Week 2 Done!

25 Nov

Yesterday was the end of Week 2 of my Lose a Pant Size By Dec 22/13 challenge! To read day-to-day deets about the challenge click Here! I had a rocky start to the beginning of week 2, what with the whole pizza fiasco on the Monday but I worked hard to not mess up the rest of the days and even with snacking at the fundraiser and eating a steak dinner last night I ended up under my calories for the week. Yay!! 🙂

I know I shouldn’t be under calories for the week but since I started the week by doubling my calories for that day I am glad I managed to reverse that damage. Of course, I have 3 pieces of pizza individually wrapped and in the freezer that I have no idea what to do with but that’s a problem for another day…Granted, almost was a problem today buuuuuut I’m so determined to not have red on my bar graph for this week that I managed to not cave lol.

Looks like if my willpower starts to fail me I can rely on my not wanting to confess to you I screwed up and that’ll keep me in line! Let me tell ya, that is all that is keeping me in line right now as I reeeeally want to eat something! I know vaguely what I want to eat but at this point I’d jump face first into any number of different foods lol Classy huh? 😛

This eating plan is strict, and leaves me feeling not hungry but not full, I’m in some weird middle ground. I mean obviously leading up to meal time I feel hungry but after eating a meal I feel…I dunno, not full or satisfied but not hungry anymore…maybe this is how I am supposed to feel? Always wanting a little bit more but not eating that little bit more cause that’ll take me over the line to having eaten too much?

It sucks. But sacrifices right? Right!

Small sacrifices today to reach the goals of tomorrow! wOOt!

I’m glad I’ve got my eating under control (for today at least) since I kinda slept through my Zumba class, oops! In my defence I was running on 3 hours sleep. When I got home from work I thought it was a good idea to take a short nap and go to the slightly later Zumba class. I didn’t intend to sleep for so long! By the time I woke up all the classes were over, oh dear. Stupid 2 hour nap, sigh.

The nap did feel good though 🙂



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