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The Smell of Stupid

2 Oct

You might not think that ‘stupid’ can have a smell, let me assure you, it can.

I was cooking dinner this evening and two things happened. The first is this semi-yummy meal…

Mmm, pasta, shrimp and veggies.

Mmm, pasta, shrimp and veggies.

It is Catelli Healthy Harvest pasta, no name mixed veggies, 9 frozen pre-cooked shrimp all mixed up with Classico Alfredo & Sun dried Tomato pasta sauce. I rate it a semi-yummy because I prefer a higher sauce-to-pasta ratio so to me it was a bit bland. I cooked 85 grams (1 cup) of pasta because the box said that is a serving, ummm, yeah, way too much! Next time I will half the amount I cook and that should be plenty, bonus is that I can keep the same amount of sauce (1/4 cup) and that should be a much better sauce-to-pasta ratio for me. πŸ™‚

But really, the meal is not the most important thing that occurred during the cooking of dinner. This also happened…

How lovely, melted plastic!

How lovely, melted plastic!

Something you should know about my kitchen, I have almost no counter space. I don’t mean I have a normal sized counter and it is covered with stuff, I mean to the left of the sink I have a space wide enough to have two cups side-by-side (so, tiny space!) and to the right of the sink I have just enough space to hold a dish drainer…is that what it’s called? I mean the thing you put your just washed dishes in to so they can air dry. And that is it. That is all my counter space.

This means a lot of food prep happens on top of the stove because there is nowhere else to do it.

Soooo, this evening I have water in a pot coming to a boil on one front element, on a back element I have a pan heating up to eventually cook the shrimp in and on the other front element I have my kitchen scale, which I am using to measure out my veggies. The veggies are kept frozen so I kept having to pause in the pouring of them in to the bowl that is on top of the scale so I can hit the bag against the edge of the sink in an effort to break them apart.

Then…the smell starts. It doesn’t smell good. I couldn’t figure out what it was, none of my food should smell like that, but I don’t have any candles burning, nor is anything else in the apartment creating a smell, so what the heck is it?

Even though I don’t like the smell I can’t figure out what it is so I keep doing what I am doing, figuring whatever is causing the smell will stop eventually, or make itself known.

I take a look at the pan on the back burner and realize it isn’t warming up, which makes me take a look at the stove knobs which made me realize holy shit I’d turned on the front element and was cooking my kitchen scale! Ack!

I immediately pulled the scale off the burner and strings of melted plastic spread from the bottom of the scale to the element, like melted cheese on a pizza, but smellier.


I put the scale upside down on the edge of the sink, I couldn’t think of any better place it should be put to cool down lol and stared at it in horror. Horror! This oh-so-awesome scale was a gift from my brother yeeeeears ago! I’ve been using this scale at least 7 years…holy crap I feel old now…but that’s besides the point! This scale is awesome, and I cooked it! Who does that?!?! 😦

Not gonna lie, I started to get upset not only because I was stupid and cooked the scale but because now I was going to have to try to find money to buy a new scale asap so I can keep on with weighing out my food, sigh. Then I remembered I have a back-up scale, yay! Couple years or so ago my mom got given a scale from a friend and she passed it on to me, it is a Weight Watchers scale that can calculate the points of a food while it is on the scale, cool huh? I didn’t use it because I wasn’t following Weight Watchers at the time and if I did need to weigh something, well, I already had a scale, shrug. Me being me though I kept the WW scale, in the box, in perfect condition, in a rubbermaid container where it would be safe.

Point to me for keeping the scale! πŸ™‚

I pulled the WW scale out of storage after I finished dinner and was so close to being relieved when I realized it didn’t have a battery and it takes a 9V battery, not exactly something I just randomly have lying around. I know, I’m so weird right? πŸ˜‰ lol

But fear not! When I went to put my dishes in the sink I tested the scale. It had cooled off so I flipped it over and tried turning it on and holy crap it works! Wowza! πŸ˜€ I cooked the scale so much I can see clear through to it’s innards but that sucker still works! Talk about quality made! lol

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get the melted plastic that has become one with the burner off the burner…and ideas?

Stir Fry Sunday: A Day Late

27 Jan

Alrighty, so it’s not that I didn’t want to make a stir fry last night for dinner, I like the idea of Stir Fry Sunday buuuuuut after work I had a long phone convo, when that was over I wasn’t hungry so thought I’d wait twenty minutes or so before making dinner and I uh, hmm, kinda…well…I fell asleep…oops? πŸ˜› By the time I woke up from my unplanned nap I was in no mood to cook, or eat. I eventually had toast and some warm almond milk with nutmeg and even that seemed like a lot!

Soooooo, I made stir fry tonight, yay! A delayed-by-one-day Stir Fry Sunday! πŸ™‚

This weeks stir fry had the same frozen stir fry veggies as last week (why wouldn’t they? the package is already open and I gotta use em up lol), extra water chestnuts cause I have a weakness for them, mushrooms, fresh red and yellow peppers thinly sliced, beefless tips, shrimp, peanuts and a sweet and sour sauce. This was all served on top of vermicelli noodles. Mmm! Well, I think it was Mmm! lol You may not, shrug, but that’s cool, we all have different tastes after all.

I was a little let down by the vermicelli noodles, the package said put in boiling water for a couple minutes then add to the stir fy pan so that is what I did. The noodles tasted good but were so entangled with each other when I put them in the pan they didn’t really mix well with the rest of the ingredients, nor did they move around the pan easily. I’ll keep using them, mostly because I love that particular type of noodle, but next time I might not put them in the pan after boiling them, I might put them directly on the plate then top them with the vegg mix. I’ll keep trying new things till I figure it out. πŸ™‚

I was happy with the veggies, how could I not be? lol There was a nice combo and I love veggies so it was a win-win.

I am oh-so proud of the shrimp! As in ridiculously proud! I was back to worrying I’d screw it up, give myself food poisoning or maybe over cooking them to the point of them not being edible buuuuut I did neither! How awesome is that?? I put the amount I wanted in to a ziploc bag and had them sit under running cold water for 7 minutes (as the package instructed), then tossed them in to the pan when the veggies were at an almost done stage and go fig, it worked…weird…but sweeeeeet!

The beefless tips, you’re probably thinking that is a typo lol but nope, it is not! They are made by a company called Gardein (www.gardein.com). The product looks like cubes of beef that you sautee, they have a texture of tender beef and almost taste like beef, kinda…I tried them on a whim years ago (I wanted beef but was scared to cook it and poison myself lol) so I tried these, figured I couldn’t mess up a fake meat product and so far I haven’t. Each time I cook them they turn out perfect even though each time I cook them for a different amount of time and have cooked them in varying ways. Versatile, I like that in a fake meat lol. I randomly tossed some in to the pan (as a back up in case I messed up the shrimp) but ended up with the bonus of having two protein sources in my stir fry cause both the shrimp and fake beef were great.

Stir Fry Numero 2

Stir Fry Numero 2

On a whim, and after I snapped the above pic, I decided to put half an avocado on top. Why did I do this? Cause I had half an avocado in my fridge and didn’t think it would last another day lol. I figured it’d either taste good or I wouldn’t like the combo of flavours so I’d eat the avocado pieces first and as alone as I could get them on the fork and it wouldn’t contaminate the rest of the stir fry. Turns out I liked the flavour combo, avocado makes everything better! πŸ™‚

I’d like to think that even with the one day delay my second Stir Fry Sunday was a success…it must be, I ate until I was stuffed lol πŸ˜›

Hello U.S. (part 1)

16 Oct

I may never finish digesting all the food that got put in my stomach today…seriously, soooooo much food! All of it delicious but ugh, my digestive track is going to make me pay for this tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after…and probably even tonight eek! lol.

Today was my quest to Red Lobster, oooooooh yeah baby! *butt wiggling dance* πŸ˜€ It is ShrimpFest at Red Lobster and who can resist all you can eat shrimp? Not I or my friends lol. πŸ˜€

KL and KS got here at 9:22am, luckily I was ready early. πŸ™‚ I may have been a tad eager for the day to begin *blinks innocently* I drove us and we made good time, the wait at the border was about 20mins which is much better then the sign warning a 40min wait, lol. The US border guard was a guy and when he asked why we were going to the States I was honest, I told him we were going to Red Lobster. πŸ˜› You should have seen his face, the funny look he gave me, maybe he hasn’t heard that reason before? *head tilt* He let us cross without any real hassle (yah for the three of us looking fairly harmless!) and on we went. πŸ˜€ We actually passed the outlet mall on the way to the restaurant but we wanted to eat first and then go shopping, the shrimp was more important then the potential clothes etc we might find.

There were barely any people in the restaurant when we got there, they’d only been open an hour or so but that was perfect cause we got a great booth really quickly. Now, here’s the thing, when it’s an all-you-can-eat deal you can’t take food home with you, buuuuut, like I was gonna let that stop me? I was determined to sneak out some of those cheddar biscuits!…sooooo, I had tupperware in my purse *blush* Hey! Don’t judge me! A girl does what she must! πŸ˜‰

KS and I both did the ShrimpFest but KL had never been to a Red Lobster before (poor deprived soul) so she got the Create-A-Feast, she got snow crab legs, large butterfly coconut shrimp and um…I don’t remember her third item. She also “generously” offered to sacrifice her waist size by helping KS and I eat our shrimp – isn’t she so selfless? It’s amazing the lengths friends will go to for each other. teehee

Brace yourself! Here are the shrimp dishes I got: (seriously, you may want to sit for this…okaaaaay, I warned you!)

Coconut Shrimp Bites

Garlic Shrimp

Those came with a baked potato, oh, and I’d already been served a garden salad and eaten two of the cheddar biscuits…and eaten 1 lobster-crab-and-seafood stuffed mushrooms (we split the appie but I didn’t care for it so I let the other two eat the rest)

Then I got:

Sweet and Spicy Grilled Shrimp (ten to a skewer – I highly recommend, they were awesome!)

Parmesan Shrimp

Shrimp Linguini Alfredo

Coconut Shrimp Bites (yes, I got a second order)

At that point I thought I was gonna burst and was ever so grateful I wore my loose fitting jeans – more room for my tummy to expand lol.

The Shrimp Linguini Alfredo wasn’t as good as it normally is, when I get it in AB it has more seasoning, I found this serving a bit bland, this blandness saved me some calories cause I decided since I didn’t loooove it I wasn’t gonna eat itΒ (ya know, considering how many caloriesΒ I ate with all the other food I feel that savings is rather pathetic in the grand scheme of things lol).

The Coconut Shrimp Bites were amazing! I loved them! Never had them before but I will so want them again someday…the dipping sauce has coconut in it and the batter on the shrimp has a bit of spicy to it, Mmm! and yeah, you read that right, batter, as in bad for me batter…no healthy shrimp for me today!

The Parmesan Shrimp was yum but basically the Garlic Shrimp with a breaded parmesan layer over top so I say just get one per meal and stick with the Garlic ones cause they are so so so delish and by avoiding the breaded parmesan layer you just gotta be saving some calories, fat, carbs, etc…right? *nods convincingly* Yah! I convinced myself! lol

One of the newbie shrimp dishes is the Sweet and Spicy Grilled Shrimp – holy crapolla! Whoever came up with that dish deserves praise! The perfect blend of sweet and spicy, nice big shrimp, ten on a skewer, they slid off the skewer oh so gently. Couldn’t ask for anything better. I wanted a second order of those too but knew I wouldn’t be able to eat them there and figured they wouldn’t warm up very well at home – and really, if I couldn’t at least eat a couple at the restaurant and if they weren’t going to warm up well I figured it’d be a waste of food to order them…I didn’t want to be responsible for the death of more shrimp then absolutely needed. lol. I was already causing a severe dip in the shrimp stocks of this Red Lobster location πŸ˜›

I had a strategy going in to this meal and I was even kind enough to share it with KS, I wanted to make sure we didn’t get too full too early on and not be able to eat lots. The first part of the plan was don’t order the linguini first! The pasta is way filling and will take up too much room! The rest of the plan was fairly simple, only order water or a diet pop (no filling drinks), eat barely any or none of the salad that comes with the order, don’t eat the side that comes with the order (I ordered a baked potato which I love but barely touched it), don’t eat the rice or other filler foods that come with the various shrimp dishes,Β oh, and most importantly, for pitys sake, never stop eating! If you stop eating that gives your stomach and brain time to get all chatty with each other and your brain will realize that you are way full and tell your stomach to STOP! If that happens you’re screwed…so, keep eating, a slow and steady pace, that way you can fit way more in. Gee, is it a wonder I got so fat? πŸ˜‰

The plan worked out great! Obviously. You did read the food list above right? What normal person can eat that much food?? *rolls eyes* Well, ok, the other two at the table ate about the same amount so I’m not the only one lol.

I did manage to sneak 4 of the cheddar biscuits out of there, and KS and I each brought home leftovers. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the leftover coconut shrimp bites there (they are just that good!) so I brought them home, along with the dipping sauce, and will see how they warm up…ya know, in four days when I finally get an appetite back. πŸ˜‰

*I have more to tell about the trip but this post is already long enough so I’ll write a Part 2 entry tomorrow!* πŸ˜€

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