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Getting Back On Track

30 Sep

Lately I have sucked at many things, the main ones are writing on this blog consistently, writing on this blog about something other than my vacation, following any sort of eating/fitness plan and budgeting. Yeah ok, budgeting doesn’t seem to really fit in there but hey, it’s something I suck at so why not add it to the list? lol πŸ˜›

I’ve decided to stop being an unorganized annoying person who wants to see change but isn’t working towards it, and instead be someone who is actively working to achieve the change they want to see.

Man oh man will this suck! lol Well, at the beginning anyways, but hopefully soon (very soon, pleeeeease very soon!) it will all become second nature and it’ll not seem like so much work.

Officially I am starting tomorrow, I like starting things at the beginning of a month, that way when I look back at what I am tracking I can see a whole month’s worth of information instead of one week, or half a month or however long it has been. The chunk of time not working towards my goal, and therefore not tracked, looks like some gaping black hole to me when I am glancing at my accumulated information and it bugs me. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m weird, let’s move on shall we? πŸ˜‰

Here is what I am starting, as of tomorrow, but technically did today to see how it went:

– I am tracking what I am eating. Every. Single. Bite.

– I am tracking my exercise

– I am tracking my spending. Every. Single. Penny. (even though we don’t have pennies anymore…am I the only one that misses pennies? sigh)

To this end I bought myself a cute three subject notebook…

hoooo! hoooo!

hoooo! hoooo!

One section is for my food, one is for my exercise and one is for money spent. I know a lot of people use smaller notebooks to track things, ones that will be easier to carry around but I tend to lose them in my purse, or forget about them, and I thought why not use a larger book, one that can hold everything, is cute (so I like looking at it), and has pages that are large enough the stuff I write down won’t be cramped or written in super small print so it fits?

Today, with the food tracking, all I did was write down what I ate, I didn’t include calories or convert it in to Weight Watchers points, I just wanted to start the habit of writing down what I eat.

I’m not actually sure what kind of meal plan I am going to follow, which is probably pretty stupid considering I am starting tomorrow but there are so many different ways to go about this and I’m not sure anymore which is the best way to go, sigh.

I could follow Weight Watchers again, but I plan on working on building muscle and that means tracking by following numbers on a scale won’t work out too well. I could follow the version of Paleo I was on before, it worked really well, but it is very strict, there is no wiggle room and I honestly don’t know if I can follow that again. I could follow a basic calorie counting plan, figure out how many calories I should be having a day and make sure that is how many I eat.

Without thinking I’ve already come up with three different ways I could go with this, and that is without research, this is just from what I know already…think how much more confusing it could get if I start doing more research? There are meal plans that take in to account your blood type, your body shape, plans that take away all sugar, all carbs, all meat…too many options!! Arg!

I am leaning towards counting my calories, I haven’t done that before, well, not successfully lol but maybe this time I’ll be better at it…couldn’t be much worse I suppose. πŸ˜‰

The last couple times I have tried to get back on track I find a new app for my phone and try that route but this time I am going old school. I did well when on Weight Watchers and I tracked by writing everything in a notebook, not using the app. While normally I am all about utilizing technology, sometimes I think it doesn’t work as well as the low tech ways. With all the different apps I have used I have had issues, either they are American based so the foods and restaurants etc that are loaded in to them don’t match the foods and restaurants I have access too, they only track you by weight, they are rigid in their definition of meal names, they think that just because it is past midnight it’s a new day even though I didn’t get up till noon and am not going to bed until 3am, they don’t have the exercises in their database that I do…things like that…In the end I find the limitations of the apps so annoying I stop using them.

When using a notebook sure there is a bit more work, I have to look online to find the information (calories, WW points etc) or *gasp* read the nutritional information on the food package but that’s ok, am I so important I can’t find time for that? Pfft, no. Well ok, some days it might be harder than others but I’m sure I can manage it, right?

As for exercising, I will still use apps for tracking if only so I can get accurate distances, calories burned and time of day I exercised. I don’t track all my exercises, when I lift weights for example, but I think it’s more important to be tracking the cardio. Hmm, that sounds wrong, I track weights in the sense I keep a record of how much weight I lifted and how many reps, I just don’t use an app for that.

For keeping track of my success (note the optimism? πŸ˜‰ ) I will be measuring myself in oh-so-many places lol I will also take pictures of myself (front view, side view, back view), I will repeat this on the first of every month. I’m toying with also weighing myself but I find that the number on the scale can have really negative effects on me and I just don’t know if I want to go there…I’ll see how brave I am tomorrow and if I think it’ll be a wise choice to step on to the scale.

BMI Scale Measuring Tape

Monthly Round Up – April

8 May

Alrighty so I’m a tad late with this, what can I say, punctuality is not my strong suit lol To hold myself more accountable for my fitness related actions I have been tracking them on my calendar. Every time I do something fitness related I write it on the calendar and then highlight it in pink. The highlighting is so that at a glance I can see how much or how little I have been doing so far within the month and it will either (1) re-enforce I am doing well and help me to keep going or (2) force me to realize I am slacking and push me to get my butt in gear.

Here is my calendar from the month of April…

Such a slacker! sigh

Such a slacker! sigh

As you can see, there are huuuuuge gaps where I had lots of days in a row where I did nothing that counts as exercise, sigh. Must. Get. Moving!

It is hard to tell from looking at the picture but some of those days I did two different workouts/activities which helps to make the month not quite as bad as it could be lol

In total, out of the 30 days I exercised 17 times. I am not impressed with myself *rolls eyes* I learned from tracking in the previous month that Fridays through Mondays are my worst days for getting my butt out there and doing something. It is due to my work schedule but I can’t let that keep holding me back, I have got to figure out a way to work around the hours and my laziness.

Tomorrow is Friday, a day I generally don’t exercise because of working but I’m hoping to at least do a workout dvd. I’ll only be able to go to the gym if I go before work since they are closed by the time my shift is over and I’ve shown time and time again I am not good at forcing myself to get up early and head to the gym before work. I go to bed with the best of intentions to get up and go but it doesn’t happen. Sooooo, I’m lowering the bar lol I’m lowering it to getting out of bed and following along with an exercise dvd. It may not be an amazing workout but at least it is something, and something is better than nothing, right? Right! I figure I’ll work up to getting my butt to the gym before work…


A New Beginning

24 Feb

Just Do It!


I am leaving Weight Watchers…yes, you read that correctly. Although, since I never officially joined, just did the program on my own I guess I’m not “officially” leaving them since well, how can you leave something you were never really a part of?

I learned a lot from Weight Watchers and I will take those lessons with me. I learned about proper portion sizes, and how to eat food groups, I learned how to actually read a nutritional label (I used to glance at them as if I knew what I was doing but didn’t actually read them lol). I think overall I learned common sense, something some people say can’t be learned lol, because, really, in the end Weight Watchers is common sense. They give you the tools and you use them or you don’t and the results you get are reflective of the work you put in to the program.

The only problem with that last sentence is the results you get aren’t always reflective of the work you put in to the program, and that’s where my love affair with Weight Watchers started to go wrong. For the longest time if I ate my points and did my exercising I lost weight every week, maybe not a lot but I’d lose something and so life was good. But I have been stuck on a plateau since last summer, yup, you read that right, last freakin summer! and my irritation with Weight Watchers and myself was reaching a level I didn’t think possible. Yes, since moving to the new apartment I hadn’t been tracking or paying all that close attention to what I was eating or portion sizes but that is partly because for the previous 6 months even though I had been doing all that nothing had been changing, I was stuck at the same weight for so long that I just gave up. Lame huh?

I probably would have stayed on this cycle of meaning to start tracking again but not doing it and going to the gym about 3 times a week but totally counter acting any work I did in the gym by eating a donut or something else ridiculously bad for me except I had a talk with my agent last week. I had emailed her because I am not getting any auditions and I wanted to ask her if she’d be willing to put me in as a wild card for some auditions to help get me seen more. I am aware there aren’t a lot of casting calls for 5’8″ redheads lol so I was thinking if she put me in for say, auditions meant for brunettes or something maybe somebody would decide that hey maybe a redhead would be good in this role too. Well, she called me back and in the nicest voice (she really sounds like such a sweet lady when she’s tearing your heart out) she informed me that she is putting me out there for anything in my height/age range but I need to lose weight because the girls I am going up against are all around 120lbs and I am not…Now, normally anybody with any self-esteem would not let someone tell them they are too fat and that they have to lose a specific amount of weight but an actor’s relationship with their agent is different so all I did during this convo was make agreeing noises, say “yup” a lot and basically just took it. It’s like a whipped dog, tail between it’s legs, just takes the painful crap cause there’s no other option. *rolls eyes* Suckfest huh? Cause, yes, I know I am overweight, especially for the acting world, but come on! I’m a lot smaller then I was and how the fuck am I gonna lose more weight? I’ve been stuck at this weight for so long telling me to lose so I weigh 120lbs, well, you might as well be telling me I need to lose 500lbs, I have no idea how to do it! sigh

Luckily, fates were on my side that day, later in the day I was meeting up with NC who is someone I have recently been seeing and when I told him the gist of the convo with my agent he said he could help me. Turns out that he used to be a personal trainer and he’s kept up with all the info on the topic so he actually knows what he is talking about lol. Guess that explains how he is in such amazing shape…seriously, amazing! He says if I follow the program he makes for me I could lose 20lbs in 2 months but not just lose the weight like become a smaller version of me, I’d be more toned, in shape, fit…so a healthy weight loss…which is what I need but have no idea how to accomplish on my own. Sweet huh?

So, that is why I haven’t been writing for the last little bit, I’ve been learning the new program I am going to be following and wanted to wait till I had a better understanding of it before I wrote too much about it. I don’t want to write something that ends up being incorrect and have you all think I am nutso lol. Because even though I trust that NC knows what he is talking about and is teaching me good habits etc I am also reading books on the eating style he is having me follow so I can understand the science behind what I am doing…cause, people, there really is a science behind it, it’s crazed! lol

I’ll write more about what my eating and exercise habits are going to be from now on another day, since this post is already nice an long lol but now you know what I am up to over here. πŸ™‚


1 Feb

I joined a website called Fitocracy…the site is http://www.fitocracy.com. It is supposed to make losing weight fun, like a game, you earn points, level up, compete against your friends…basically it is trying to help you trick yourself into thinking you want to eat less, eat healthy and exercise more. I figure with all this wonderous plateauing I have been doing for frickin ever and the fact that I can’t seem to get off my fat arse to get with the program (the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Program that is) maybe I can trick myself into getting back in the game…

And hey, if the tricking doesn’t work then maybe I will start exercising on a more regular basis and eating better just out of embarrassement since you can follow your friends and they can follow you and everyone can see how you are doing…or not doing in my case. lol.

A friend of mine from AB had it on his facebook wall with a link to join, I thought hey, why not, I need to try something new. Since I joined I have been sick (last week, nasty cold, couldn’t breathe or talk, sadness) and this week I have been working longer hours then normal for me (while still getting over my cold) and now, this is so embarrassing, I scraped my chin (yes, the way a child with no coordination would *rolls eyes*) and it got infected, ugh, so now my chin looks horrible! As in disgusting! As in people are staring at me and everyone I speak with eventually says (with a tone of horror) “what happened to your chin” and then they look like maybe they should back away in case it’s something contagious, like leprosy. sigh. So no way am I going to the gym when I look like this, just not happenin!

However, by not going last week due to sickness or this week due to working and (stupid) injury it makes my effort in the land of Fitocracy look like a joke.  😦 There my friends are getting to new levels, building their points up and there is my profile, with nothing happening…it’s almost embarrassing…tho not as embarrassing as the looks people are giving my chin…do you know how hard it is to get gauze to stay on a chin??? Really freakin hard!

So despite my having all the tools needed for the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program I haven’t been tracking. 😦 I was going to, took the books and tracker and calculator with me to work on monday but was so busy I never took the stuff out of my bag and by the time I got home I’d completely forgotten about it. I took everything with me again on Tuesday and same thing happened. Oh and yeah, you guessed it, same thing today. Course, today had the added bonus of my chin scrape being so dry that opening my mouth to talk, smile, eat, breathe, anything really causes the skin to pull and huuuuurt and sometimes even crack and bleed, ick right? So I am restricted to eating things that (1) don’t require me to open my mouth wide to be able to eat them and (2) are not hot or cold so if I spill on my chin I don’t yelp in pain…there aren’t as many options as you may think there are. lol

However, despite my suckyness at tracking I am still taking the books, tracker and calculator with me everywhere I go, maybe eventually I’ll put them to work, or maybe the added weight of them in my bag will help me shed some calories? πŸ˜‰ lol

High Hopes

30 Dec

I started this trip with high hopes that I would actually post on a semi-consistent basis since I managed to post on my first full day here…obviously I got derailed. πŸ˜›

This post is going to be quick, and not all detail-ey (like my normal posts where I basically don’t shut up) because it is 1:40am and I have to be up at 8:15am to get washed, dressed, groomed and fed so I can go shopping. Any of you who are thinking ‘whatever it’s just a silly day of shopping’, well, first of all it’s only a morning of shopping and second, no it’s not just a silly day of shopping, you must be a boy. πŸ˜‰

Shopping can be many things, it can be fun, it can be business like, it can be rushed, it can be pleasurable, it can be relaxing, it can be stressful, it can be an outting that you don’t want to end, it can be torture that feels like it will never end. Tomorrow is going to be a shopping trip with a close friend and we are hitting up all our favourite stores – so basically, I am going to one of my most favourite places in the world (WEM) and I get to hang there while shopping the Boxing Week sales with my friend JF, can’t get much better then that. πŸ˜€ The only sad part is she has kids (that’s not the sad part!) and she can only get a sitter for a couple hours so instead of a loooong drawn out shopping trip we will have to settle for a more condensed trip, but hey, we’re practically professional shoppers, we’ll make it work! lol

My eating hasn’t been all that great, I sorta try but I’m not tracking so mostly I’m fake-tracking in my head and I am well aware I am not remembering to count even half the goodies that end up in my mouth – damn Christmas goodies, how you taunt meeeee! πŸ˜‰

However, everyday since Christmas Eve I have managed some sort of physical activity. This is my most active trip home since I moved away! Dec 24th and 25th I went for walks, nothing too strenuous but I felt better for having done at least some activity. Dec 26th I went to a Rec Centre where I can drop-in for only $6, I did an hour and a half of strenuous cardio and some weights (and of course stretching) and felt a-frickin-mazing for it! Dec 27th I walked an indoor track with my mom, did a couple miles on that. Dec 28th was the drop-in at the rec centre again, I was only able to do an hour of strenuous cardio that time due to time constraints but I figured an hour was better then nothing. πŸ™‚ Dec 29th was not quite as impressive, I went ten-pin bowling lol, hey! activity is activity!

I am not tricking myself into thinking this activity is going to help me shed any pounds, it may (if I am freakishly lucky) help me to at least maintain…or stay close to what I started off with…which really, at this point, is all I can hope for lol.

I have lots that has happened so far this trip and can’t wait to blog about it but seriously people, I gotta go get some sleep so shopping tomorrow is fun and I’m not yawning through it lol.

Here’s a quick (not complete) list of things to look forward to:

– My first Weight Watcher meeting

– My switching to the new Weight Watcher program, how and why

– My eyeballs were paralyzed (not even kidding on this one)

– The 24hr stomach flu I want but can’t seem to catch

I’m sure there is more, I just can’t think of it right now…too much sugar has muddled my brain lol πŸ˜›

Those Sooooo Weren’t Healthy

13 Nov

I had the most oddly delish pancakes today, Mmm!Mmm!Mmm! πŸ˜€

I went for brunch and got Pear and Coconut Pancakes – pear and coconut infused pancakes, topped with sauteed pears, a lime mascarpone cream and drizzled with house made vanilla syrup. There were 4 nice an thick pancakes on the plate when it was served – can anyone say “goodbye flex points and daily points!” oh, don’t forget to wave madly as the points go bye-bye lol. πŸ˜‰

After eating 2 of them nice n slow so I could savour them I was stuffed, hmm, that should be Stuffed with a capital S cause man I was sooooooo stuffed. After two pancakes! Crazed! I was grateful though cause not like those suckers are good for me in any way. lol. I ate the remaining 2 later in the evening for dinner and that was my entire food allotment for the day…not including a hot chocolate (so shoot me, it was chilly out!), a cup of tea, some diet coke and now some water…least I got some fluids in there…right?

I just did a points check on the pancakes and frankly, I think I was better off not knowing – what the hell does the restaurant put in those things? OMG. The fiber is 5, so yah! The caloriesΒ are 1170, so holy F! And the Fat is 56, kill me, *groan*. That is a whopping 27 points, 27! It’s like I can feel my arteries clogging up a little bit more with each passing minute and my ass getting wider the longer I sit here and type. *double groan*

How do people go to brunch every week and not get obese? ugh.

We did go for a walk after brunch, we were both full and wanted to walk it off a bit, it was a very slow walk, we didn’t go all that far and we stopped and just watched the boats on the water and the moutains in the distance for a good chunk of it…so really, I guess we didn’t walk so much as meandered then paused then meandered to the little shop we got our hot chocolate from lol. Does meandering count in the battle to burn off the amazingly high amount of calories just eaten? I feel it should but I’m pretty certain that is wishful thinking lol. πŸ˜‰

I had intended to exercise in the afternoon but that didn’t happen, sigh, so I’m for sure gonna hafta do something tomorrow to make up for this disaster. *rolls eyes* I hate make-up-for-disaster-food-days exercise routines, they are always harder, double sigh.

I haven’t really started tracking yet even though my life is getting a little bit more settled since the move…the oven still doesn’t work, huh, just remembered that, I’ll hafta call the building manager tomorrow…but despite the slightly more settled aspect to my life I am still not tracking, still not exercising (except for boxing twice a week – and only once last week cause of the holiday) and still not eating properly…I know this even though I am not tracking cause I am at least sorta trying to track in my head and everyday I know I am not doing a very good job food wise. blarg.

I think tomorrow will have to be a fresh start, I’ll start tracking again, start making healthier food choices, start exercising in some manner everyday…just start doing all the things I know I am supposed to be doing but stopped cause of the move.

So, since tomorrow is a fresh start I think I will no longer regret those yummy pancakes, they were unknowingly my last hurrah before getting down to the serious business of making myself thinner before I go home for Christmas! Only 36 more days…crap! Only 36 more days??? I didn’t realize it was so close! This really is crunch time! lol πŸ˜‰

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