My head may just stay on my neck after all, nice!

22 Sep

So day two of being sick but I am already starting to feel better, yah! A friend of mine in a completely different province seems to have the same thing, we were texting today and comparing symptoms and we are creepy in sync. We are both feeling better so that’s good. 🙂

I got closer to my points today – mostly cause I purposefully ate something really high in points lol, but I count even that as a step towards being better. The wanting and being able to eat less bland foods, definitly a sign I am almost better, right? Right!

Today I ate:

1 toasted pb & j sandwich

    – 2 pieces toast = 2 points

    – 1 tbls light peanut butter = 2 points

    – 1 tbls light raspberry jam = 1 point

1 cup Sidekicks Three Cheese Pasta = 8 points

So here I am at a total of 13 points for the day which you would think would be bad but it’s only 7:20pm so I have time to fit something else in there…I don’t know that I actually will but there is time. lol.

Being that all I did today was sit at home and recuperate I have nothing interesting to post about, shrug, sadness for all the readers who have gotten this far lol, but tomorrow I go back to work and I have a sword fighting class – I am sure something will happen that will be at least a bit interesting…and if not, well hell, I will find something to post about. 🙂

So for now I think I will go make a cup of tea and toast my immune system, cheers!


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