradition this year. lol. I knew I had already eaten an uncountable amount of points while at Heritage Days that day but whatever! I only get one corn dog a year and I wasn’t going to miss out! I also ended up eating about 10 mini donuts and a crepe with nutella and strawberries in it. By that point I was missing fruit and veggies so much the strawberries were my fave part! lol

When looking at the big picture I seem to have had a low point over the weekend, I am getting better (at least today was better) and the farther back I go the less worse I was. lol.

July 30th I had booster juice again, that time I had the drink and a panini (bbq chicken! yum!) and I helped H move. I figured all the moving burned enough calories that I didn’t have to feel guily about eating dinner out with M. lol. We ate at a restaurant near her work that was good – I wish I could remember the name, I think it’s High Level Diner but the name doesn’t match the restaurant…Anyways, I had shredded lettuce with refried beans, a corn tortilla, lots veggies on top (mostly tomatoe), some shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, um…there might have been more but that’s all I remember. lol. It was good, I wouldn’t get it again but not cause it wasn’t tasty. 😛

July 29th I went to Drumheller with my oldest nephew R cause he’s totally in to dinosaurs and wanted to go. He knows a sucker when he meets one and he is well aware that all he has to do is ask and I will probably say yes to what he wants. lol. Not a good practice but hey, I only see him twice a year! We did a 1km hike through the badlands during the high heat of summer…talk about burning calories! lol. I started off with my normal breakfast, weetabix and fruit, but at the museum had a bacon cheeseburger and some fries, during the drive I also ate 2 cups of grapes. It was an odd combo of healthy and not healthy. shrug. I think I also had a guiness that evening but I am really not sure anymore…the farther back the days the harder it is to remember…oh the suckiness of being old! teehee

And there we go, all caught up! Phew! I will be on the road for part of tomorrow but should be home in time to do some grocery shopping for Healthy food and back on track I will get! 😀


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