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My Protein Smoothie Skills

9 Nov

I used to make delicious protein smoothies. Which I know is a stupid thing to be blathering about but hey, if it is something you are eating (or drinking) daily, you want it to taste good, and fulfill your nutritional needs…but mostly taste good lol

My preference was for unflavoured protein powder because then it wouldn’t interfere with the flavours of the other ingredients, or have that gross artificial taste that so many of the powders have. Also, the tubs are huge, and I didn’t want to be committed to a specific flavour for so long. What if I buy chocolate because when shopping I want chocolate but three days later I’m not in a chocolate mood anymore? I’d rather buy unflavoured and switch up the other ingredients to make the protein smoothie taste however I want it that day.

I got off the protein smoothie bandwagon a while ago, so haven’t made one in ages. I did however, in a half-hearted attempt to get back in shape, buy some protein powder maybe a month or so ago and started experimenting with smoothie bowls.

They were not good.

At all.

I thought I didn’t have ratios of ingredients in there correctly, I thought because I was making them thicker, more ice cream texture, vs a drink, I’d messed something up. Then I realized that it was the powder I bought.

protein powder gross

When I was at Costco they had a powder on sale and I figured I’d give it a try. It is a smaller sized tub, wasn’t too expensive, and sure it came in vanilla flavour but vanilla goes well with so many fruits and I figured mixing it with water or milk for just a simple protein drink will make it suck less than when I did that with the unflavoured powder…though I did add some cinnamon to the unflavoured one to make it palatable, but that’s a whole other thing.

So! I bought the vanilla bean flavoured stuff and oh the regrets! It is not good. The flavour is that horrible fake flavour I was wanting to avoid and the powder does a crap job of dissolving when mixed, even when mixed in a blender. How is that even possible?

I’d heard I could take it back to Costco, even after it was opened and tested, but I didn’t have the receipt anymore, so I was stuck with it. Which meant I stuffed the container in the back of a cupboard and tried to justify buying a different type when I have a protein powder already. Oh the perils of being cheap and trying to avoid wasting food, sigh.

Out of nowhere I realized something that others would most likely have thought of way sooner, I could add some vanilla extract to the smoothie, force a truer vanilla flavour, and that might drown out the fake vanilla flavour.


Well, maybe, but worth a try!

So this evening I made a protein smoothie, there was the protein powder, milk (I used to use almond milk but didn’t have any so regular milk it is!) plain Greek yoghurt, one frozen banana, frozen peach slices (cause peaches and vanilla are two flavours that pair well), and a bit of vanilla extract.

After almost killing my blender, it apparently doesn’t care for frozen peach slices, I taste tested it and decided it was a bit bland, so I tossed in more frozen peach slices and hit puree. On the second taste test I figured it was ok enough to be palatable so poured it in to a cup and voila! Protein smoothie.

protein smoothie

Peach Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Uh, yeah, so apparently my skills at making a delish protein smoothie are a tad rusty. It was not bad, but not good. Nothing I’d Instagram about, which is saying something considering how many food pictures I have on there!

I’m hoping my skills at making a tasty and nutritious protein smoothie will return, maybe they just need practice, it has been a while after all. If they have deserted me, well, I guess that is why Pinterest has so many protein smoothie recipes pinned on boards!

protein smoothie drinking

Proof I drank it!

Costco Toys With My Heart

27 Jan

Oh Costco, you are so mean!

A while ago I wrote how they took away Kodiak Cakes from their stores. Devastation! Horror! Tragedy!

Well happy news, they brought them back so yay! Kodiak Cakes came back in to my life and I was a happy camper.

Costco, being worse than a jilted ex who keeps popping in to your life to mess with your head, has now discontinued another staple of my food world.

Devastation! Horror! Tragedy!

Costco, what are you trying to do to me? 😦

PB2, a food you may or may not have heard of, was most affordable if bought at Costco but sadly they have removed it from their regular stock. *pout*

Guess who blew their food budget out of the water to stock up on 4 containers of the stuff? This girl!

Yes ok, it can be bought at GNC and other health nut stores but in smaller containers for more money. Uh…no thanks! Hence stocking up today, before the last store in my area ran out of the last little bit of their stock.


In case you have no idea what PB2 is lemme give you the lowdown. It is a peanut butter alternative, a powdered peanut butter. You can either add water to the powder to bring it back to normal peanut butter consistency or add it in powdered form to smoothies, oatmeal, all sorts of things.

Some of the ways I have used it…

(1) 2Tbls PB2 mixed with 1 1/2Tbls water so it is a bit runny, like heated up peanut butter, then I dipped sliced apples in it

(2) mix it with water to normal peanut butter consistency and spread it on my Kodiak Cakes (like pancakes), or on bread

(3) in powdered form put it in oatmeal, omg so good in oatmeal!

(4) in powdered form added it in to a smoothie

(5) made it in to peanut butter consistency and used it in a baking recipe

Basically anywhere you use peanut butter you can use PB2 for fewer calories, fat, etc.

I haven’t used it in anywhere near all the ways others have, a lot of people use it to make a peanut sauce for cooked dishes, which I like the sound of but have no idea how to make a normal peanut sauce let alone a modified version lol

A source told me when she lived in a small town and had no stores nearby to buy it from she ordered it online for about $8 a jar so I guess that will be something to look in to once my stockpile runs out. I reeeeeally hope by then Costco has come to their senses and brought it back though because seriously, taking it away, so mean!


That Consumer

20 Jan

So apparently I am that consumer, you know, the one that calls stores and complains about something.

Ugh. I hate the idea that I am that person and yet…I did it, and I would do it again lol

The other day I went to Costco, you know Costco, the store that convinces you buying everything in bulk quantities is a great idea, even if it means you’ll be eating the same thing every day for a week just so you can finish it up before it goes bad.

I sound like I don’t like Costco when in fact I love Costco lol


I was at Costco and one of the things I bought was Diet Coke, which to me is a requirement for living a happy life. A case of Diet Coke at Costco has 32 cans of pop in it, yay!


So, I get home and start putting the cans of pop in the fridge. Because of the size of the packaging I take the cans out of the main package and put them loose in the fridge. Normally I put a couple cans in the fridge and as I drink one I put a new can in but this time I decided to put them all in, that way the room temp cans aren’t taking up valuable floor space.

Well, turns out I was missing a can. Sadness! No way was I attempting to get the cans back in the packaging and carting them back to the store but…I didn’t want to be shorted a can of pop.

Which is how I became that consumer. The one who called customer service, told them what happened, and just by being on the phone with them was obviously expecting a solution to the problem that would not inconvenience me lol

The lady I spoke to was entertaining, and didn’t make me feel like an idiot for calling about such a thing, which was nice. I told her I couldn’t get back there until Sunday so they have a can of Diet Coke waiting for me at customer service that I can pick up this Sunday after work.

I’m sure she was rolling her eyes at having to put one can of Diet Coke to the side for me but I kinda don’t care…I paid for that can of pop so I want it…obviously. lol

The whole thing is ridiculous, and I think in the past I would have just shrugged and figured oh well, but I am on a strict budget this year and every penny counts…can I still say that or should the expression change to “every nickel” since we don’t use pennies anymore?…hmm, something to ponder…but yeah, I’m being super strict with money this year and apparently that also covers something as silly as a single missing can of Diet Coke.

Wordless Wednesday – My First!

5 Dec
What I opened my eyes to, so cute!

What I opened my eyes to, so cute!


My oh so healthy breakfast; tea and a Clif Bar!

My oh so healthy breakfast; tea and a Clif Bar!



Shopping with a friend, man this store is dangerous lol

Shopping with a friend, man this store is dangerous lol


Lunch - waaaaay too much food!

Lunch – waaaaay too much food!



What I wasn't able to eat...

What I wasn’t able to eat…


Dinner, a yummy Tuscan Tomato and Basil Bisque and of course my diet coke.

Dinner, a yummy Tuscan Tomato and Basil Bisque and of course my diet coke.


All In One Meal

19 Sep

So I did a bad bad thing; I ate almost all my points in one meal. Oops! lol. It wasn’t even some kind of splurge thing where I decided to save my points so I could eat something really good it was just the day getting away from me and all of a sudden it is dinner time and I haven’t eaten anything.

When I went out to do a bunch of errands I planned on eating right after errand number two – that was Costco. Coscto is like a dream and a nightmare all at once – surrounded by so many things (you should have seen all the Christmas suff!) and yet, who needs to buy 3 jumbo sized boxes of Ziploc bags? Not me, I don’t even have space for them in my kitchen and yet they ended up in my cart, lol. I took them out of the cart before I got to the check out but something about that place, *shakes head*, I always feel like I want to buy so much more then what I really need. The high point of every costco trip is the hot dog…yup, you read that right! I always always always go to the eatery section and buy a hot dog and pop, I mean come on, it’s like $2 and the hot dogs there are sooooooo good! I don’t drink pop anymore but I figured I could still get the hot dog cause I only go there maybe once every 6 months or so and I hadn’t eaten anything yet today. Well, sadness, the eatery section is under construction so no hot dog for me. 😦 The bigger problem with the eatery being closed is that I had a bunch more stuff to do and no chance to get something to eat. sigh.

Luckily I had a little Weight Watchers Pretzel snack bag thing in my purse and a bottle of water with me so that held me over till I got home. The weird thing is that I kept thinking I should be hungry, I mean come on, it was like 6pm before I got home and ate but I didn’t feel hungry at all. I even managed to go grocery shopping and stick only to my list cause I just didn’t care about food. It’s so odd. When I got home I had my whole dinner figured out and I thought by then I’d be practically diving in to it but nope, I think I could have gone without eating at all and I’d of been fine…not healthy, but fine. shrug. If I wasn’t on weight watchers that’s what I would have done – not eat anything I mean. It’s not that big a deal, I used to not eat for an entire day or two I want to say all the time but that’s an exageration, but often. Now it’s ingrained in me I have to eat, even if I am not hungry, so I made myself a high point dinner and ate that and voila! I hit my points exactly. 🙂 Yah! lol

I don’t want to screw up since I had such a good weigh in yesterday…gotta keep on track! It’ll be easier during the week, as much as I am not looking forward to work least I know for the next five days I will be on a more structured eating timeline and that is always helpful.

Today I ate:

1 weight watchers Pretzel Thins = 2 points

2 timbits = 4 points

85 grams Alexia Yam Fries = 3 points

1 Chicken breast (stuffed with broccoli and cheese) = 7 points

1 cup kraft dinner = 6 points

Total points eaten is 22. I also had a corn on the cob and 1 tsp margarine with my dinner but the corn tasted funny. I am not sure how long it is meant to last in the fridge, it’s the last corn on the cob that I bought last weekend (there were four in a pack) and I have been eating them over the course of the week. I only took about two bites of it and decided to not push my luck so I am not counting points from it, shrug, too bad cause I really like it but it so didn’t taste like how it was supposed to! 😛 Speaking of how long food lasts anyone have any ideas about chick peas? I opened the can at some point during the last week…maybe last weekend…I really can’t remember, but I haven’t been eating a lot of them so I still have a bunch in my fridge and I am wondering how long I can keep eating them before they go bad…I hate how quickly so many foods go bad, sigh. I can never seem to eat things quickly enough.

I am still riding the high from having officially reached ten pounds lost so I wore a sweater/wrap thing I own that I haven’t worn in a while. I haven’t worn it for a while cause (1) it’s been summer, duh! and (2) when I bought it it fit nice, then I gained even more weight and it stopped hiding my bulges and started making me look like a big blob. sigh. I thought I’d give it a try today, see how I felt in it and how it looked. It wasn’t bad, it could be better but I was happy with it. It skimmed over me the way it is supposed to which was nice. 🙂 Makes me wonder what else in my closet I can wear now that I had gotten too fat for…guess I’ll just have to treat myself to an evening of trying on my own clothes and seeing how they fit…but not tonight cause the season premiere of Law and Order SVU is on in a half hour and I am gonna be glued to my tv for the duration. 😀

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