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My Dilemma

1 May

Oh the choices, sigh.

Here’s the sitch, I slept in late (soooooooo nice, aaaahhhhh. lol), woke up, ate and started cleaning. blah. Cleaning is so not my fave thing to do, hell, it’s not even on my top 30 list lol. This wasn’t just ordinary cleaning, I took everything out of my storage unit this weekend so I could cancel it and save myself $85 a month – it’s a good long term decision but short term, well, finding somewhere to put my stuff is not easy. 😛

I spent my day sorting stuff and reorganizing in an attempt to get everything to fit in my room – I got close, yah! Only 2 rubbermaid containers wouldn’t fit and those are filled with xmas stuff so I am gonna appeal to my landlord and see if he’ll let me store those measly 2 containers in the garage…I really hope he says yes otherwise I am screwed, erg.

So, yeah, spent all that time sorting and cleaning an random physical labour sorta stuff – not cool but productive, shrug. I looked at the clock and was shocked that it was almost 8pm – so past dinner time! Oops. lol. 😉

Thing is, I wasn’t even hungry…I hate trying to figure out what to eat when I am not hungry cause it makes making a decision so much harder, in my opinion…

I settled on an open faced sandwich and some tomato rice soup, yum! Only prob – and this is where my sitch that I mentioned at the top of this post comes in…I had only eaten 11 points (that’s after eating my dinner of soup and sandwich) so uh, yeah, what the hell am I s’posed to do??

My options (as I see it) are eat something high in points but small since I am not hungry and don’t actually want anything to eat or don’t eat and be way low on my daily points – oh the dilemma!

I am not sure what the weight watcher people would say for what is the better choice – I know we are always supposed to eat all our daily points but really? Even when not hungry? Even when the only way to eat the rest of the points is to eat something ridicuously unhealthy?? hmmm…seems flawed to me…

In the end I decided to eat 2 pop tarts, strawberry flavour, which cost me 8 points, Eight!!! Stupid high pointed foods, I still can’t believe I bought those! It’s gonna take me forever to finish them off since I can rarely eat that many points on a food that has no nutritional benefits and is not filling due to size…oh, and is also so way too sweet that I wouldn’t want to eat them on any kind of a regular basis. Oh the sadness of getting old and having your tastebuds change, sigh.

This isn’t a situation I run in to very often, I mean, how many times do you have a huge amount of points left over and no appetite? shrug.

Ah well, in the end I made my decision to eat something cause I figured if I don’t eat the points then tomorrow I will wake up stupid hungry and have a higher chance of making a poor food choice – there’s that big picture again. 😉

Oh, a little sidenote, my weekend of yummy foods at mom and dad’s and then my English Only food day resulted in my gaining 2 pounds this week, sigh. (I guess, technically, that is 2 pounds gained in the last 2 weeks since I didn’t get to weigh in last week) I am pretty sure most of that is from the English food day cause prior to that I was feeling pretty ok about things, sigh. I don’t regret the food, or the fun of eating the food, but I do know that I have to buckle down and get my mind back in the game – don’t ya just love sports metaphors? lol. I have summer things to attend that I want to look good for so I can’t be gaining weight, I must continue to looooooose! hehe. I start Dragon Boating this week so hopefully with my increase of activity and my sticking to my points I will lose these stupid 2 pounds and the 14 more I want to lose to get to my goal kinda quickly – *crosses fingers*

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