Errand Day

18 Aug

Alrighty, so today was Errand Day, um, yah? lol. I actually like running errands – most of the time. I mean, I’m doing stuff that will (usually) in some way benefit me and what’s not to like about that? lol. I wasn’t in too much of a rush with the errands, I knew I probably wouldn’t get them finished in time for my Boxerfit class tonight but since my entire weekend is booked and this was my only time slot to get them done I figured I just might have to sacrifice the class tonight. Besides that perfectly reasonable reason for not hitting up Boxerfit class I also have: (1) last nights class contributed to the arthritis in my left knee flaring up (yes, I have arthritis, no, I am not old – I got a knee injury eons ago and severe arthritis in the knee is a never ending reminder of that *rolls eyes) and (2) the location Thursday’s class is at doesn’t have free parking and it’s farther away then the Wednesday and Friday classes so if I am gonna hafta miss one I’d rather miss the Thursday class (although, missing Thursday’s class means I miss my quick flirt session with the yummy Australian guy that works the front desk at that gym, *big dramatic sigh* πŸ˜‰ )

Where was I going with this? Oh, right, Errand Day…wow, talk about getting a blank about the purpose of writing about Errand Day lol. Oh right! Ok, well, I ate my first meal of the day, did some stuff online, made up an old school list (on paper! crazed huh?)Β to make sure I didn’t forget to do anything, then I numbered everything on the list so I did everything in the most timely order (anal aren’t I? lol it has more to do with trying to conserve gas and not backtrack, shrug) then out into the world I went!

I immediately regretted going out so early cause I was being exposed to…dun dun dun…the sun! Ack!!! Since my burn I’ve been trying to do stuff in the evenings, when the sun is going down and is less damaging to my pasty white delicate recently sunburned skin. Only problem is stores have this tendancy to ya know, close at night, stupid closing hours, and if I didn’t go out until the sun went down I wouldn’t have been able to get everything done, shrug, so brave the sunny outdoor world did I! πŸ˜›

One of the things on my list was going to Tim Horton’s, this was going to be my second to last stop and was meant as a kind of treat – why I thought I deserved a treat for doing errands I do not know, I just did. shrug. lol. Well, when the time came to go to Timmy’s I refrained, yah! I decided I didn’t want to spend the points on the Iced Capp (which normally I totally think is worth the points, oh it’s so yum and if you get it made with milk instead of cream it’s not nearly as bad for you but still just as tasty!) and by that point I was really hungry and the one little timbit I would have gotten myself would have done nothing to fill me up so really, why go? I figured it was a better plan to wait till I got home where I could make myself a healthy dinner (yeah you read that right, I totally missed a meal cause I was so busy running errands – no wonder I was so hungry, eesh). My plan got a teensy tiny bit messed up though cause my last stop was Safeway to see if the Chicken Breasts that I tried to buy yesterday were in stock, the guy yesterday said they would be in stock today so I had it in my brain they would be and already had my dinner planned – I was gonna make a salad and have one of the cooked (duh!) chicken breasts cut up and put in the salad, I was very much looking forward to this dinner. It’s simple I know, and maybe doesn’t sound all that exciting but oh well, I really like it. πŸ™‚

I had to buy another salad, I bought one yesterday but am saving it for Saturday, so I got a second salad then went to the frozen meat section and guess what? The shelves were just as empty as yesterday! I asked a guy at the meat counter if he could check the back and he said he had checked just a bit earlier for a different customer and there were no more back there, sigh.

Now I was kinda screwed, my dinner plan was thrown out the window and I was in a grocery store, wandering aimlessly, while hungry!…never good! *scared face*

I really wanted meat! Which is kind of a rare thing for me,Β I mean, I like meat but very rarely crave it and I don’t generally eat it on a daily basis but today my body was all about wanting meat. I looked at boxes of frozen burger patties but they are like $14 and I can’t spend that, so then I looked at the raw meat thinking I could just make my own (I seem to be doing that a lot lately) but I really wasn’t in the mood sooooo I continued to wander…

By the time my wandering was over I ended up with: salad, maple leaf ready to serve skinless chicken breasts (the kind all cut up ready to be put on salads etc), provolone cheese from the deli, 80grams of schneider’s low fat deli chicken breast, the deli’s home made mac n cheese, um…hmm, I think that’s it, but that’s bad enough! Turns out the cheese is 3 points for 1oz (1 slice), holy crap! for cheese?!?! I guess I got so used to eating Light Cheese I forgot how bad for you “normal” cheese is, I just thought it’d be nice to try a new kind, sigh. The salad, ready to eat chicken and deli meat chicken I don’t feel bad about, they are all healthy (in fact, I ate the salad with 25 grams of the Maple Leaf chicken tossed in for dinner, yum!) but the mac n cheese?!?! *groan* WHAT was I thinking? *double sigh* I know what I was thinking…I was thinking I was frickin starving and that in such a state of hunger a salad with some meat on it didn’t seem like enough to satisfy me (even though I know it is!) so I bought the mac n cheese thinking I’d have it with dinner, or maybe instead of the salad…stupid. stupid. stupid.

Now I have a horrendously bad for me mac n cheese in my fridge and I am gonna hafta eat it cause I can’t afford to waste food but geez, even while it’s gonna taste delish it’s gonna kinda suck. I never thought when I started all this something as simple as mac n cheese would be able to put me into spasms of conflict. *rolls eyes*

My Errand Day closed with me taking apart my dining table so I could replace it with a rockin ooooooold table that mom and dad let me pinch from the house on my last visit. It’s actually a little desk type table, I think once upon a time it was one of those little desks that had a mirror on the back and women used to sit at to do their makeup or something. Whatev, for some reason I really like the table but the only place it could fit was where my dining table was which is perfect cause the table I had was crap and too big for the space anyways. I also attempted to use the snake thing I bought during the day in an attempt to clear out a clog in my shower drain, I don’t know what is down there but I end up in ankle deep water everytime I shower and if that isn’t bad enough weird stuff is starting to come up from the drain, like flecks of I dunno, rust or something, ugh, it’s disgusting. The snake thing didn’t work, the head of it won’t fit down the drain so I hafta take it back, but the drano I also bought made it a little bit better so maybe whatever is down there will eventually go away?

So that was my day, oh, I’ll recap points for ya real quick, I earned 0 exercise points (sigh), I ate my daily 20 points and I also ate 1 flex point…it could’ve been worse and it could’ve been better – I’ll decide how I feel about it later lol. πŸ˜€


2 Responses to “Errand Day”

  1. VeeEmm August 19, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    If you use your exercise points for the mac and cheese, it will seem like a treat (which it is, anyway, for those of us who have fond memories of the days when we used to eat it all the time). Just eat it and enjoy – it’s not as if it’s a daily event.
    I read somewhere that eating a lot of red meat can contribute to arthritis pain, so good for you for eating chicken!

    • shrinkingwmn August 19, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

      I ate part of the mac n cheese tonight after boxerfit class, since I earned 10 exercise points today I was able to fit it in and not mess up my points – actually, I managed to eat only 2.5 exercise points and I only used those cause I also had an omlette to get some protein in there…eating only mac n cheese seemed too unhealthy, sigh, damn this whole being responsible with my food choices thing lol
      red meat contributes to arthritis pain? hmm, sucky. good thing I prefer eating birds! πŸ™‚

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