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Buh-Bye 2013

31 Dec

At midnight tonight 2013 will be gone and we’ll be living in the year 2014.

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers


Anybody else’s mind blown?…just a teeny bit? a smidge?…Yeah, mine too when I actually think about it.

I don’t do the whole New Years Resolution thing, I don’t see the point. If there are things I want to do why wait for Jan 1st to start working towards doing them? Also, if I have to actually sit down and think about what I should add to a list to create a New Years Resolution list well, to me that seems I probably don’t want to do those things all that much or I wouldn’t be having to sit and make a list, I’d already be working towards those things.

Does that make sense?

If I were to make a list the things on mine would be (1) work on acting career (2) get in better shape (3) travel more or at least find a way to save money to go towards travelling.

Not that hard. But ya know what? I’m already working on all those things. *gasp* I know, shocking huh?

Sure, I have a new work out plan I am going to be following but that isn’t because tomorrow is Jan 1st, that is because my most recent challenge didn’t net me the results I wanted and I researched to find a better plan to follow. I researched this back on Dec 22nd and would have already started following it except I got sick and I’m waiting till I am better before I go to the gym. Nothing worse then people at the gym sweating like crazy and breathing super hard while sick…why not just cough right in my face? Speed up the spreading of your germs why don’t ya? Ugh.

Let’s look at the other two things on my so called list shall we?

Work on the acting career? Oh wait, I do that already! Am I not the girl who recently (like two weeks ago) signed with a new and totally awesome agent, has new headshots, updated her various online acting related sites and as soon as she is talking normally (stupid congestion, grr) will be making appointments to take care of some other acting related things that will help promote her to casting agents? Yeah, yeah that is me. Coolio. Sooooo, working on that one but not cause it is on any kind of list…

Hmm, the third is travel more or find a way to save money to go travelling. I love love love to travel! Once I started University I sadly became waaaaay too poor to be able to travel anymore. Boo! 😦 For the past 6 years all I do is go between where I live now and where I used to live, until this past summer! I broke with that little tradition and went to Los Angeles this past August and it was awesome! It’s not like L.A. is far away but (1) I hadn’t been anywhere new in 6 freakin years so it felt amazing to go! (2) I got to hang with a friend I hadn’t seen for years for ten whole days! (3) hello? it was L.A., my acting mecca lol and well, it was vacation. Vacation that wasn’t spent jumping from one friend to another trying to make sure everyone got an even amount of time with me, it was ten days where I called the shots (for the most part) about what I did and where I went. Glorious. πŸ˜€ Sooooo, I already started travelling, even if it was a baby trip and yeah, not cause I’d put that on some sort of list….guess I must have really wanted to do that huh?

Something great that came of that trip was I decided that this no travelling thing can’t go on! I don’t care if I have to backpack everywhere I travel, I haaaaave to travel! My master plan was to alternate years. So, since I travelled summer 2013 I would spend 2014 saving money and travel again in 2015 but I have a family wedding summer of 2014 in England and if I am gonna spend all that money going to England for a wedding might as well check out a country I haven’t been to yet that is in the area, right? I mean, makes sense to me…I had been planning on going to Germany but have decided to switch that to somewhere else, I haven’t decided where yet. The only condition is it has to be somewhere I haven’t been before. I love that condition. πŸ™‚ The trip will definitely be a low budget one but who cares as long as I am seeing a new part of the world? πŸ™‚

where to go? where to go? hmm...

where to go? where to go? hmm…

Perhaps you are someone who does make a New Year’s Resolution List? If so I hope that works for you and whatever you put on that list happens for you in 2014! πŸ™‚

If you’re like me and you don’t make a list don’t let that stop you from thinking of a goal and aiming for it!

2014 can be your year, I sure as hell plan on making it mine! Booyah! πŸ˜€



30 Dec

My cat is back! Yay! Things are now officially back to normal. πŸ™‚

It’s amazing how empty this apartment felt with the cat not here. No little fur ball trying to trip me, meowing for treats, playing with toys, falling asleep in the most annoying spot possible on the bed, patting the mouse pad as I type so my words get all messed up…he definitely makes his presence known at all moments and the absence of him was sad.

He had to go in to boarding while I was in Alberta. He did not like it! It was the first time I’ve ever done that to him and he did not adjust to such an extent I don’t know that I’m going to ever want to resort to that choice again. *concerned frown* For now though that is not something I am going to focus on. Instead I am going to focus on him being back and cuddling him as much as he wants (fyi, right now that is A LOT!) so he feels secure once again.

I only have long legs so I can provide adequate napping spots

I only have long legs so I can provide adequate napping spots

he kept having bad dreams and for a while insisted on using my hand as a pillow

he kept having bad dreams and for a while insisted on using my hand as a pillow

ahhh finally a restful sleep

ahhh finally a restful sleep

Yes I am aware I now seem like a cat lady because this post is about my cat and is filled with pictures of him but ya know what? I don’t care! Well…ok, I do a little bit but I’m good at pretending otherwise lol πŸ˜‰




Sick Day

29 Dec

I officially declare today a sick day. *aaaaaachooooo*sniffle*

I’m grateful I’m not coughing, that would just be cruel. So far I am sneezing, having sinus issues, exhausted and have no appetite.

Lovely don’t ya think? πŸ˜‰

I am oh so lucky to have an awesome manager who went in on her day off to cover my shift since our casual-supposed-to-be-there-to-cover-these-types-of-situations-person said no she wouldn’t work my shift when called and told I was sick. Otherwise I’d be at work right now, spreading germs, feeling miserable and most likely pouting to some degree since when I am sick I get kinda pouty. Luckily I also become a hermit and haaaate being around people when sick so generally my poutyness isn’t inflicted on others. lol.

I haven’t done much of anything today, everything I have thought of (reading, working on a puzzle, unpacking, knitting, tidying up etc) seems like too much work so instead of recounting something interesting/funny/odd from my day I shall leave you with some hockey jokes the flight attendant told on the plane yesterday, enjoy!

(1) How are the Calgary Flames and a tea bag the same?

They are both only good for one cup!

(2) How are the Edmonton Oilers and the Titanic the same?

They both look good till they hit the ice!

(3) Whose the fastest player on the Vancouver Canucks?

That Sedin guy, he’s so fast it’s like there are two of him!

and lastly…

(4) How do you know it is spring in Toronto?

The leafs are out!

bahahahahahaha πŸ˜€

hockey collage

I’m Back and I Can’t Breathe

28 Dec

I’m sick and I can’t breathe and I have no appetite and I have to work tomorrow and I’m going to bed soon. *yawn*

I managed to catch a cold the day before I left Alberta, boo! Every time I go home for Christmas I get sick. Every. Time. I was so sure I’d managed to ditch that particular tradition but my immune system apparently had other ideas. Stupid immune system. lol

If you take away the getting sick part of my trip I had a great time! Got to hang out a lot with my parents which I am sooooo grateful for, I miss them lots and was glad to have a whole bunch of quality time with them. My last full day there I hung out with various friends. It’s always good to catch up and gossip with my peeps. πŸ™‚ I wish I’d been able to have a longer trip but even as I miss my family and friends that are in Alberta I also miss here. This is where I live after all, where my cat is, my BC friends, my soon to be awesome career (please please please let the acting gods be with me! lol).

One other thing I miss when I’m not here in BC? The weather! I left -21C weather (and colder) this afternoon to come back to +5 with nooooo windchill! wOOt! πŸ˜€ Also no snow, no icy roads, no winter in the traditional Canadian style lol

Normally I get sicker earlier in my Christmas visit and as a result two things happen. The first is my mom takes care of me for a couple days and that is always nice. The other is I lose weight. I’m the only person I know who loses weight every Christmas and ya know what, I don’t care if I lose it cause I am sick, I lose it and I keep it off and all is merry and bright. lol πŸ™‚

This year however I got sick late in the visit, the night before I had to leave. Which means that while my mom (and dad) were sympathetic that I was sick there was no coddling cause I had stuff to do before leaving. I did however get a nice big bowl of my mom’s homemade turkey soup, best soup ever! It was delish! Also, I didn’t lose weight this year. *gasp* In fact, I think I gained weight. Who am I kidding, of course I gained weight there is no “I think” about it!

this would be me if I was a cat

this would be me if I was a cat

I exercised two of my days there but I ate ridiculous amounts of food all but one of my days there sooooooo weight gain. Guess I can’t gloat about how I always lose weight at Christmas anymore…sigh…

I am not worried about it thought cause (1) I’m sick now which means I won’t have an appetite till I am better which translates in to lost weight (yay!) and (2) I was researching before I even left for Alberta a new workout schedule for once I got back to BC which means before I even gained the weight I had a plan to get in better shape. How awesome is that?! It’s not even some weird kooky trend type of thing but a solid work out plan, blatantly stolen from a legit fitness website. Crazy days!

So sure, I have a bit more padding on me (which fyi, did nothing to keep me warm in the -35C weather!) but I’m gonna get rid of it soon so, meh, who cares? πŸ™‚



Yeah I have to start over again after Christmas but I didn’t quit, I just paused a little bit lol Tomorrow I will start back eating healthy and as soon as this cold starts to go away I’ll be at the gym so this is me restarting for perhaps the billionth time lol but at least I am restarting!

If you stumbled a bit over the holidays don’t fret, just get up tomorrow and restart. πŸ™‚ You’ll get to your goal eventually as long as you keep going. Think happy thoughts everyone!

An Awesome Christmas

25 Dec

It is ten to midnight which means Christmas is almost over…wait! no, I’m wrong, damn. My laptop is still on BC time so in this time zone Christmas is already over. Boo!

I hope everyone out there had a great day doing whatever it is you do on Christmas. You may celebrate it or not, that doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you had a good day. πŸ™‚

Mine went a little something like this…

Mimosa in a nutcracker glass? Don't mind if I do!

Mimosa in a nutcracker glass? Don’t mind if I do!

I feel I should insert here, I did actually eat prior to Christmas dinner, I just forgot to take a picture of the food lol My mom made me a croissant-wich, super yum! Basically a croissant with an omelette, melted cheese and turkey bacon on it. πŸ™‚

Mmm! Christmas dinner!

Mmm! Christmas dinner!

Let’s see, that one plate held turkey, vienna sausage, carrots and parsnips, mashed yam, stuffing, sauteed mushrooms, two roast potatoes, cranberry jelly and gravy. omg talk about a lot of food! I ate every single bite! I really wanted seconds but didn’t want to risk not having room for dessert which was…

Traditional Christmas dessert, sherry trifle made by yours truly!

Traditional Christmas dessert, sherry trifle made by yours truly!

It is now my responsibility to make Christmas dessert. πŸ™‚ I’ve been making it for about three years now. You may not think that is a big deal but you don’t understand how important this dessert is to my family lol It is cake mixed with fruit and of course sherry for the bottom layer, custard, then whipped cream. Β To. Die. For.

Pretty Christmas tree

Pretty Christmas tree

Me fiddling with filters lol

Me fiddling with filters lol

An epic dinosaur battle!

An epic dinosaur battle!

I’d say obviously we have children in the family but the dinosaur battle was between my six year old nephew and my over 40 year old brother sooooooo it’s not just the kids in this family that like to play lol

Guinness and scrabble

Guinness and scrabble

What better way to end a day then in similar fashion to how I started it? By that I mean with alcohol lol. Prior to the scrabble there was a Wii bowling competition in which I slaughtered my brother…not that I am competitive or anything! lol πŸ˜‰ To be honest it took no skill, I have no idea how I got so many strikes except I must’ve found a sweet spot for the sensor but hey, I’ll take it! πŸ˜›







Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

merry christmas

To all my readers, I hope you have an amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Thank you for reading my blog! Wonder what adventures you’ll share with me in 2014? lol πŸ™‚



24 Dec

This is a day late but better late than never, right? πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, December 23rd, was my birthday! Yay! We will not discuss how many years I have been on this planet thank-you-very-much! lol

The day did not go quite as planned but I don’t care, it was my birthday which means no matter what the day will be good. πŸ™‚ Or at least that is my mentality. Logical? Nope! Do I care? Nope!

My flight was supposed to arrive 10:30pm the night before but I got in around 4am the day of. I did not anticipate any of my birthday being spent en route to my parents place for Christmas but not like I could do anything about it. The plane was coming from Montreal, landing, going to Prince George then coming back to take my flight to Alberta. The storms on the Eastern end of the country held up the plane when it was coming from Montreal then when it got to Prince George there was some sort of trouble so all in all my flight was late by 7 hours. Some people were pretty cranky but I don’t see the point in that. Nobody can control the weather, and when travelling in winter you are pretty much guaranteed to have flight delays, and I’m sorry but being passive aggressive to the people who work with the airlines is ridiculous.

Ok, rant over!

I got to my parents place just before 5:30am, chilled with them for a bit then crashed. By that point I’d been up over 24 hours and was in desperate need of sleep. I didn’t want to sleep my whoooooole birthday away though, just part of it! lol, so I got my mom to wake me. She woke me by bringing me a cup of tea πŸ™‚ Best. Mom. Ever.

My birthday gifts to myself were exercising and a new purse. Yes, you read that right, exercising was one of my birthday gifts to myself. Normally when I go on anything I can deem a vacation I slack when it comes to exercise and even if I have the best of intentions I end up eating poorly. Bad habits sure but at least I know myself and know what I’m gonna get up to lol For this trip I brought the Insanity workouts on a memory stick and my laptop with the full intention of working out daily, or almost daily (I’m thinking it won’t happen on Christmas day but who knows?) and so far I am two for two. A Christmas miracle! lol

I got up (eventually) on the 23rd, made a healthy breakfast, digested for a bit, worked out, showered (and pampered myself) then enjoyed the rest of my birthday knowing I had done something good for myself. That’s gotta be a first…and what’s even weirder is I liked it lol

I spent the day with my family and loved it. Got to see my nephews, my bro and sis, obviously my parents since I am staying with them lol All in all, a perfect day! πŸ™‚

Oh, and I got a whole lotta books as presents which made me squeal like a little girl and literally hug the books to my chest lol I looooove reading and haven’t been able to afford to buy a new book in ages so getting a whole stack of books, and all of them the newest book in various series that I read, was amazing! I also got a beautiful silver chain which is perfect for my dragon boat pendant. πŸ™‚

Happy birthday

Thank Goodness For Wifi

22 Dec

All I can say is thank you to all the various entities out there for wifi! I have been at the airport since 5:30pm, it is currently 9:22pm and I have no hopes of getting out of here any earlier then midnight. Oy!

I shouldn’t complain, I mean really? What do I have to complain about in the grand scheme of things? That I’m tired? Well sure, but lots of people are tired, trust me, I’m looking at a lot of them lol That my flight isn’t on time? Being able to afford to fly home to see my family at Christmas time is a privilege not everybody has so instead of being cranky the flight is late I am grateful that I will eventually be on a plane headed home for a short but lovely visit. That I don’t have a strong enough wifi signal to stream a movie? People at the other end of my country are suffering massive power outages due to severe winter storms, I am lucky to be inside, where it is warm, there is ample food and drink (sure it’s over priced but that’s airports for ya!) and the wifi signal is at least strong enough to blog. Oh and there is enough electricity flowing around here my phone is currently plugged in to a post right beside me charging while I blissfully type away.

Oh dear, new update is departure at 12:47am with arrival sometime after 3am…

There is something soothing about airports, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, just that I always like being in them. Sure sometimes you are rushed and stressed but for the most part (in my experience anyways) it’s a bunch of walking, interspersed with sitting and lots and lots of people watching. Something I love to do! And hey, all these people are trapped in here with me which means I get to spy on a lot of them for a long length of time bwahahahahaha <– that is my evil laugh πŸ˜‰

This dude knows how to people!

This dude knows how to people spy…er…watch!

I do kinda wish the lady sitting next to me who seems to be trying her best to cough up her lung would go away but since we are both using the charging station for our phones odds of that are slim to none. Ah well, shrug.

So far my time in the airport has been great! It usually is. πŸ™‚

I am incapable of packing light and always am a little over weight with my checked luggage, which I was this time, no surprise. What I am proud of is for the first time I brought a fabric shopping bag with me specifically for the items I would have to take out of the suitcase, yay for thinking ahead! I even knew what I was going to take out lol It sucks that I am hauling around a second bag to take on the plane with me but whatev, I knew it’d happen, it is practically inevitable in the land of me. πŸ˜›

When I saw my flight was delayed by a couple hours I decided I’d head in to White Spot and get a real meal instead of something fast foodie from the food court. I got a chicken burger from the healthy section of the menu but it wasn’t very good, sadness. When the waitress finally came back I asked for the yam fries to be boxed but not the burger because it wasn’t good (I left half of it on the plate), she then asked if I wanted anything else which is such a dangerous question for me lol I got a blueberry cheesecake (hey, don’t judge! it’s small!) and highly enjoyed that. When I got my bill she had taken off the entree since I said it wasn’t good, nice huh? I never mean to be that person who complains to try to get a lower bill so when I saw the bill I felt a little bad she had done that but like I am gonna complain? Nuh-uh! I tipped her based on what the bill would have been though, karma ya know?

Then I re-checked the flight board and saw my flight was delayed even more so I went to the check in counter cause I had a question and because the flight was delayed they gave me a $10 voucher to use at any of the vendors as a “sorry you are stuck here” kind of thing. See why I love WestJet?? I went to Tim Horton’s (a tradition when I travel lol), got a donut and tea and then bought a bunch of Timbits for the WestJet staff, I figured they were gonna have a lot of cranky people on their hands due to the flight delays and sugar might help lol

Yum! I hope they liked them!

Yum! I hope they liked them!

Now I’m sitting in the boarding area, and they just announced that everyone on my flight will get a voucher to use at any of the vendors due to the flight delay. I know they are doing that to try to keep us from getting cranky but I don’t care, I still think it is nice. Some companies don’t care if you are cranky or not, least WestJet cares.

My only pressing thing to contemplate right now is do I risk losing a seat near one of the charging stations so I can go pick up my voucher or do I wait a bit and get it later?

Not Enough Time

20 Dec

I need more time…for everything! lol

I need more time to get back on track with my eating plan in the hopes I will fit in those jeans. I need more time to get packed for my trip home for Christmas. I need more time to find an outfit to wear to my agency Christmas party. I need more time to emotionally prepare myself for leaving my cat at a boarding place. *sniffle* I don’t wanna leave my cat! 😦

I’m not sure if it would be better to add more hours to the day or just add a day or two in to the weekend…as if I could do either! lol πŸ˜›

I had a horrible three days this week when it comes to food. Each day I ate something super high in calories, and what’s even worse is I can’t get specific nutritional information for any of those days so my numbers are guesses, sigh, I hate inaccurate nutritional information, makes me feel like I am cheating lol So now I am freaking out about being able to fit in to the jeans that are hanging on my wall. The goal jeans. The jeans I have been aiming to be able to comfortably wear since last month when I went on this revamped eating plan. Arg!

Packing. Man oh man I suck at packing. Actually, no, that’s not true, I can pack and pack well, you’d be surprised at how much stuff I can fit in to a suitcase! lol I suck at actually getting around to packing…I have this unfortunate habit of trying to pack practically all of my clothes and shoes, realizing I can’t take them all, taking over half the stuff out of the suitcase, squishing what I deem essential in to the suitcase, expand the suitcase, realize I forgot something then try oh so hard to fit it in, give up and decide to fix it the next day but the next day is the day I am leaving so when I try to fix it I am super rushed and always end up with an overweight suitcase when I get to the airport. It’s practically tradition! lol

luckily my suitcase isn't that small! lol

luckily my suitcase isn’t that small! lol

I don’t have time to do any of that this trip so I actually *gasp* wrote a list of what to pack! A list! Eeegads, I feel so grown up…I packed my clothes and the Christmas presents and am shocked at how quickly the process went, maybe there is something to this list thing…Of course the packing isn’t done, I still have to pack my wash kit but I don’t fly out for a couple days yet and I need that stuff till then lol

I spent part of yesterday shopping for a dress to wear Saturday night to the agency Christmas party. I failed miserably. Ugh. Shopping is one of those activities that either makes me ridiculously happy or ridiculously miserable. The party is a formal affair and I don’t have an appropriate dress, crap! I didn’t have a lot of time to shop so picked one shop I usually have success at and basically put all my eggs in one basket…let’s just say I broke the eggs *rolls eyes* lol broken-eggs1Nothing they had looked right on me which was disheartening. I ended up buying two blouses and hoping one of them would match a lace skirt I already had at home. I tried them on with the skirt this evening and the one was ok, not amazing or anything but I guess it’ll hafta do. shrug.

For the first time ever I am putting my cat in to boarding and I am spazzing about it. sigh. He would be too if he knew what was coming. I had a cat sitter but that fell through and an awesome friend said she’d come over daily with her daughters and take care of my little bundle of fur but she is a super busy lady and the more I thought about it the worse I felt. She doesn’t have time for that and even though I knew she’d somehow find the time I (1) didn’t want to cause her even more stress and (2) realized that she’d at most spend an hour a day at my place which would mean he’d be spending 23 hours a day alone and that’s not cool. I put his name on waiting lists for boarding places and was told odds were way slim so I bought him a plane ticket and was all excited he’d be coming with me. Well go figure someone cancelled and he got in to a boarding place so now he is staying here and I’m sad he won’t be coming with me and worried he’ll be miserable. What if he thinks I am abandoning him? Not coming back? Don’t love him? 😦 I took him to the vet this past Tuesday and he only finally forgave me for that today…that’s three days of upsetness over one little trip. What the hell is he gonna do when he is left somewhere for a week?!

On happy notes we had snow again today, more then the last snowfall! There was enough snow I had to brush it off my suv, some people at work made a snowman and everything is gorgeous looking. πŸ™‚

Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Gotta love a snowman!

Gotta love a snowman!


Three Day Gong Show

18 Dec

You would think that in the final stretch of this challenge, when there are barely any days left to lose enough weight to be able to fit in to the pants I have hanging on my wall I would be doing everything right. You’d think I’d be exercising once a day or more, that I’d be following my eating plan so strictly that not even a little crumb of something bad for me would get near me, let alone in me. But this is me. And we should all know better than that by now. πŸ˜‰

I am surprised at just how spectacularly I have screwed up these past three days. I’m talking epic levels of screwed up! EPIC! *sigh*

I’m ashamed at how badly I have been eating these last three days. Some of it I know why it happened, some of it I don’t. I know that right now I am a combination of “what’s done is done and tomorrow is going to be even worse so get over it” and “oh my god I can’t believe how badly I am sabotaging myself! do I not want to fit in to the jeans? do I want to be fat forever? put the freakin food down already and learn to have some semblance of will power damn it!”

Since I believe in tough love and generally am not all that nice to myself I am leaning more towards the second mentality than the first. I tend to mentally yell at myself a lot lol

So let’s catch you up on just how I’ve been screwing up shall we?

Monday, there were little pieces of pumpkin pie at work…there was no one around which means no witnesses…I ate three little pieces, ugh. They tasted sooooo good! That particular screw up was a direct result of not over eating the day before at the buffet we had at work for Christmas. Confused? Lemme try to explain. I did my best to eat healthy at the buffet at work, I didn’t eat the eggs benedict, the potatoes, the buns, the stuffing…basically a bunch of food I would have loved to of eaten. I did eat a small piece of salmon, one slice of turkey I cut the skin off of, veggies, two shrimp and smoked salmon. Everything I took I took a small amount of and did my best to scrape off sauces etc. I allowed myself to have a lemon tart for dessert and some fresh fruit. I had a relatively small amount of food by the end of my meal and was left feeling a bit hungry, which I am sorta used to since I usually feel a low level vague sense of hunger at all times. I like to think resisting that hunger makes me strong lol πŸ˜› Everyone else stuffed themselves on the main foods and the desserts and loved every bite. None of them seemed to feel badly about what they ate or how much, they just enjoyed. I felt…deprived…which is stupid, but I did. People always walk away from buffets stuffed silly, especially Christmas buffets, free Christmas buffets, but not me, and it left me feeling…I dunno…like I was missing out on something. A little empty inside. Stupid, I know! As a result I ate three little pieces of pumpkin pie the next day. *rolls eyes* The three little pieces didn’t even equal one slice but it still set me up for the fall I was about to take off the meal plan wagon I had been on all this time.

My dinner was no better, I ended up screwing up there and going sooooo far over my calories for the day it is embarrassing. 😦

Tuesday I was going to get back on track, stop being a screw up and try to fix the damage I’d done Monday buuuuut that didn’t quite happen. I won’t go in to massive details and bore you but I ended up having to run around and fix something major uber important and didn’t get to eat until 3pm. By that time I was half starved and bought Thai food, specifically I ate Pad Thai. I love Pad Thai but had absolutely no idea just how bad it was for me, crap! Later that night when I was trying to find nutritional information I was pretty much screwed. The restaurant I bought it from doesn’t have nutritional information and everything I look at has such drastically different numbers for calories, fat, carbs, sodium etc that I don’t know which numbers to use. Since none of them had good numbers and I was feeling a bit sick from being so full I decided I just wouldn’t eat the rest of the day to balance out the ridiculousness that was that meal. That oh so tasty meal, Mmm. Would’ve worked but at a movie that night I ended up nibbling on a friend’s popcorn and twizzlers. It started as a joke, one of the guys an I were joking about how E is always so distracted we could probably sneak away his popcorn and he’d never know. Turns out we could snag it and once we had it how am I going to explain without looking like a diet obsessed female that “oh sorry, I can’t have a small amount of popcorn to finish off the joke cause it’s not in my eating plan”? I had a bit, and a bit turned in to a bit more, then somehow it turned in to also eating 4 twizzlers, and omg I didn’t want to stop! What the hell is wrong with me?! Movie junk food?? I don’t eat that crap! Arg! Bone head move or what? *flares nostrils* After the movie we went for drinks, I had this lychee drink that was so tasty! Lychee is one of my fave fruits. πŸ™‚ It was lychee liqueur, peach liqueur, apple juice and lychee for garnish. Mmm! I don’t even want to think about the calories in that…

Then today. *rolls eyes* I started off alright, I had oatmeal, not on my eating plan but relatively ok to eat. I went to the German Christmas Market with KL this evening and we ate dinner there. I had a schnitzel in a pita, there was also coleslaw stuffed in there. Holy crap it was good! KL had meat in a bun covered with sauerkraut, we weren’t sure what kind of meat it was but I was betting pork. Dessert was a waffle on a stick. I love how so many foods can be eaten on sticks nowadays lol Oh, and two cups of apple cider.

My schnitzel wrap

My schnitzel wrap

KL's unknown mean in a bun

KL’s unknown mean in a bun

Waffle on a stick drizzled in chocolate, Mmm!

Waffle on a stick drizzled in chocolate, Mmm!

That makes three days of epic food fails. THREE! I only have until Sunday to be able to fit in to those jeans if I want to succeed in my challenge and instead of making this final week an epic-do-everything-right-and-kick-ass-till-I-get-to-the-finish-line week I am going nuts with the food and lack of exercise and omg what the hell is wrong with me?? I’m so mad at myself! What’s worse is tomorrow is my work Christmas lunch and that won’t be anywhere near healthy!

I’m never gonna fit in to my jeans…

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