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My Attempt to Roast A Squash

24 May

The other night at work the chefs roasted butternut squash, I had a piece and it was amazing. After grilling the chef that was on that night on what to do I thought I might give it a try, at home, with only the cat to supervise me…it may not have been my best idea but the house is still standing so it couldn’t have been the worst! πŸ˜‰

As those of you who have read past cooking posts know, I have a teeny tiny kitchen with nooooo counter space to speak of so my cutting board gets balanced on the edge of the counter that is at the front of the sink and the middle part of the sink, it is a wobbly, dangerous, stupid, place to put a cutting board, but generally my best option. I’m pretty sure one of these days I’m going to slice in to my finger *rolls eyes* Tonight, I dropped the knife and almost stabbed my foot, oops! But I didn’t! So I’m counting that as a win…

After deciding I wanted to keep my feet and fingers intact I managed to find a better balancing spot and proceeded to do as the chef instructed. He said to chop the top and the bottom off, then peel the squash, then cut it in half so the round bulb part is separate from the top column shaped part. Then I slice open the bulb part to dig out the seeds and cut the entire thing in to pieces sized however I want them to be sized.

butternut squash

I’d love to say it went as smooth as it sounds like it should have but well hey, it wouldn’t be my kitchen if that happened, right? πŸ˜‰

I don’t know if it is my peeler, or my technique, or what, but peeling that squash was not an easy task. I ended up using my knife and hacking away at the outside so my poor squash looked not quite as attractive as one might imagine a peeled squash could look. Cutting the top and bottom off was fine, cutting the entire thing down the middle was a tad harder…that could be due to my knife being too small but let’s not get picky about these things, ok? Then there was the whole digging out all the seeds and gross stuff from the bulb section, ugh, I always dislike that part of dealing with a squash, so slimy, so squishy, so easy to have a knife slip because maybe I started using the knife without getting all the goo off my hand…but again with the being picky!

So eventually I get my chopped up butternut squash on the baking tray and now the easy part. I had some oil in a little dish and I got to use my oft neglected pastry brush to spread the oil on the squash, then I sprinkled some brown sugar over top. At this point, or at some point, maybe not this point, I kinda forgot (oops again!) I was also supposed to sprinkle pepper, salt, and a Club House vegetable seasoning on the squash but (1) I was too lazy to get the pepper (2) I don’t add salt to anything so that wasn’t gonna happen and (3) I tried to buy the seasoning but the store didn’t have any so I was crossing fingers it wasn’t an intricate part of making the squash taste good.

While all this was going on the oven was heating to 350, it was sitting at its temperature for quite a while because yeah, this whole prep thing didn’t go quickly *rolls eyes* so in went the tray and on went the timer. I was told ten minutes, maybe fifteen, would be needed, and to stab the squash with a fork to test it. Also to remember what the squash looked like at work and wait till my squash looked the same.

Well…um…yeah…something went a tad wrong there. For starters, at the ten minute mark it was nowhere near done, so back in it went, in the end I think it took 40 minutes or so. Which is unfortunate because I was super hungry so that 40 minutes felt like an eternity. Even after all that time it didn’t look the same as the squash at work but it passed the fork test and I wasn’t willing to wait any longer…impatient much?

Also, I think maybe I should have flipped it at some point? The sugar kinda melted down so it was on the tray, leaving the topside of the squash pieces bare. Which is fine, except the squash was basically sitting in a brown sugar and oil lake so when I took the squash pieces off the tray there were strings of sugar, like gooey strings you’d see on a caramel apple or, I dunno, a caramel filled chocolate…not that I don’t like sugar but what I was seeing seemed a tad excessive. The underneath side had a nice browning effect to it, thanks to sitting in the sugar, where as the top was the same colour as it started out as. Not as pretty as the roasted butternut squash at work. Then again, those chefs went to school for who knows how long, their food better look nicer than mine! πŸ˜›

butternut squash cooked

In the end it was edible, actually, it was more than edible, it tasted good. Not as good as what I was trying to recreate but that could be due to the lack of seasoning, or too much sugar, or the wrong cooking temp and time, or the simple fact that I made it…but it wasn’t so horrible that I won’t try again, and hopefully get better results next time!

Hey, don’t scoff, a girl can hope! πŸ˜›



28 Nov

I am so not a vitamin person. I don’t believe in them, the same way some people don’t believe in Santa Clause, or eating sugar, it is just not my thing.

Buuuut, I don’t always eat a well balanced diet and while I know and understand that our bodies are not meant to get concentrated doses of vitamins and that our bodies will pee out most of what we swallow when taking a vitamin, I figure any additional nutrients my body may absorb from taking a vitamin can only be a good thing.

Also, they came came out with gummie vitamins for adults and I really wanted to give them a try lol πŸ˜›

So I bought these…because they are gummies, and because I had a coupon…


They are not as fun to take as I was hoping lol The gummies leave a bit of Β a weird taste in my mouth once I have taken them, and you take two a day so the bottle won’t last as long as you think it will when you buy it…unless you are one of those people that reads everything on the bottle before you buy it but really, who does that? πŸ˜‰

You are supposed to take them with food so I make sure to take them right before I eat. I figure they tell you to take them with food so you don’t notice the weird after taste quite as much.

This particular bottle is meant to help with my immune function, antioxidant and metabolism…though I don’t know how it is supposed to affect any of those three things, shrug. The mystery of the multigummie! lol

There are three flavours in there, cherry, berry and orange. I haven’t noticed a distinct difference in the flavours of the various gummies, they are all a bit bland, but not gross bland, just not as good as a gummie candy and not like I can be expecting them to taste as good as a real gummie, I mean c’mon, these are nutritional gummies, practically a contradiction in terms! πŸ˜›

I don’t know if they are helping me, or making any difference at all, but I have only been taking them a week so I doubt I would be able to notice a difference that quickly. Maybe once I am at the end of the bottle I will notice a change, in something…somehow…someway…I don’t even know what kinds of changes to look for so I might not notice even if something does change lol

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