Sick Day

29 Dec

I officially declare today a sick day. *aaaaaachooooo*sniffle*

I’m grateful I’m not coughing, that would just be cruel. So far I am sneezing, having sinus issues, exhausted and have no appetite.

Lovely don’t ya think? πŸ˜‰

I am oh so lucky to have an awesome manager who went in on her day off to cover my shift since our casual-supposed-to-be-there-to-cover-these-types-of-situations-person said no she wouldn’t work my shift when called and told I was sick. Otherwise I’d be at work right now, spreading germs, feeling miserable and most likely pouting to some degree since when I am sick I get kinda pouty. Luckily I also become a hermit and haaaate being around people when sick so generally my poutyness isn’t inflicted on others. lol.

I haven’t done much of anything today, everything I have thought of (reading, working on a puzzle, unpacking, knitting, tidying up etc) seems like too much work so instead of recounting something interesting/funny/odd from my day I shall leave you with some hockey jokes the flight attendant told on the plane yesterday, enjoy!

(1) How are the Calgary Flames and a tea bag the same?

They are both only good for one cup!

(2) How are the Edmonton Oilers and the Titanic the same?

They both look good till they hit the ice!

(3) Whose the fastest player on the Vancouver Canucks?

That Sedin guy, he’s so fast it’s like there are two of him!

and lastly…

(4) How do you know it is spring in Toronto?

The leafs are out!

bahahahahahaha πŸ˜€

hockey collage


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