Well, I’m Still Employed…

27 Oct

That’s gotta count for something, right? I mean, it’s not like this is my dream job…or even a job in the field I want to be in but it pays the bills and that is important. Sure I sometimes feel like being in the financial business industry is eating away at my soul and sucking me farther and farther away from doing work in any kind of field I could find personal happiness in…but hey, shrug, who am I to quibble about where my steady pay cheque comes from? *rolls eyes*

Work was weird today, everyone who wasn’t laid off was on edge and nervous, the people who were laid off did their best to appear ok but they were all a little forced in their cheerfulness. In a way I just want the week to be over already so all this tension is outta my life but at the same time I don’t want the week to end cause that’ll mean AC is no longer there and I’ll miss her. 😦 

My guts got all twisted up during my text convo last night when I learned about the people being laid off and didn’t ease till after a meeting I had with my manager where he assured me my job is safe. Man, my tummy hurt this morning, it was crazy. And oh man my sleep, or lack there of last night sucked, tossing and turning and when I did sleep I had weird dreams that involved work and…well, I can’t really remember what else, just that the dreams were weird and unsettling and I kept waking up from them. ugh. I don’t usually get stressed by things, I mean sure I feel some stress at times but harsh enough stress to cause pain and bad sleep? That is just unheard of!…least, in my world…maybe it’s normal and I just never knew?

All I want to do this week is lose 0.8 lbs, that shouldn’t be so hard to do but so far I have done no exercise and had a night and a day thrown off by excessive stress. This better not mess up my reaching 15 lbs lost by the weekend! Although, really, who am I threatening with that? Karma? The fates? The universe? Like any of those will be scared of what I say! ha!

On a different note I got a package in the mail today from NH, πŸ˜€ she sent me halloween goodies, which, ok yeah very nice, but uh…candy? gummies? hot chocolate mix? Crap. There was also a black glass with a silver skull and crossbones on it (I have a thing about skulls) but it broke, sigh. I actually had to call her to ask her what it was it was that broken. lol. She sends me junk food each year and it’s pretty awesome cause I don’t buy halloween candy for myself but, shrug, I can’t eat it this year. Well, I am probably gonna try the hot chocolate mix…hello! it turns red! Talk about awesome! I still have 2 points left over for the day, I am hoping that will be enough to cover a cup of hot chocolate, if it’s not I will go over in to flex points cause (1) I have been good this week and not gone over and (2) I really wanna try the mix! lol.

Today I ate:

29 grams Special K Vanilla Almond = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 small banana = 1 point

1 Activia Yogurt = 2 points

1 bowl weight watchers soup = 0 points

1 english muffin = 3 points

2 triangles laughing cow cheese = 1 point

mixed raw vegies = 0 points

1 cup strawberries = 1 point

85 grams eating right whole wheat penne = 5 points

1/4 cup Alfredo Roasted Tomato sauce = 2 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

2 Lifestyles shortbread cookies = 2 points

So like I said above, that is 20 points, two left for some hot chocolate! Although, I am kinda hungry, sigh, so do I really want to use my last two points of the day on a drink when I could have something more solid? Oh the choices a person on weight watchers must make. lol.


One Response to “Well, I’m Still Employed…”

  1. thebettylife October 27, 2010 at 11:08 pm #

    Congrats on your job. Sounds like your on the right track, your eating is super healthy. All the best πŸ™‚

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