Carrot Juice Review

7 Jan

Alrighty, so in an attempt to be healthier I started researching green smoothies, basically, smoothies with lots of veggies in them (mostly green veggies), they are supposed to be meal replacements and an amazing addition to your healthy lifestyle. Or so many a blog and article say…

I was reading a bunch of different articles to find out what I should be putting in my green smoothie and in what quantities and well, the research wasn’t going great. A lot of people seem to be all “this is my way, it is the best way, follow my rules!” Bunch of green smoothie freaks happenin out there! 😉 lol

So after basically learning only four things for sure (1) start adding green stuff slowly cause it’s an acquired taste (2) carrots will help add some sweetness (3) everyone seems to use a lot of kale and (4) hmm, I would have sworn there was a fourth…oh well! 😛 I went to the store to start my shopping cause yeah, not a big owner of kale over here…I didn’t know what it was actually and had to google it 😛

A friend recommended I check out the drinks and smoothies by Healthy Planet, they have a green smoothie drink, she said why not just read the bottle, see what they put in theirs and buy the same stuff. Brilliant! I am not above copying someone if they already figured out the best way to do something, cause ya know, sincerest form of flattery an all that. 😉

I was checking out their drinks and what caught my eye but a bottle of carrot juice by Bolthouse Farms. I read a book yeeeeeears ago where the main character, in one small scene, was drinking carrot juice. From that day I have always wondered about it. The character was super healthy, fit, ate well, I liked her, and I dunno, I got intrigued. Not intrigued enough to go off searching for a bottle of carrot juice, obviously, but it was something that always stayed in my head.

Knowing I love carrot soup I decided why not buy a bottle of carrot juice, it’s right here in front of me and on sale, it’s like it is meant to be! Adding something healthy to my list of healthy choices can only be a good thing, right? Right!

2015-01-03 13.16.49

Well lemme tell ya, I am oh so grateful I only bought one bottle cause omg no! No! No! No! No! That juice is nasty! Ugh! *shudder*

I tried. I swear I tried but I couldn’t get past two small sips and down the drain it went. So amazingly not good.

What kind of crazy person came up with this idea? I’m all for healthy but wow, just…No!

I’d like to be clear I am not blaming Bolthouse, it’s not that I think they personally made a horrible juice but that other companies have an ok version, I’m now of the firm opinion that carrots should not be made in to juice. Keep them as soup. Keep them as solids. Keep them as garnish. Just don’t turn them in to juice, that’s when you know you’ve gone over to the dark side…or would it be the orange side? 😉


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