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Weigh In Day!!

4 Jul

OMG OMG OMG I LOST WEIGHT!!!!!! wOOt!!! 😀 😀 😀

I s’pose I shouldn’t be quite so excited about it since it was only a small-ish amount but I don’t care, it’s my first documented weight loss so I am gonna continue to do my happy boogie dance. lol.

I lost…ready for it?…1.8 pounds! That’s only 0.2 pounds under 2 pounds and my goal is to lose 2 pounds a week so I almost made it! Maybe I shouldn’t be so glad about it since I didn’t make my 2 pound goal for the week but I think I did pretty well so glad I shall be. 🙂

Now what did I do this momentous day, did I celebrate by drinking only water? Going for a hike? Eating super healthy because of being inspired? Well…no. I started the day off pretty well, a nice big healthy salad but then the day snowballed (food wise) and now I have eaten more points in this one day then in any day since this whole adventure started. Not good! I thought if my weighing in showed a weight loss I’d be even more inspired and do even better but it appears to have a slightly opposite affect. I didn’t feel that “oh, I lost weight so it’s ok to eat now” it was more “I only had a salad today and I have been doing so well it’s ok if I use some extra points” Not the best way to be thinking!

On a good note I felt great about myself all day; even though logically I know I don’t look any different I felt better about how I look and as a result felt better it my clothes and didn’t feel like some overweight ugly blob that everyone was looking at and judging. I know this won’t last probably longer then today; such a small amount of weight loss will not create a permanent change in my perception of my body but for today it was great. I think, in the coming weeks if it gets harder and I am really tempted to cheat I will try really hard to remember this feeling and realize that when I have lost 10 pounds the feeling will be even bigger and maybe slightly more permanent. Cause, a 10 pound loss would have more of an impact on what I look like, right? Goes to figure that the feeling of not looking like a horrible bump on a log might be a tad more permanent when I will actually look different, right?

Oh, on a (slight) side note, the pants that are my other gauge of weight loss did not fit better – not that I could notice anyways. shrug. Guess the weight came off some other section of my body. At this point I don’t really care where it came off, I am just glad it came off! lol.

Most of my food points today are guesses because the roomie and I went to the Night Market – the Night Market is like an outdoor fair with some games, one pathetic ride and a lot of booths selling food and random oddities (mostly over priced jewellery). It was alright, nothing so amazingly great that I just have to go back but it was fun as a one off. However, due to the food options and the face that in places like that I am always tempted to spend money I don’t have I probably won’t go back.

Ok, so here is what I ate (brace yourself!)

1 Fresh Express Salad Salsa Supreme = 8 points

2 pieces of toast = 2 points

2 tsp marg = 2 points

1/2 medium slush = 1 point

1 cup cherries = 1 point

potato on a stick (yes, you read that right lol) = 6 points

1 steamed bbq pork bun = 4 points

1 duck wrap = 5 points

1 bubble tea = 7 points (can you believe that?!?!)

So, that puts me at…I can’t believe I am admitting this, 36 points! I am actually ashamed. It’s easy to over eat and not feel ashamed about it when you aren’t tracking what you are eating; you can convince yourself you didn’t eat all that much or that what you ate wasn’t all that bad but seeing it written down like this, oh man, not good!  I guess that will be the inspiration I need to keep at it; that combined with the scale number going down down down.

potato on a stick…mine was drizzled with ketchop, tasted like a big french fry!

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