Off The Rails

7 Mar

What. The. Hell.

Food today was, well, I don’t even have words, I went soooo off the rails it’s ri-donk-u-lous!

Day started off nice n normal, I had some Quaker Instant Oatmeal for brekkie, yum. 🙂 There was a work-meeting-lunch-thingy (don’t I sound professional? lol) today that we all HAD to go to…I think they provide food at these things cause the upper management knows we will find excuses to not go if there wasn’t the bribe of free food. lol. 😛

So, way limited options for what to eat, I had: one piece of chicken breast (skinless, boneless), 2 spears of asparagus, salad, 4 potato wedges, 2 slices of tomato (that added together equals almost 1 entire tomato), 1 serving tomato and red pepper soup with 2 accompanying pieces of toasted buttered baquette. Now, sure, some of that I should have just not touched (like the bread) but overall it doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Well, I think I got screwed.

When I was done eating want to know what was left on my plate? Oil. Yup, that’s right, lots and lots of oil. Ick. It looked so gross it made me regret everything I ate cause sure, the food was good, but it wasn’t amazing and wasn’t sooooooo good it was worth tonnes of points (aka calories). Also, every item had oil or sauce or something on it! Like the asparagus, it wasn’t just plain, it was sitting in a serving platter that soaked it in some kind of sauce – I tried to get two pieces that were on the top of the pile so as to reduce the amount of sauce but the sauce was still there. Every item was like that. 😦 I think I have become too used to healthy home cooked food cause I just kept thinking “is that really necessary?” when looking at the dressings and sauces. Weird. I never used to think like that. If I had eaten this meal pre-weight watchers I wouldn’t have had second thoughts about all the hidden calories but even with trying to select healthy options I am sure I ended up eating way more points then I ever would have knowingly chosen. Oy!

Oh, wait, I had a cookie there too, sigh, and just to totally confess I ate two mini cupcakes – Not store bought though! I baked Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting last night to take to work and I totally caved and ate 2 today! Ack! I never eat my own baking so you know if I cave and eat some of it then it’s a damn good baked product, lol. 😉 They really are quite yummy but I can’t calculate the points exactly. The original recipe is 3 points per cupcake (that’s with NO frosting) but the original recipe also says it makes 20 mini cupcakes, so I used my mini cupcake trays and uh yeah, totally made more then 20, I’m not sure how many in total it would have made cause I ran out of mini cupcake papers and had to switch to the larger size and make some large sized cupcakes. shrug. How am I supposed to calculate the points when I made 2 different sizes? *confused face* Ah well, I’ve decided to not worry about it, I will bake them again and make sure that time they are all one size and figure the points out then. 🙂

So did I have a uber healthy dinner to make up for the un-countable lunch I ate? Nope. Not even close! lol

I had real oatmeal (not the instant kind) – and yeah, I know, stupid to eat oatmeal twice in one day but I really wanted it! So, I cut up half a banana and put it in the oatmeal (check in the good column) but then I made 2 pieces of toast and put light peanut butter on one piece then sliced the rest of the banana on top (check in the stupid column). The second piece of toast I put a small amount of margarine (check in the not great not stupid column). Oh yeah, the truly awesome part, I then ate a spoonful of light peanut butter, a small spoonful of cream cheese icing and two digestive cookies with cream cheese icing spread on top…really great huh? (lots of checks in the omg you are the dumbest homo sapien on the planet column)

So there we have it, somehome, I went way way way off the rails and couldn’t even bring myself to care when I was picking up the food and stuffing it in my face. *rolls eyes* I care now of course, when it is too late to not ingest the calories. sigh.

I want to say tomorrow is gonna be way better and breakfast and lunch probably will be but I am going out to a play after work and am not sure when/what I will be eating for dinner – I am hoping to get Subway – yummy, healthy, cheap and something I am able to calculate points for. Gotta love the good ‘ol standby of Subway. lol. 🙂

Oh!Oh!Oh! On a different note! My weight loss for last week was 0.4lbs – which kinda lame right? What makes it even lamer is I was 0.6lbs from reaching 30lbs lost so instead of reaching 30lbs lost I am now 0.2lbs away from the 30lbs lost. 0.2 Pounds!!!!! Sooooooooo close! sigh. I have to get there eventually, right?


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