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Three Yoghurts and a Soup…and Pie

13 Aug

Sorta fell off the wagon with my writing on here, sorry!

So since my last post I have eaten three more of the American yoghurts and one soup.

I’ll just write about these in the order I ate them, ok? 🙂

Harvest Peach

Harvest Peach

The first of the three is Harvest Peach, it is one of the Weight Watchers yoghurts so it was 2 points and does not contain aspartame…not that I actually care about that, I mean c’mon, I drink so much diet coke half my blood is probably aspartame lol 😉

Anyways…it was good, not oh-my-god-amazing or anything but good. It tasted like peaches, which is the point of the flavour so points to them for that lol

I think the reason I am not raving about it is because it was my night time snack waaaay back on Monday after I had some totally delicious banana cream pie for dinner.

Yes you read that right lol I’m trying to feel guilty or ashamed by the fact that I had pie for dinner but I don’t, shrug. A friend at work made me a personal sized banana cream pie when she found out it is my favourite type of pie, how awesome is that!

Home made banana cream pie

Home made banana cream pie

I don’t know if you can tell the size of the pie from that picture, the blue dish it is resting on is a dinner plate, the medium sized one that comes in a set, so it wasn’t a full size pie at all. It was pretty much perfect for one person. 🙂

I’m pretty sure anything I ate after the pie would have gotten a review of “ok” cause how do you beat banana cream pie? The answer is you don’t! lol

The next yoghurt was…

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie! Because apparently I was on a pie kick lol Actually I pick them randomly from the fridge so I never know what flavour I am getting next.

Not gonna lie, I had high hopes for this one since Boston Cream Pie is my favourite doughnut. I’ve never actually had a slice of Boston Cream Pie so the only thing I had to compare the yoghurt to was the doughnut and well, no, just no. The yoghurt tasted so fake, it wasn’t at all like the doughnut, just spoonful after spoonful of artificial taste. It is like when you buy a cheap advent calendar at Christmas and the chocolate is the super cheap gross kind and it doesn’t even taste like chocolate even an itty bitty bit, it just tastes like chemicals. This yoghurt was like that. Yuch.

I guess the only way it can redeem itself an itsy bitsy bit is that it is one of the Weight Watcher yoghurts so it is only 2 points.

Things got better though, don’t despair!

Zesty Southwestern Style Vegetable Soup

Zesty Southwestern Style Vegetable Soup

I had a soup, Mmm! I love soup!

This is a Progresso Light Zesty Southwestern Style Vegetable soup and so far it has been the best of all of them. It lived up to the “zesty” without being overwhelmingly spicy and the vegetables were cut in to these nice big chunks. It was pretty much awesome and if this soup was sold where I live I would buy it frequently. It is Weight Watcher endorsed and is 2 points a serving, there are 2 servings in a can.

Close Up!

Close Up!

Look at those vegetable! There are kidney beans in there too. 🙂

Then I had the happiness of having a yoghurt that was delish and not overshadowed by a home made pie lol

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie yoghurt, whoever made this was a smart smart person lol I’ve never had Key Lime Pie so I have no idea if this lives up to the actual thing but I really enjoyed it. I find the Yoplait yoghurts taste best when they are citrus flavours. This is a Weight Watchers yoghurt so it is 2 points and definitely worth it! I was sad when I was done this one because it is the only one of its kind in my fridge, sigh. Why oh why didn’t I buy two of them? sigh. Guess I know for next time! 😛


Not Epic Fail…But Definite Fail

2 Jun

I don’t know who I am more annoyed at, google map, my gps or myself… I suppose I have to be most annoyed at myself since I relied on the first two but who likes to be annoyed at themself?? 😛

I was all excited to go to Boxerfit class tonight, I was dressed a good 45 minutes before I had to leave and raring to go! How sick is that? Being excited to go have your ass kicked? lol. I think mostly I was excited to earn exercise points so I could eat some sort of treat this evening but hey, least I was wanting to go…

Well, google map said it was a 21 minute drive, ok that’s fine, I left 30 minutes before class started just to be on the safe side. So there was my first mistake, trusting google maps time estimate. Then my stoooopid gps took me quite possibly the worst route to get to the gym so I got stuck in massive traffic, had to take weird loopy roads instead of more direct roads and the route it chose took 45 minutes instead of the 20 google map promised me. Second mistake, trusting the gps to take me the fastest route. The third mistake was believing both pieces of technology would get me where I needed to go in time. sigh.

Guess who missed their Boxerfit class tonight because she was 15 minutes late? Yup. Me. 😦 sadness.

See, with the classes you are given a punch card that gets, well, punched (duh!) everytime you go. The first 20 minutes or so of class are super intense cardio. I didn’t want to use one of the punches on my card when I wasn’t going to get to enjoy (enjoy??) the entire class and miss the main chunk of cardio, it didn’t make sense to me. shrug.

The classes are held at three different gyms, they rotate, and this was my first time going to this location, now I know that next time I hit up this location I have to leave even earlier just in case.

My great plan to exercise at least three times this week has now gone out the window, oops! I hiked on Tuesday and was supposed to Boxerfit today and then tomorrow is Dragon Boating – it seemed like such a perfect plan…ah well, plans change. shrug. 🙂 I might go for a hike tomorrow before Dragon Boating, I love the boating but it really only (only??) works the core and arms and I want more of a full body work out and since I will have the time I might as well hike – this is of course assuming the rain stops cause no matter how much I want to get in shape no way am I hiking in the rain – that’s soooo not my thing. lol.

Today I ate:

29 grams Special K = 2 points

1/2 c 1% milk = 1 point

1/2 bagel = 2.5 points

1/2 tbls whipped peanut butter = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 apple = 1 point

1 pear = 1 point

4 pieces sushi = 2 points ?

2 c Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Soup = 4 points

2 dinner buns = 2 points

1 tsp margarine = 1 point

1 cheese slice = 1 point

1 slice weight watchers fruit pie = 4 points

Total points eaten = 23.5

Ok, yeah, I went over, and I didn’t exercise and I know I shouldn’t go over but I’ve barely used any flex points this week and I really wanted that slice of pie! lol.

If I snack throughout the day (the healthy way) every three hours or so I never get super crazy hungry and am able to make healthy, smart food decisions. But today my timing was off so while I was driving back from my failed attempt at going to Boxerfit class I started feeling hungrier and hungrier, this city is full to overflowing with fast food joints, restaurants and shops. You wouldn’t believe how many places I drove past that had food that I so wanted to stop at cause I felt incredibly hungry and didn’t want to wait until I got home and got something cooked…when I am hungry the wait time for cooking something myself seems unbearably long and torturous. 😦

After I ate my soup and dinner buns for dinner I still felt really hungry, hence my inability to save my slice of pie until tomorrow. shrug. I think though, going over 3.5 points isn’t gonna kill me…and a bunch of the food I ate today was healthy – the fruit, the soup, um, the milk in my cereal? lol. So at least some of my points were used for worthy foods. 🙂

I’m going to go post the recipe for the weight watchers pie on my recipe pages – check it out, it’s super easy to make and way tasty. 😀

Danger Will Robinson Danger!!!!

29 Jun

OMG, I broke one of the biggest rules of all dieters, I went to the grocery store when I was…hungry!!! Ack! I know better then to do that but I had to go after work and I was sooooo hungry – that’s my fault, I didn’t eat enough during the day. *rolls eyes*

I went to a Save On Foods, they always have various things that are on sale out near the front of the store so you pass by these items on your way to carts (on the right) or baskets (on the left), well, I saw the tables with sale items and thought I’d take a look, as I walked towards one of the tables I realized what was on it, PIE!! Crap!! I must have amused anyone who was looking at me because as soon as I realized what I was seeing (the evil bad for me perfectly baked to a golden brown crust pies, sigh) I turned a sharp 90 degrees and aimed for the baskets instead…all the while muttering under my breath “pie, crap, don’t look at it!” Cause you know, if you don’t look at it it can’t suck you in…lol

Instead I went in to the produce section and bought fruit and salad, yah me! lol. I also got other stuff from the non-produce section, one of the best things I discovered today was a Weight Watchers approved popcorn – who knew?!

Only 1 Point!

The packaging is amusing, it warns you that the package will take less time in the microwave then traditional popcorn packages to pop…welll duh! The packages are less then half the size of a “normal” popcorn package, of course it will take less time! I got 2 flavours, traditional butter and Kettle Corn, I am a sucker for Kettle Corn, Mmmmmm. I ate a package of the Kettle Corn this evening, it’s good, not so much the regular Kettle Corn flavour but I think that’s a flaw of all microwave popcorns, I have yet to try one that claims to be Kettle Corn that actually tastes like Kettle Corn. For this one I say good effort and since you’re yummy and low in points I will forgive you for not tasting exactly like the flavour your supposed to. Yes, I talk to some of my food, it’s ok, I am still as sane as you thought I was at the beginning of this post. 😛

You can go to the company website at and get coupons – well, you might be able to get coupons, they wouldn’t print for me but oh well. They also have a thing on there that you can get a free reusable shopping bag or find boxes with free bowling coupons on it. shrug. Not my thing but it’s all good.

After that store I hit up a M&M Meat Shop,, my mom suggested them. They have these fish steaks with sauce that are not overly expensive and you can buy single servings so you’re not stuck buying a huge box and eating fish steaks for two weeks straight. lol. I got the one with dill sauce but there was a whole list of sauces you could choose from. 🙂

I have gone down in points allowed per day; not promising for my hunger pangs! eesh. When I started this program I was scared to weigh myself so I guessed my weight based on what it was last time I weighed myself. lol. I know! Not the best way to go about things. 🙂 That put me in the 180s, well, I weighed myself this past saturday (I have chosen saturdays as my weigh in day) and I am in the 170s which means I go down a point, now I only get 23 a day…I am hoping that 1 point will (a) make a big difference in my weight loss per week and (b) not make such a huge impact in my daily life that I feel like I am starving. That seems like a fine line to balance but here’s hoping!

My food today:

1 bagel = 4 points

1 tbsp Philly Light CreamCheese = 1

tea = o points

1 banana = 2 points

1/2 cup Campbell’s butternut squash soup = 1 point

salad = 0 points

1 tbsp salad dressing = 1

2 triangles of Laughing Cow Light Cheese = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt cup = 2 points

1/2 cup Heinz Brown Sugar and Bacon Baked Beans = 3 points

1 piece Safeway bread toast = 2 points

1 pouch Jolly Time Kettle Corn = 1 point

This puts me at a daily total of 18.

I know I should use the rest of my points on something healthy like fruit but it will take a lot of fruit to use up 5 points and it’s too late in the evening for that so instead I will finish off my day with cookies and milk, yum! 🙂

The Brown Sugar and Bacon flavour Baked Beans are not as good as the Maple Flavoured Baked Beans (also Heinz) and this flavour is higher in points so I don’t think I will get them again. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned how low in points baked beans are; they are so filling and low in points they make the perfect dinner (putting them on top of a piece of toast of course, lol). Oh, and I forgot to list my water, I am drinking it, not as much today as I was managing by the end of last week, I think my lack of water drinking over the weekend impaired my ability to drink as much as I had been last week. I will spend this week working back up to my multiple glasses of water a day and try not to screw it up next weekend.

Hmm, increase water while losing a point per day of food…it’s gonna be an interesting week!

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