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Shallow Moment Happening…Right Now!

17 Jan

Ahahahahahaha I just finished jumping up and down, doing a little (ok, big!) butt wiggle of a dance and aaaalmost silently squealing like a little girl!

Guess whose online purchases showed up in the mail todaaaaaay?

Yay for new stuff! πŸ˜€

This whole delayed gratification thing? Totally worth it! wOOt! wOOt!

My jacket was waiting on the doorstep when I left my place today to go to work, I took the package with me but left it in my car while I was working, drove me nuts I couldn’t open it right away lol When I was off work I drove to a friend’s house, she has a pair of snow pants that she was willing to let me have (provided they fit of course) because she’d bought a new pair and this pair was still in excellent condition but obviously she doesn’t need two pairs.

Purple and green, awesome combo!

Purple and green, awesome combo!

I was kinda worried, ok, really worried I’d be too fat for them. KR is way tinier than me and even though she was replacing these pants because they were way too big for her I was still worried what was way to big on her would be too small on me. I was all prepared to be mad at myself when I tried them on and they didn’t fit but guess what?? Not only do they fit, they are a bit loose! OMG yay!! Even though she didn’t want any money for the pants no way could I not give her something for them (brand new they would cost around $200 and these were in such good shape she could have easily sold them for $100). She finally said $50 which duh, oh course I said yes to but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna give her a bit more than that cause they are so awesome and she’s doing me such a huuuuge favour.

Then, when I got home waiting for me on my doorstep were my new boots from Aldo, sweeeet! They fit perfectly, super comfy, nice n cozy, I can’t wait to wear them out! πŸ™‚

They are finally all miiiiiine!

They are finally all miiiiiine!

So now I am dying to go to the mountain and try out my new gear, I wanna break in the jacket and snowpants and my snowshoes oh-so-badly but alas, I hafta work tomorrow so no going to the mountain for me. Boo! I’ll be going this coming week on my days off for sure!

The boots however are not meant for snowshoeing, nope, they are meant for fashion so I’m pretty darn sure I’ll be finding a way to wear those suckers, oh I dunno, tomoorrow? lol πŸ˜›

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