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Yah for Today!

31 May

Today was a fairly great day. 😀

I stayed up last night until 2am for absolutely no good reason. lol. I am naturally a night owl, if I don’t have to get up at an ungodly hour of the morning to go to work I end up staying up super late cause, well, it’s what my natural sleep cycle prefers. shrug. I stay up late, I sleep in late, it works for me. 🙂 Some people see sleeping in late as a waste of a good chunk of the day but I don’t – I think it’s un-natural to be up early in the morning, ugh. lol.

But anyways, I stayed up late then slept in until noon, aahhhhh, such a nice time! If you think about it, it’s not being lazy, I’m not getting anymore sleep during the night then someone who goes to bed earlier and wakes up earlier, I just like getting my sleep later in the night/day then others. lol. So, after waking up at noon I rolled over and dozed for another hour cause, well, I could. shrug. By 1pm I managed to get my butt outta bed, had a quick wash, ate a decently healthy breakfast, digested for a little bit then went hiking. It was my regular 3.8km hike so nothing out of the ordinary but it was a little weird going for a hike at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday…it’s amazing how many people are out walking at that time…I mean, don’t these people have jobs? lol. 😛

After the hike I came home and did some free weights, some ab work, some stretching – all the normal stuff. Earned myself 6 exercise points – wOOt! 😀

I had to spend a chunk of time on hold after that waiting to talk to someone who works for the government about my EI claim – it took for-frickin-ever but I eventually got a person (who was super friendly and knowledgable) and she helped me with my questions, she even went kinda over board and explained a whole bunch more stuff to me…things I had actually already read on the website but, shrug, she’s probably used to people who don’t fully read the site and ask all kinds of questions lol. I’m ok with the extra info, I think it’s better to be told the stuff you already know and possibly learn something you hadn’t already read then not be told anything and later find out you’re missing a vital piece of info. Just my take on it tho…

Then I did some acting research online, I needed to find some sides to take to my audition class tonight and then – the best part – I had my audition class! 😀 I haven’t had any kind of acting class in ages cause they are really expensive and I was always so busy with work I couldn’t go. I was signed up for this class (it’s actually a set of 4 classes) for a couple weeks now cause luckily they don’t start until 7pm, it seemed perfect because it would give me tonnes of time after work to get home, eat and get to the class – now I have even more time to get there lol.

The class went so amazingly super great! I obviously need to expand on my descriptive words lol. I got wicked good feedback, looks like even though I have been away from classes for a loooong time I haven’t lost my touch, sweeeeeeet! 😀 It’s a small class, 6 students and 1 person auditing so we all got a lot of one on one time with RH (the teacher), he is a great teacher, a really positive, supportive, friendly, non stress inducing guy. Auditioning is a way stressful thing, it’s harder then being on set and actually filming and some auditioning teachers make even the class stressful but RH makes it fun. And how great is it learning new things, perfecting your technique, re-enforcing what you already know all while having fun? 🙂 Man I love acting. 😀

Because of exercising and having earned exercise points I was way below my points for the day by the time class was over (class ended at 10pm) so when I got home I was starved. lol. I made what would normally be a meal – a bagel sandwich, yum! – and then followed it up with dessert. Double yum!

Today I ate:

29 grams Special K = 2 points

1/2 c 1% milk = 1 point

2 pcs toast = 1 point

1 tbls whipped peanut butter = 2 points

1 Activia yogurt cup = 2 points

1 banana = 1 point

2 serv hash browns = 2 points

1 scrambled egg = 2 points

1 turkey burger patty = 3 points

1 bagel = 5 points

2 slices deli turkey = 0 points

1 tbls light cream cheese = 1 point

baby spinach, tomato = 0 points

1 thinsations Oreo cakesters = 2 points

1 Skinny Cow Choc Fudge Brownie ice cream = 2 points

Total points eaten = 20 daily points, 6 exercise points

Exercise points earned = 6

Perfect! 😀

Now I know, I should of had some fruit for my evening snack after my bagel sandwich instead of the oreo cakesters and the ice cream, and I almost did…but, well, in the end I didn’t lol. Not sure why, I wasn’t craving chocolate or anything sweet like some other days, shrug, I just grabbed the processed sweet stuff instead of the fruit. lol.

So now it’s 1:15am and I am tired, the exercising and the energy output acting takes have taken a bit of a toll on me and I want to go to bed but I’m tired enough I am typing slower then normal and I feel like I am never gonna get there. lol. *yawn* I have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow then today cause I have to bake a pie to take to a dinner I got invited to tomorrow evening – the pie needs to cool for 2 hours min before serving so I need to make it earlier rather then later in the day. It’s a weight watchers recipe so I will post it under my recipes tab tomorrow so you can try it, it’s really tasty and I think only 4 points per slice so not bad at all! 🙂

Oh! Sorry, one more thing! The teacher, RH, was my teacher back in the day but I haven’t seen him since 2008, well, he took one look at me and was all “you look different, really different, what did you do?”, I could practically see the wheels turning in his head, lol, so I told him I lost 32 pounds and he was so amazed/excited/happy for me, lol, it was sweet having someone who hasn’t seen me in a long time notice asap something changed – sure he didn’t peg it as weight loss but that’s ok, I’m just happy he noticed a change at all. lol.

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