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13 Jun

Alrighty so today was THE day, the day I was stepping on…dun-dun-dunnn…the scale! (insert scream here!)

It was NOT a pleasant experience at all! 😦

Everything started off ok, I got the new battery in, chose a flat non-carpeted spot to place it (as per the sticker on the bottom), stood on it once to get it calibrated (still following what the sticker said). According to the sticker you step on, wait till it flashes a number, ignore the number, step off, wait till the screen goes blank then step back on because only after all that is the scale actually able to properly weigh you.

I gotta say, after all that, the number that showed up on that stupid silly little digital screen made me so upset I couldn’t decide if I should hit something, cry, pout, break the scale, crawl back in to bed and hide or immediately sell my car so I could find a doctor and get liposuction.

Of course I did none of those things,  I hopped in the shower with that horrible horrible number repeating itself in my head and gazed blindly at the wall of the shower wondering what the hell happened. How had I let that happen?? Talk about epic fail.

I had thought I’d gained 10-15 pounds from the last time I weighed myself, which, in case you are wondering was hmm, two years or so ago? I stopped weighing myself when I started building more muscle and the scale number stopped giving me proper feedback on my progress. Um yeah, no, according to the scale I have gone up 30 pounds. THIRTY POUNDS!!!

fat cat 2

I just don’t get it, I mean yeah I have gone up a pant size, but usually a pant size is 10 pounds, and my top half hasn’t changed size in years, where are these thirty pounds? Where?!?!

Why didn’t any of my friends give me a heads up I was headed back in to porker land? Aren’t friends supposed to tell you things like this? 😦


I’m so mad about that number!

A friend of mine, who is also a co-worker, was at work today and I spoke to her, I was in such a funk and I needed to vent to someone. Turns out she doesn’t even own a scale so as soon as I said I stepped on one she was asking me why I would do that lol Only the supremely fit wonder why the rest of us rely so much on the scale *rolls eyes* She is a personal trainer and couldn’t believe the number the scale gave me. She also said that:

(1) the scale can’t tell the difference between fat and muscle and since we’ve known each other (about a year) I’ve put on muscle

(2) unless it is one of the scales that tells you your body fat percentage, muscle and water retention the number doesn’t mean anything

(3) if I’m wearing the same, or close to the same clothing size as before then the change in number can’t all be fat gain

(4) never pay attention to a scale

During our convo another co-worker walked in and heard what we were talking about, she said she gained 40 pounds in a year so my weight gain is a totally possible thing to which my friend asked about her clothing sizes and she admitted she went up 4 clothing sizes in that one year…so she most likely gained fat (I’m not being mean, she is the one who said that!) where as I apparently gained some combo of fat and muscle…I just don’t get it, sigh. I mean, I get it in theory, but that doesn’t help me with how I’m feeling right now.

It especially doesn’t help that I have an audition tomorrow and have to be in a swimsuit. 😦

So I don’t know what to do…I was freaking out when still at home and getting ready for work and decided that things need to change asap. I made my healthy breakfast (dropped an egg on the floor while doing it, ugh, messy!), made a healthy dinner to take to work (which I accidentally left on the counter when I left for work so I had to throw it out when I got home, talk about a day for wasting food, sigh), decided I am no longer eating food from work unless it is legit healthy or I stupidly leave my healthy food at home *rolls eyes* and I took workout gear with me so when I was done at 9pm I changed at work and went for a run in the area I work. I find by the time I get home at 9:30pm it is too dark to run but if I run at 9pm it is still decently light outside hence the running where I work.

I was paranoid about how I looked when I left the house but while at work I went to the washroom and thought I looked good in the mirror…am I trying to subconsciously delude myself about how bad the situation has gotten? Are my eyes tricking me? Maybe the mirror is faulty?

When I was finished at work and changed in to my workout gear I could see all my problem spots but I was still confused about the change in number, no way I would have been able to wear the t-shirt I was wearing the last time I weighed this amount, it is too slim fitting, and I only bought these work out pants when I was a lower weight then I am now (about 15 pounds lighter than I am now) but they still fit and more importantly they still look good.

So what gives?

I’ve decided to let that number spur me in to motion, be my reason for moving more, eating better, being fitter. I hate that number and even though I have no idea how much of it is fat and how much of it is muscle, I don’t care, I still hate it and I want it to get smaller. I will make it smaller!

More workouts at the gym, more evening runs after work, more proper meals, more focus, more dedication, more pushing myself.


never quit again


My Dilemma

1 May

Oh the choices, sigh.

Here’s the sitch, I slept in late (soooooooo nice, aaaahhhhh. lol), woke up, ate and started cleaning. blah. Cleaning is so not my fave thing to do, hell, it’s not even on my top 30 list lol. This wasn’t just ordinary cleaning, I took everything out of my storage unit this weekend so I could cancel it and save myself $85 a month – it’s a good long term decision but short term, well, finding somewhere to put my stuff is not easy. 😛

I spent my day sorting stuff and reorganizing in an attempt to get everything to fit in my room – I got close, yah! Only 2 rubbermaid containers wouldn’t fit and those are filled with xmas stuff so I am gonna appeal to my landlord and see if he’ll let me store those measly 2 containers in the garage…I really hope he says yes otherwise I am screwed, erg.

So, yeah, spent all that time sorting and cleaning an random physical labour sorta stuff – not cool but productive, shrug. I looked at the clock and was shocked that it was almost 8pm – so past dinner time! Oops. lol. 😉

Thing is, I wasn’t even hungry…I hate trying to figure out what to eat when I am not hungry cause it makes making a decision so much harder, in my opinion…

I settled on an open faced sandwich and some tomato rice soup, yum! Only prob – and this is where my sitch that I mentioned at the top of this post comes in…I had only eaten 11 points (that’s after eating my dinner of soup and sandwich) so uh, yeah, what the hell am I s’posed to do??

My options (as I see it) are eat something high in points but small since I am not hungry and don’t actually want anything to eat or don’t eat and be way low on my daily points – oh the dilemma!

I am not sure what the weight watcher people would say for what is the better choice – I know we are always supposed to eat all our daily points but really? Even when not hungry? Even when the only way to eat the rest of the points is to eat something ridicuously unhealthy?? hmmm…seems flawed to me…

In the end I decided to eat 2 pop tarts, strawberry flavour, which cost me 8 points, Eight!!! Stupid high pointed foods, I still can’t believe I bought those! It’s gonna take me forever to finish them off since I can rarely eat that many points on a food that has no nutritional benefits and is not filling due to size…oh, and is also so way too sweet that I wouldn’t want to eat them on any kind of a regular basis. Oh the sadness of getting old and having your tastebuds change, sigh.

This isn’t a situation I run in to very often, I mean, how many times do you have a huge amount of points left over and no appetite? shrug.

Ah well, in the end I made my decision to eat something cause I figured if I don’t eat the points then tomorrow I will wake up stupid hungry and have a higher chance of making a poor food choice – there’s that big picture again. 😉

Oh, a little sidenote, my weekend of yummy foods at mom and dad’s and then my English Only food day resulted in my gaining 2 pounds this week, sigh. (I guess, technically, that is 2 pounds gained in the last 2 weeks since I didn’t get to weigh in last week) I am pretty sure most of that is from the English food day cause prior to that I was feeling pretty ok about things, sigh. I don’t regret the food, or the fun of eating the food, but I do know that I have to buckle down and get my mind back in the game – don’t ya just love sports metaphors? lol. I have summer things to attend that I want to look good for so I can’t be gaining weight, I must continue to looooooose! hehe. I start Dragon Boating this week so hopefully with my increase of activity and my sticking to my points I will lose these stupid 2 pounds and the 14 more I want to lose to get to my goal kinda quickly – *crosses fingers*


4 Apr

This time last week I wasn’t even able to retain consciousness – I’m not even kidding! I was so insanely sick last Monday morning and the entire afternoon was spent unconscious with minor boughts of vague consciousness where all I wanted was water and would have sacrificed my left arm for it lol.

Well, since then I have been getting better – really, how much farther down can you go from where I was at? Not all that far!

The rest of the week though was really hard food wise – my gut hurt, I had no appetite, was naseous – food was making me miserable. ugh. I would go through an entire day at work having only eaten half an apple, and even that was hard! I ended up in the ER on um, Wednesday I think it was and the doc said to start taking Probiotics cause all the good bacteria in my digestive track was dead and that was why I had so much nausea and pain.

Can I just say, the idea of taking probiotics creeped me out! The idea that inside the capsule were a whole whack load of bacteria and I was purposely populating myself with them – ugh. Ever seen the movie The Island and the guy put those little spider looking mechanical things in Ewan McGregor’s eye? Or ever watch Star Trek and experience nanites? Well those are the images going through my head at the thought of swallowing a probiotic pill. double ugh. 😛

But really, it was either try the pills and maybe they work or don’t try them and be miserable – no real option there. shrug. I have been taking one probiotic pill a day and gradually have been getting a bit better. I am not up-to-snuff as they say (who they? I dunno…) but I was a lot worse last week and that is what I am holding on to – I remember how much worse I was which makes dealing with the now easier. 🙂

Go Probiotics Go! 😀

There are a whole bunch of different kinds of probiotics out there, if you decide you want to take some look for the “multivitamin” type, lol, it’s not actually called a multi vitamin, what it is is a pill that contains the various types of probiotics. You don’t want just one kind, you want all kinds – that is the doc’s mentality anyways. shrug. And hey, the little buggers seem to be working well together in my gut. 🙂

I had a fairly awesome weigh in on Saturday but it’s not real so I know I can’t count it lol. I didn’t regain the weight I lost due to being so sick on Monday so I was down from last week 2.4 lbs. 😀 I didn’t do my traditional weight loss happy dance on saturday after I read the scale cause, well, I know I’m probably gonna gain some of it back, sigh, but it was a nice number on the scale screen. happy sigh. 😀 It puts me at a total weight loss of 31 lbs, which, again, would be totally awesome if I didn’t know I was gonna gain some of it back by this coming saturday. *rolls eyes*

Oh! So awesome acting news! I was filming yesterday (sunday) on a little indie production that probably won’t do anything for my actual acting career but it’s always good to get more stuff on your resume, anyway, here is a quote from an email the director sent me today: “I just wanted to thank you again for your superb performance on Sunday. You did an amazing job and I look forward to working with you again in the future…” How frickin great is that?!?!?! 😀 😀 😀

So sure, food wise I am eating weird and way less then normal but hey, good acting reviews. wOOt! 😀 I’m sure my tummy will be sorted out soon-ish…I’ll actually get back to writing down what I eat when I post tomorrow and you can see just how screwy my eating has gotten, it’s so random! 😛

It’s Not You, It’s Me!

31 Mar

It’s not that things haven’t been happening since Friday (the day of my last post) it’s that first I was too busy, then too sick, then too exhausted from being sick to write – but things are looking up this evening and I am fully alert (yah!) so it’s catch up time! 🙂

Ok, let’s see, the weekend! Saturday I only ate a little bit over my points, I used I think 3 flex points? Sorry, don’t have my tracker near me to confirm that. Nothing horribly exciting food wise that day – I got up a bit earlier then normal cause I had an early afternoon shift at work so I ate more like a weekday then a weekend cause I had to have my food last over a full amount of hours instead of fewer due to having slept through a lot of them. lol. Oh! My weigh in – I lost 1 pound! 😀 Yah! I’m still bitter I am working on re-losing the 3 pounds I gained back, sigh, but hey, 1 down 2 to go – then back to my normal weight loss…ya know, pounds I haven’t lost yet? 😛

Sunday, up even earlier then saturday (can you believe it?!) cause I hooked up with a couple friends to go to brunch, yum! We went to a restaurant I had never heard of but it was totally worth it! I split my dish with KL cause both dishes sounded good to me and everytime she goes there she always wants to try something new but she orders the same dish as her last visit cause she loves it so much. lol. So she got a smoked salmon eggs benedict with avocado and I got french toast with strawberries and whipped cream. 🙂 In reality we each ate 1 1/2 pieces of french toast with some strawberries and whipped cream and we also each got half a serving of eggs benny, Mmm! Oh, there were also cubed hash browns – I had 4 of those dipped in either ketchup or some of my syrup lol.

After food we went to the mall, did some window shopping, I bought some toys for one of my nephews then we saw the movie Sucker Punch – great action! great effects! great music! not the best story line, or maybe it was better then I first thought cause I am still thinking about it and it seems everyone has a different interpretation of it…

Well, then Monday morning came around, and I don’t mean the normal 6am when (sadly) work mornings usually start for me, nope, I mean 4am when I woke up way sick. ugh. My poor tummy! I was horribly nastily sick to my stomach for like 6 hours!! That should so not be allowed! 😦 Once my entire digestive track had been emptied (least that’s what it felt like) I was unconcscious until the next day – well, not totally, I had small moments of consciousness when I was aware of how much like crap I felt like and how badly I wanted water but was unable to get it lol. Tuesday was better – I was able to get up, shower, sit on the couch…simple stuff like that. 🙂 I had no appetite at all but forced myself to eat a little bit otherwise I’d never have any energy the next day when I had to go back to work.

Wednesday was not great, went to work and felt like crap the whole day, only ate half an apple (slap on the wrist for me from weight watchers for that I’m sure! lol). After work I decided to skip the walk in clinic since up to this point they have not been all that helpful so I went to the ER of a small hospital that is near where I live (small hospital means small ER means shorter wait times 😉 ) and lemme tell ya, when you say “abdominal pain” you get in pretty fast. heh. Oh, in case you were wondering, I went in cause I actually was having abdominal pain and couldn’t eat cause of it I didn’t just make that up. 😛

The doctor couldn’t do much for me, shrug, doctors – they are all quacks. sigh. This guys theory is that the walk in clinic docs put me on so many (3) and such strong (the strongest) antibiotics in an attempt to cure my cough (that I have had since December) it killed ALL the bacteria in my digestive track (there’s good and bad bacteria right? well, we need the good but if they are dead then you are screwed when it comes to digesting – who knew??) so the pain (that until about 2 weeks ago) I had been experiencing daily for like a month and a half and that came back to an extreme this past Tuesday is due to lack of good bacteria in my gut? double sigh. Looks like I’m not digesting properly. So now I am taking pro-biotics and hopefully within a week things will be better…we shall see…

There we have it! A catch up of the past while. See? It wasn’t me ignoring you or giving up on blogging or weight watchers, it was just me not having time and then not being able to blog, no hard feelings? 🙂

Oh!Oh!Oh! I forgot to tell you! I weighed myself Tuesday just cause I was curious, I threw up so much I lost almost 3 pounds in one day! Kinda awesome huh? Makes me see why bulemics like losing weight their way – instant gratification. lol. 😉 No threat of that becoming my way of doing things – I’d rather only taste my food once thanks. 🙂

Off The Rails

7 Mar

What. The. Hell.

Food today was, well, I don’t even have words, I went soooo off the rails it’s ri-donk-u-lous!

Day started off nice n normal, I had some Quaker Instant Oatmeal for brekkie, yum. 🙂 There was a work-meeting-lunch-thingy (don’t I sound professional? lol) today that we all HAD to go to…I think they provide food at these things cause the upper management knows we will find excuses to not go if there wasn’t the bribe of free food. lol. 😛

So, way limited options for what to eat, I had: one piece of chicken breast (skinless, boneless), 2 spears of asparagus, salad, 4 potato wedges, 2 slices of tomato (that added together equals almost 1 entire tomato), 1 serving tomato and red pepper soup with 2 accompanying pieces of toasted buttered baquette. Now, sure, some of that I should have just not touched (like the bread) but overall it doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Well, I think I got screwed.

When I was done eating want to know what was left on my plate? Oil. Yup, that’s right, lots and lots of oil. Ick. It looked so gross it made me regret everything I ate cause sure, the food was good, but it wasn’t amazing and wasn’t sooooooo good it was worth tonnes of points (aka calories). Also, every item had oil or sauce or something on it! Like the asparagus, it wasn’t just plain, it was sitting in a serving platter that soaked it in some kind of sauce – I tried to get two pieces that were on the top of the pile so as to reduce the amount of sauce but the sauce was still there. Every item was like that. 😦 I think I have become too used to healthy home cooked food cause I just kept thinking “is that really necessary?” when looking at the dressings and sauces. Weird. I never used to think like that. If I had eaten this meal pre-weight watchers I wouldn’t have had second thoughts about all the hidden calories but even with trying to select healthy options I am sure I ended up eating way more points then I ever would have knowingly chosen. Oy!

Oh, wait, I had a cookie there too, sigh, and just to totally confess I ate two mini cupcakes – Not store bought though! I baked Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting last night to take to work and I totally caved and ate 2 today! Ack! I never eat my own baking so you know if I cave and eat some of it then it’s a damn good baked product, lol. 😉 They really are quite yummy but I can’t calculate the points exactly. The original recipe is 3 points per cupcake (that’s with NO frosting) but the original recipe also says it makes 20 mini cupcakes, so I used my mini cupcake trays and uh yeah, totally made more then 20, I’m not sure how many in total it would have made cause I ran out of mini cupcake papers and had to switch to the larger size and make some large sized cupcakes. shrug. How am I supposed to calculate the points when I made 2 different sizes? *confused face* Ah well, I’ve decided to not worry about it, I will bake them again and make sure that time they are all one size and figure the points out then. 🙂

So did I have a uber healthy dinner to make up for the un-countable lunch I ate? Nope. Not even close! lol

I had real oatmeal (not the instant kind) – and yeah, I know, stupid to eat oatmeal twice in one day but I really wanted it! So, I cut up half a banana and put it in the oatmeal (check in the good column) but then I made 2 pieces of toast and put light peanut butter on one piece then sliced the rest of the banana on top (check in the stupid column). The second piece of toast I put a small amount of margarine (check in the not great not stupid column). Oh yeah, the truly awesome part, I then ate a spoonful of light peanut butter, a small spoonful of cream cheese icing and two digestive cookies with cream cheese icing spread on top…really great huh? (lots of checks in the omg you are the dumbest homo sapien on the planet column)

So there we have it, somehome, I went way way way off the rails and couldn’t even bring myself to care when I was picking up the food and stuffing it in my face. *rolls eyes* I care now of course, when it is too late to not ingest the calories. sigh.

I want to say tomorrow is gonna be way better and breakfast and lunch probably will be but I am going out to a play after work and am not sure when/what I will be eating for dinner – I am hoping to get Subway – yummy, healthy, cheap and something I am able to calculate points for. Gotta love the good ‘ol standby of Subway. lol. 🙂

Oh!Oh!Oh! On a different note! My weight loss for last week was 0.4lbs – which kinda lame right? What makes it even lamer is I was 0.6lbs from reaching 30lbs lost so instead of reaching 30lbs lost I am now 0.2lbs away from the 30lbs lost. 0.2 Pounds!!!!! Sooooooooo close! sigh. I have to get there eventually, right?

Life Is Short: Eat Dessert First

13 Feb

How many times have you gone out for dinner and told yourself “I’ll only eat part of my dinner so I have room for dessert/don’t feel guilty about eating dessert/earn dessert” or some other variation? I used to do it all the time and what would happen? I’d be so full because even half of a restaurant meal is more then one person needs in one sitting, *rolls eyes*, that I wouldn’t get to have that dessert…or if I ate it I’d feel disgusting after cause dude, way way way too much stuff in my tummy. 😛

Well, since weight watchers restaurant desserts are pretty much off the food list, I mean come on?! Not even I can justify dessert from a restaurant! lol But what is life without dessert? A sad existence is what! Sooooo, I found a loophole, a way to lose weight and still get your restaurant dessert, brilliant! 😀

Eat the dessert first…how simple is that? 🙂

Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding - YUM!


Above is the picture of the dessert I chose to eat first Friday evening…worth every unknown point! 😀 It is Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding: banana bread with premium Callebaut chocolate and custard served warm with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. 😀

I did have a reason for putting dessert first on Friday, this isn’t exactly a new and amazing plan of attack against my unwanted fat, lol, KB at work had her birthday so we went out to celebrate. She didn’t get a bday cake or anything from home cause the day before her bday an Uncle died so things in her family are a bit more focused on the dead then the living right now, sucky but it happens. shrug. So I made sure we went out so she could get at least a bit of celebration…and our celebration was dessert. 😛

It was so delish, and so large lol, that I didn’t need or want anything else…we planned to only eat dessert so that worked out well, I was worried I’d still be hungry and want to order an appetizer or something but nope. 🙂 Even when I got home I wasn’t hungry so really, I didn’t just eat my dessert first, it’s all I ate…maybe that should be my new plan? Life is Short: Only Eat Dessert!…hmmm, that doesn’t seem like a good idea, tasty, but not good for me. lol. 😛

Even with eating the bread pudding Friday night I still lost weight this week – my weekly weigh in today showed me down by 0.8 pounds! 😀 It may seem silly I am happy with such a small weight loss but, shrug, I am happy with any weight loss cause hey, as long as the weight is going down then I must be doing something right. 🙂 This puts me at a total weight loss of 27.6 pounds. 😀 See? When you look at the large number that 0.8 doesn’t seem so bad! 🙂

Three Days In One Post

17 Oct

So I don’t normally go two days without posting and it’s not even like I was doing stuff that was so overwhelmingly amazingly exciting that I just couldn’t stop to post, I have just been busy with no extra time to sit with my computer. It happens. 😛

Let’s see, Friday, I went over by 0.5 points so not too bad. I went out that evening with KL but I had time to go home after work and eat a nice big salad for dinner. Which is good cause otherwise I would have ended up eating sushi and going over – *scared face*. lol. I got to watch KL eat her sushi and man did it look gooooood but I managed to resist eating any of it – for which I will be eternally proud! 😛 We were going to go see the movie The Social Network but by the time we got in to the theatre the only seats left were the really crappy ones at the very front, uh, No! So we swapped out tickets and went to see…um, shoot, what is it called…google! lol. Oh right, it’s Life As We Know It. It’s not too bad. Way predictable but ok. There were funny laugh-out-loud parts which is good, and man, the main guy is Hot! Yum Yum Yum 😀 Hey, if you can’t oggle a hot guy in a movie then there is clearly something wrong in the world. lol.

So Saturday, slept in, duh, and was having a lazy start to the day knowing I was nannying in the evening. Now, I thought I was nannying at 6:30pm so at 4:30pm I go to double check the print out from the agency with the address etc and noticed that I had the time wrong, Crap! It was a 6.5 hour booking, not 6:30pm start time! I actually had to be there 5:30pm. Sure, an hour earlier might not seem that big a deal but the place is minimum a half hour away and my hair was still wet and no makeup on, double crap! I can’t remember the last time I got ready so quickly. lol. I had just enough time to get to the job which is good cause if you are late company policy is you work the first hour for free…ick. The place was sweeeeet and the people fairly rockin. It’s always nice when the parents are cool cause it usually means the kid isn’t a wack job either. hehe. So that job finished at midnight – and they actually came home on time, quite the rarity! I was 1 point under for the day which isn’t such a horrible thing. shrug.

Then today, Sunday! I am over my points but I am not certain by how much yet…lemme explain. I baked, sigh, I should really stop doing that! I am baking pumpkin tarts – basically pumpkin pie but put in to tarts instead so I can take them to work and there is no hassle with cutting  a pie. I thought it’d be safer to make a double batch cause no way one batch would make enough tarts if one pie wouldn’t be enough for everybody, right? Ha! There is soooo much filling it’s crazy. I bought 60 tart shells which seemed like too many but they are sold in packages of 30 and one package didn’t seem like it’d be enough, I figured I’d have some left over and eventually find a use for them. Oh how wrong I was! I have used all 60 shells and have lots of left over batter, sigh, I have had to pour it in to a corningware dish and stick it in the oven with the last batch of tarts. sigh. I can’t take that in to work so I guess the roomie and I will have pumpkin pudding? I dunno about that but I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow. lol.  Oh! The whole point of this was to say why I am over my points, lol, well, I ate one to make sure it tasted ok – I have never made this mixture as a tart and wanted to make sure they were baked through properly without being dry and I have yet to figure out how many points one tart is. shrug. I am not sure how I will figure it out either cause the online nutritional calculator I use needs you to put in to it how many servings the recipe makes and I don’t really know how many it would have made since I ran out of tarts…why didn’t I buy more tarts!?!?!?!? Argh! I will put the recipe info into the calculator after I finish this post and do my best to guesstimate how many tarts could have been made if I had enough tart shells…hopefully they aren’t too many points. And I suppose the “pudding” will be less points cause no shell, right?

Here is what I ate today:

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 small banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

29 grams Special K Vanilla Almond = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 Uncle Ben’s Rice & Sauce Sweet and Sour = 7 points

1 root beer = 3 points

1 timbit = 2 points

1 pumpkin tart = ?

So, without the tart I am at 22 points, it would have been so perfect! sigh. When I was figuring out what to have for dinner I hadn’t realized I had forgotten to put the root beer and timbit in my food tracker so I thought I had more points to play with then I really did, oops!

tasty but way high in points!

The Uncle Ben’s dinner thing wasn’t so bad, I don’t think it is worth 7 points because it’s only a couple hours after I ate it and I am hungry again, so while yummy and lots of flavour it’s too many points for something that didn’t fill me up. I guess if you are allowed more points per day then I am and need a really quick microwaveable meal they would be a good choice, only 90 seconds till it’s ready to eat…can you believe that? I didn’t really think after 90 seconds it would be ready but it was – I will give the Uncle props for that at least. lol. Oh, and they are kinda pricey but I had a $1 off coupon which yes, I know, isn’t a lot of money, but every little bit helps. 🙂

For weigh in deets, I realize I haven’t mentioned my weigh ins for a couple weeks now, it’s cause they have been uneventful and slightly depressing. sigh. Last week I lost a whopping, get ready for it now…0.2, amazing right? 😛 Then yesterday when I weighed in it was the same, a loss of 0.2, sigh. But today I thought screw it, I am weighing in again! This is always a dangerous thing to do cause what if you gain weight, or at least don’t lose…then do you take the first weigh in result or the second? Hmmmm. Dilemna. lol. So, today, when I weighed in I had gone down 0.8 from yesterday which is 1 pound lighter then last week. See, dilemna. Do I take the weigh in amount from yesterday since that is my official weigh in day or do I take the happier number from today? Well, unless you’re crazed you probably guessed correctly that I took the number from today, hello? I gotta keep my self esteem up here! lol. So, yah! I lost a pound since last week, wOOt! It’s not a lot but it’s better then it could be (like oh say, 0.2 :P) I will try to do better with posting my weigh in results – I guess when they are such low numbers I feel it’s pointless to post them cause who but me will care about 1 pound? But then I thought how blogs I read where people are working at losing weight I like hearing the weight loss amount no matter what it is sooooo, it’s only fair you get the pay-off after reading a week of posts to get a number, right? Right. lol.

Gotta go attempt to figure out the nutritional info for those tarts…cross your fingers the number isn’t too high! 🙂


Alrighty, I figured out the nutritional info as best as I can, the tart shells are 2 points each (that came from the tart packaging) and the filling is 2 points per serving. So, not great but could be a lot worse. lol. The pumpkin pudding I am making will be better cause no crust – takes away about 2 points, altho it’s not like there is a huge amount of filling in each tart which means if I actually eat the pudding in serving amounts equal to that in the tart crusts it’ll take for frickin ever…I am sure it will go bad before I can eat it all. lol. Ah well, I’ll figure something out…now if only it would finish baking so I could go to bed, oy!

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