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You Know When…

10 Jan

You know when you lost something super important but it’s not really lost because it is in your apartment somewhere and you know it is in your apartment somwhere because you remember taking it out of the spot it usually lives and putting it somewhere “safe” only the logic you used to pick that so called safe spot is eluding you so now instead of being safe it is hidden and you are freaking out because what if you actually accidentally threw it out when organizing and it really is lost and not “safe”? phew…*deep breath*

this was me at 3am, only I am in colour

this was me at 3am, only I am in colour

That was me, this morning, at around 3am. Freaking out because something wasn’t where I was so certain it would be and I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I put it and of course I couldn’t sleep cause who can sleep when they realize they may have permanently misplaced something super important? omg, must remember to breathe, and punctuate! lol

Luckily I found what I was freaking out about, put it in a new “safe” spot but this time the spot where it actually belongs and all is good in my little section of the world. 🙂

But yeah, that was me in the wee hours of the morning. Talk about not being in a good frame of mind for falling asleep. I’ve been running on low batteries today due to lack of sleep because of my 3am freak out. I’m all eager to go home, have a cup of decaf tea and chill before going to bed nice n early buuuuut I have a party after work soooooo no early bedtime for moi. Which in all honesty is probably better cause dude, I’ve gotta socialize! Can’t always have a quiet night at home or I’ll turn in to that rock with moss growing on it and well, ew!

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