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2 Apr

I didn’t write this yesterday because I figured people might think I made it up, April Fools ya know?

I had a perfectly lovely day yesterday, it started with an audition on Granville Island, getting locked in a store and left there for over a half an hour, grabbing a quick bite to eat, running some errands, heating my back, going out for a quick dinner and then to a movie with a friend. See? Lovely day! πŸ™‚

What’s that? Oh, you caught that quick mention about being locked in a store? Yeeeeah, so, that happened. *rolls eyes*

Only to me lol

I was early for my audition and luckily for me someone else was late so they took me in 20 minutes early, I did my thaaaang and thought I’d wander Granville for a bit, hit up the market to buy some fresh produce, maybe poke my nose in to the fun shops. It was a beautiful spring day, sunny and warm with only a bit of wind, I had lots of time left on the parking meter, the day practically begged for a relaxed walk among the shops and who am I to deny that? πŸ˜‰

Well, on my way to the produce market I popped in to a shop called Eklectic Finds (yes, they spelled it like that lol), it features items for your home and garden and since I’m in the process of trying to make my place a little nicer I figured why not check it out?

Store front...

Store front…

So, I walk in there, start looking at items on the shelves, its one of those places that is very small and the shelves are packed so you have to squeeze to get through to the more interesting stuff. Well, I discovered a fatal flaw with that design cause I went in and started looking around and all of a sudden I hear the door close and the sound of a lock being turned,…umm…what the hell? I poke my head around the end of the aisle just in time to see the shop lady turning away and leaving me locked inside the shop. Huh. I started moving around a lot, seeing if I’d set off an alarm even though I didn’t hear her set one but nope, no alarm went off.

I found myself in a bit of a dilemma, I could leave but that would mean the shop door would be unlocked and who knows who might walk in and steal stuff, or I could stay, use the time to finish looking around the store and leave when the shop lady got back. Seemed like an easy choice lol Except the lady took for freakin ever to return! I did what anybody in that situation would do, I posted about it on facebook lol then texted a couple of friends. Just as I was thinking “screw this I’m outta here” and figuring I’d leave a note on the counter she returned and I scared the crap out of her when she walked in and I popped out from the back of the store lol. πŸ˜›

After that I didn’t have nearly as much time left on my parking meter so I grabbed a quick bite to eat, it was a toasted bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers (I don’t know why I like capers so much, they are weird looking, but alas, I do!) then booked it to my suv, oh I maaaaay have also bought one of the most amazing looking brownies ever! Mmm! It was like a super moist cake with frosting, omg yum. And no, I didn’t take pics cause both the bagel and the brownie were put in to to-go containers and didn’t look all that impressive once I got around to opening the containers. The sun kinda melted the cream cheese and the frosting, oops!

After being super classy and eating in my car I scooted off to do errands before meeting up with my friend later on.

All in all, an entertaining day. πŸ™‚

Where I wanted to go...

Where I wanted to go…

why do I think pictures of produce are so pretty? weird...

why do I think pictures of produce are so pretty? weird…

This was the market I wanted to hit up, these are just a couple pictures of it, imagine produce like that, but on a far grander scale, the market is huge, and filled with such yummy fruit, veg, seafood, meat, basically everything lol Ah well, another time!

I Forgot Wordless Wednesday!

13 Dec

Geez, it would have only been my second Wordless Wednesday and I forgot it! Does this mean I am destined to not do Wordless Wednesday in the future? Nah, I think it’s just cause it’s a new thing so I have to get used to it…I hope lol

Yesterday was Wednesday, duh, so I was supposed to take pictures of what I did and ate that day so I could show you instead of tell you…well, that was an epic fail if ever there was one, sigh. Too bad too since I had an awesome lunch! I was at the mall with a friend and we stopped at the food court for lunch. Now don’t go getting all “uh-oh, you screwed up didn’t you??” cause I didn’t! So there! πŸ˜›

I went to one of those grill places where you pick your veggies and protein from fresh raw selections then they grill it in front of you using a hot grill (shocking huh?) and a bit of water so it doesn’t stick, they then add the sauce of your choosing (I chose teriyaki) and was pleasantly surprised at the minimal amount of sauce the guy used, then it is served with some rice. Not so bad huh? I was heavy on the veggies but did put some crab, tofu and beef in there cause hey, ya gotta have some protein! I can’t remember all the veggies I chose, I love places like this though cause sure I can make a stir fry at home but somewhere like this has every veggie you could think of so you’ll have way more variety for your meal. I won’t remember them all but I know I had: carrots, zucchini, green beans, water chestnuts, baby corn, pineapple, bok choy, mushrooms, yellow and red peppers, celery…hmm, I know I am missing something, meh, it’ll come to me later probably. I also put some peanuts on there cause I am weak and I love peanuts in stir fry. πŸ˜€ All in all tasty and (I think) healthy.

The rest of the day was spent hanging with my friend at the mall, we were Christmas shopping, then coming back to the apartment to check on the poor cat. Oy! The day prior was his first visit to the vet, er, first visit since I have known him that is, I’m sure he was taken prior to our meeting. Well let me tell ya, this cat does not like going out of his comfort zone, he’s a bit of a worrier, hides a lot and has really sharp claws…not a good combo for stuffing him in a cat carrier and driving him to see a vet he’s never met. Oh, and he’s quite dramatic, if this cat could write he’d be writing his story and it’d be coming off as a Greek Tragedy! I of course would be the villain…despite my feeding him, changing his litter box, buying him treats and toys and a bed, moving when he wants the chair, letting him have half my bed even though he weighs ten pounds and I weigh, er, let’s just say I weigh considerably more then ten pounds πŸ˜‰ lol shrug, he’s adorable though, so oh well, I may bitch but I love him (which really means I am whipped and he knows it!) So yes, I had to check on him cause he was still recovering from the ordeal of the vet. He was extra clingy so I cancelled my evening plans and stayed home with him, I figure he’s my cat right? I took responsibility for him which means when he is not in top form and wants comfort I stay home and be there for him. He’s lucky he’s cute! lol

Not the most interesting day out there, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t try to take pictures of the day cause what would you have seen? Mall Christmas decorations, my lunch, the cat, um…that’s about it, oh well, dinner, wait, did I have dinner last night? hmm…I had the stir fry, oh! I had a totally delish small milkshake, so because of the milkshake I didn’t do dinner…so yeah, not a lot of great pictures would have come from yesterday. I’ll attempt to make next Wednesday mildly more interesting so I have some decent images to upload.

For today I have to tell you about a yum dinner I made, a salmon steak with maple smoked apple something or other sauce with roasted sliced yam and roasted red and yellow peppers on the side. It was tasty and, the best part! *drumroll* I cooked it myself! Yeah, that’s right, you read that right, I cooked it! In my kitchen, with my stove, served on my dishes! Perhaps this is the start of getting back to normal eating? I’d like to think so. πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I can eat dinner at work but I’m going to attempt to remember to cook an egg for breakfast, here’s hoping I remember and don’t automatically go for a Clif Bar lol. πŸ˜›

Oh, a little sidenote, I was watching the movie Oceans 12 today (watched Oceans 11 last night) and seeing Brad Pitt eating something totally delish looking in every freakin scene has totally made me hungry! So not fair! Grr Brad Pitt, Grr! (I don’t really mean the “Grr” I still luv ya! lol)

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