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Dear Muscles, I’m Sooooo Sorry!

24 May

Oh my poor poor pathetic excuses of muscles, they are in so much pain and I am not pampering them in the way they are used to. Normally, if I exercise and actually cause my muscles to strain and thereby hurt/ache the next day I do everything I can to make it up to them. I move as little as possible, I eat comfort food, I wear warm clothes and have hot showers. lol. You’d think they were injured and not just being worked out. 😛

Last Friday I went to boxerfit class because dragon boating was cancelled due to the long weekend. It was oh so much fun and totally kicked my ass! I have the same curse as all other natural red heads in that as soon as I start doing cardio my face turns tomato red and I look as if I am going to pass out – I have had random strangers come up to me to ask if I am ok because I am so red I scare people, teehee. By the end of that class I was red red red! It’s really embarassing but oh well, nothing I can do about it, shrug.

Boxerfit works like this, it is an hour class that starts with intense interval cardio, then it moves to interval cardio combined with weight work for toning, then you get boxing gloves and have oh, I guess 20 minutes or so of boxing that you guessed it, is done in intervals. lol. Then a bit of stretching and abs and voila, it’s been an hour, I’m red as a tomato and sweating like a crazy person. 😀 I knew as soon as it was over I was gonna be in pain the next day lol.

Saturday rolled around and I hurt but not as badly as I thought I would – there was definite muscle aches and some pains but over all not so bad. Sunday however, ahahaha, that is when the pain hit! My poor calves were beyond aching and were hurt-ing! Every move made me cringe and I did my darndest to move as little as possible. Monday I was out and about and it hurt but not as bad as the day before and the pain was more concentrated – it was only specific muscles now.

Today, Tuesday, went to work, had all the normal stuff happen – which means I sat at a desk for most of the day, shrug, but when I got home, oh man, I ingested sooooo many stupid calories, *shakes head*, sigh. I don’t know what I was thinking! Even as I was eating it I knew it was too much food and I’d feel sickly after and it would put me way over my points and I should just NOT do it…that didn’t stop my arm from getting a workout by lifting the food to my mouth. *raised eyebrow*

After I finished eating my tummy was all popping out even more then normal and oh ew, I felt so gross. I just wanted to sit and veg on the couch, drink tea, and huddle down while trying to digest but then I started thinking about my fat cells. Some people think fat people have more fat cells, that’s not true, we are born with a certain amount of fat cells and we retain the same amount throughout our lives (unless you get liposuction and they are forcibly removed) but those silly fat cells can change size. The fatter you are the bigger your fat cells are…think of them like a tart vs a pie, a skinny person has fat cells the size of a tart, a larger person has fat cells the size of a pie…now, obviously not really those sizes but you get what I mean, right?

So, I was sitting on the couch drinking tea and watching tv and I started thinking about my fat cells, and how I just ate way too much food and if I didn’t do something about all those calories that just went in to my body then my body would turn them in to fat cause it was way more then what I needed for the day and oh man were my fat cells gonna streeeetch – and after all that work to make them smaller! I just couldn’t deal with it! So I got my lazy ass off the couch and went for a hike. 🙂

I had so many ways to talk myself out of it, examples of my excuses are (1) it looks like it’s gonna rain (2) my tummy felt icky from eating too much (3) I’m lazy (4) I have stuff to do in the apartment. Now see, they are all legit reasons so a person has to know if the reasons they are using to not exercise are a real reason or an excuse – for me, it is almost always an excuse. lol.

After my hike I did some push ups, some weight work, some ab work, stretching…frankly, I don’t know what got in to me, it was freaky and yet, I kept going…weird…lol

I don’t think I worked out enough to make enough exercise points to counteract all the food I ate when I got home (I haven’t had a chance to calculate everything yet) but at least I put some effort in to working off all those calories I ate…

So now I am sitting, writing up this post, drinking a big ass glass of water to rehydrate, and still feeling a bit icky from over eating earlier, imagine how much worse I would feel if I hadn’t exercised?! ack! But oh my poor muscles, I am not sure if the exercising I did this evening will make the muscles feel better tomorrow cause of stretching them and using them or make them feel even worse cause I pushed them too much too soon…guess we’ll find out tomorrow! 😛

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