Three Days In One Post

17 Oct

So I don’t normally go two days without posting and it’s not even like I was doing stuff that was so overwhelmingly amazingly exciting that I just couldn’t stop to post, I have just been busy with no extra time to sit with my computer. It happens. 😛

Let’s see, Friday, I went over by 0.5 points so not too bad. I went out that evening with KL but I had time to go home after work and eat a nice big salad for dinner. Which is good cause otherwise I would have ended up eating sushi and going over – *scared face*. lol. I got to watch KL eat her sushi and man did it look gooooood but I managed to resist eating any of it – for which I will be eternally proud! 😛 We were going to go see the movie The Social Network but by the time we got in to the theatre the only seats left were the really crappy ones at the very front, uh, No! So we swapped out tickets and went to see…um, shoot, what is it called…google! lol. Oh right, it’s Life As We Know It. It’s not too bad. Way predictable but ok. There were funny laugh-out-loud parts which is good, and man, the main guy is Hot! Yum Yum Yum 😀 Hey, if you can’t oggle a hot guy in a movie then there is clearly something wrong in the world. lol.

So Saturday, slept in, duh, and was having a lazy start to the day knowing I was nannying in the evening. Now, I thought I was nannying at 6:30pm so at 4:30pm I go to double check the print out from the agency with the address etc and noticed that I had the time wrong, Crap! It was a 6.5 hour booking, not 6:30pm start time! I actually had to be there 5:30pm. Sure, an hour earlier might not seem that big a deal but the place is minimum a half hour away and my hair was still wet and no makeup on, double crap! I can’t remember the last time I got ready so quickly. lol. I had just enough time to get to the job which is good cause if you are late company policy is you work the first hour for free…ick. The place was sweeeeet and the people fairly rockin. It’s always nice when the parents are cool cause it usually means the kid isn’t a wack job either. hehe. So that job finished at midnight – and they actually came home on time, quite the rarity! I was 1 point under for the day which isn’t such a horrible thing. shrug.

Then today, Sunday! I am over my points but I am not certain by how much yet…lemme explain. I baked, sigh, I should really stop doing that! I am baking pumpkin tarts – basically pumpkin pie but put in to tarts instead so I can take them to work and there is no hassle with cutting  a pie. I thought it’d be safer to make a double batch cause no way one batch would make enough tarts if one pie wouldn’t be enough for everybody, right? Ha! There is soooo much filling it’s crazy. I bought 60 tart shells which seemed like too many but they are sold in packages of 30 and one package didn’t seem like it’d be enough, I figured I’d have some left over and eventually find a use for them. Oh how wrong I was! I have used all 60 shells and have lots of left over batter, sigh, I have had to pour it in to a corningware dish and stick it in the oven with the last batch of tarts. sigh. I can’t take that in to work so I guess the roomie and I will have pumpkin pudding? I dunno about that but I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow. lol.  Oh! The whole point of this was to say why I am over my points, lol, well, I ate one to make sure it tasted ok – I have never made this mixture as a tart and wanted to make sure they were baked through properly without being dry and I have yet to figure out how many points one tart is. shrug. I am not sure how I will figure it out either cause the online nutritional calculator I use needs you to put in to it how many servings the recipe makes and I don’t really know how many it would have made since I ran out of tarts…why didn’t I buy more tarts!?!?!?!? Argh! I will put the recipe info into the calculator after I finish this post and do my best to guesstimate how many tarts could have been made if I had enough tart shells…hopefully they aren’t too many points. And I suppose the “pudding” will be less points cause no shell, right?

Here is what I ate today:

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 small banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

29 grams Special K Vanilla Almond = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 Uncle Ben’s Rice & Sauce Sweet and Sour = 7 points

1 root beer = 3 points

1 timbit = 2 points

1 pumpkin tart = ?

So, without the tart I am at 22 points, it would have been so perfect! sigh. When I was figuring out what to have for dinner I hadn’t realized I had forgotten to put the root beer and timbit in my food tracker so I thought I had more points to play with then I really did, oops!

tasty but way high in points!

The Uncle Ben’s dinner thing wasn’t so bad, I don’t think it is worth 7 points because it’s only a couple hours after I ate it and I am hungry again, so while yummy and lots of flavour it’s too many points for something that didn’t fill me up. I guess if you are allowed more points per day then I am and need a really quick microwaveable meal they would be a good choice, only 90 seconds till it’s ready to eat…can you believe that? I didn’t really think after 90 seconds it would be ready but it was – I will give the Uncle props for that at least. lol. Oh, and they are kinda pricey but I had a $1 off coupon which yes, I know, isn’t a lot of money, but every little bit helps. 🙂

For weigh in deets, I realize I haven’t mentioned my weigh ins for a couple weeks now, it’s cause they have been uneventful and slightly depressing. sigh. Last week I lost a whopping, get ready for it now…0.2, amazing right? 😛 Then yesterday when I weighed in it was the same, a loss of 0.2, sigh. But today I thought screw it, I am weighing in again! This is always a dangerous thing to do cause what if you gain weight, or at least don’t lose…then do you take the first weigh in result or the second? Hmmmm. Dilemna. lol. So, today, when I weighed in I had gone down 0.8 from yesterday which is 1 pound lighter then last week. See, dilemna. Do I take the weigh in amount from yesterday since that is my official weigh in day or do I take the happier number from today? Well, unless you’re crazed you probably guessed correctly that I took the number from today, hello? I gotta keep my self esteem up here! lol. So, yah! I lost a pound since last week, wOOt! It’s not a lot but it’s better then it could be (like oh say, 0.2 :P) I will try to do better with posting my weigh in results – I guess when they are such low numbers I feel it’s pointless to post them cause who but me will care about 1 pound? But then I thought how blogs I read where people are working at losing weight I like hearing the weight loss amount no matter what it is sooooo, it’s only fair you get the pay-off after reading a week of posts to get a number, right? Right. lol.

Gotta go attempt to figure out the nutritional info for those tarts…cross your fingers the number isn’t too high! 🙂


Alrighty, I figured out the nutritional info as best as I can, the tart shells are 2 points each (that came from the tart packaging) and the filling is 2 points per serving. So, not great but could be a lot worse. lol. The pumpkin pudding I am making will be better cause no crust – takes away about 2 points, altho it’s not like there is a huge amount of filling in each tart which means if I actually eat the pudding in serving amounts equal to that in the tart crusts it’ll take for frickin ever…I am sure it will go bad before I can eat it all. lol. Ah well, I’ll figure something out…now if only it would finish baking so I could go to bed, oy!


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