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A Delayed Dinner

29 Apr

You know when you wait too long to eat and you are no longer hungry but you know you have to eat? Yeah, sigh, that was me this evening.

I went for a nice long walk (4.94 miles or 7.95 km) and when I got home I decided instead of showering, doing my hair, picking out a semi-decent outfit and running out to take care of a quick errand I’d just go in my workout clothes, that way I could keep my baseball cap on and since it had been raining while I’d been outside I just looked damp, not sweaty. Well, after the errand I got back to my place, showered, got in to comfy clothes, threw a load of clothes in the wash and realized I had missed my “hungry time” and was no longer wanting any food. I was super tired though, which I was attributing to the lack of food in my system. Crap. I hate eating when I don’t feel hungry, ugh.

I figured if I made something yummy it’d waken up my tummy so I popped some salmon in the oven and got to work building a salad to put the salmon on top of. I figure it’s almost May, break out the summer salads! 🙂

Well yeah, my plan failed, lol, I get the meal ready and am staring at it like it is something disgusting instead of something that’ll taste good. Stupid stomach. Obviously I ate it, I knew my body needed the fuel but there was not as much enjoyment out of the meal as there should have been. Also, by the time I was done eating I felt so overly full, even though it was a normal sized salad, that I sat on my living room chair and actually groaned. Groaned! From too much food, that is so not my style lol 😛

I found some snap peas in the grocery store the other day that are a “complete kit”, it is already washed snap peas with a little package of peanut sauce and a second little package of sesame seeds. According to the instructions on the bag you can either eat the snap peas hot or cold, well, duh lol. I opted to heat up the snap peas and use some of them as topping on the salad, the rest I put in the fridge and will eat tomorrow.

I bought them cause they were on sale lol

I bought them cause they were on sale lol

Second from the top layer of the salad

Second from the top layer of the salad

Underneath the snap peas there was half an avocado (sliced), yellow pepper (diced), mixed raw veggies (corn, carrot and beans), pumpkin seeds, and mixed greens. Everything except the snap peas and avocado had been mixed with a small amount of light ranch dressing. The snap peas had the peanut sauce and sesame seeds on them and then for the final touch I put the salmon on top.

The final product!

The final product!

I know the salmon looks a little suspect but I promise it tasted good! It is from M&M Meat Shops, you can buy these great salmon steaks individually packaged and they come with a variety of sauces, this one was herb & garlic. The reason the salmon is cut in half is because when I took it out of the oven at the 17 minute mark, when the packaging said it would be done, it was so obviously not cooked that I cut it in half and put it back in the oven. I am always paranoid about not cooking my meat or seafood properly and giving myself food poisoning so I’d rather cut something in half so I can be sure it is cooked and risk my meal not looking pretty if it means I can feel safe putting the food in my mouth lol 😛

Despite the random combination of flavours (the fish being herb & garlic, the snap peas being coated in peanut sauce and the rest of the salad being tossed in a small amount of ranch dressing) everything gelled quite nicely and tasted good. 🙂 …trust me, I wouldn’t have shown it to you if it didn’t lol

I was shocked at how filling it was, I mean c’mon, it is salad! *rolls eyes* but there ya have it, the salad that made me groan because I was so full after eating it. I didn’t even have room for dessert, and that’s just crazy talk! 😉

Epic Salad Fail

29 Sep

I was lazy last night and paid the consequences today, sigh. I got caught up in tv and laziness last night and didn’t make adequate food for today at work, not good! I thought it would be alright but when I was getting my lunch and snacks out of the fridge this morning I was all “ah crap, where’s all the food??” I am used to having breakfast, snack, lunch and then if I feel like it another snack – all at work – that’s a lot of food, and generally a lot of tupperware containers! lol.

I had my breakfast with me, it’s only cereal and fruit after all, but for lunch I had a sandwich (tuna), my laughing cow cheese and a yogurt…what’s with that? It just didn’t seem like enough. shrug. I guess I got used to taking small amounts of lots of things (like cottage cheese, yams, side salad and soup) so the amount of food didn’t look like very much. In reality it was enough and geez, complaining about “only” having a sandwich, yogurt and two triangles of cheese makes me sound like a pig. Oink! Oink! I bought a Mediteranean Salad to go with my sandwich, it was mixed greens, black olives, baby tomato and feta and it was disgusting! Oh so disgusting! Hence the Epic Salad Fail. It was the mixed greens that made it gross, weird huh? I don’t know what was up with them but they were nasty. ugh.

To compensate for my no salad at lunch I ate some raw mixed veggies in the afternoon for a snack; least I still got my veggies for the day…well, some of them. lol.

Also today I got a treat…a cookie by George! Mmm Mmm Mmm those cookies are like ecstasy, pure bliss in my mouth. I decided since I am trying to eat some of my flex points now and on normal days I have trouble doing that I might as well use some of my flex points to fit in one of those cookies. I grabbed a chocolate chip (the only one I have been able to calculate the points for so far) and wrapped it up to bring home. I didn’t want to scarf it down and barely notice how good it tastes and that’s what would happen if Iate it at work. This way, I sat all comfy cozy on my couch and ate that cookie nice an slow so I savoured every bite. Yum!

Mindless eating is something I have been working on stopping. We all know we aren’t s’posed to eat in our cars, or in front of the tv or when reading and I usually did all of those on a regular basis. lol.  So now I don’t eat in my car or when reading, I do still eat in front of the tv tho. 😛 I do my best to eat at a moderate speed and think about every bite. I am not always able to manage it but I try. Sometimes, like yesterday at dinner time, I am so hungry I can’t help myself, I eat really fast…I regretted that yesterday cause I still felt hungry even though I knew I wasn’t. sigh. I know to wait about 20 mins after eating to see if I am really hungry or if my stomach just hasn’t gotten the message to my brain yet that I am full but man, yesterday was hard.

Today I ate:

29 grams Honey Nut Cheerios = 2 points

1/2 cup skim milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 apple = 1 point

1 tuna sandwich = 4 points

1 Activia Yogurt = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

raw mixed veggies = 0 points

1 Fiesta Salad = 6 points

1 pckg Jolly Time Popcorn = 1 point

1 chocolate chip cookie = 5 points

Total points eaten today = 25. So that’s my 22 daily points and 3 flex points. I still feel uncomfie using my flex points but I decided to look at it this way – today is a ‘hungry day’ I have wanted to stuff my face all day, if I wasn’t on weight watchers I would have eaten way more then 25 points worth of food and not even realized so sure, I ate 3 flex points but it could be a lot worse! lol.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!…wait, focus on today!

31 Aug

Alrighty so I am all excited for tomorrow but I have to think about today…least for the length of this post. lol. Today was a normal day at work; I am getting trained for a new position so I spent the day sitting with friends/co-workers while trying to cram new work info in to my head…always fun. 😛

Some of us at work had plans to go out for lunch so we went to a food court, we don’t have time to go and sit at a restaurant somewhere so we always just grab food and come back. I, being the exciting person that I am when eating out, got a salad…shocking isn’t it? teehee. I didn’t go to the Salad Loop this time, mostly cause that food court didn’t have one, I went to a place that is the exact same build your own salad kinda thing but it cost more and had less options. Ah well, what are ya gonna do?

The salad was really good, I’ll give the place that much credit at least but it cost me a little over $10, for a salad! I can’t remember everything I put on it but here’s some of the toppings: shredded carrots, hard boiled egg, kernel corn, chick peas, shredded white cheese, sunflower seeds, random raw veggies, one asparagus (wanted to see if I would like it – which, btw, I didn’t), small amount of cottage cheese, 1/4 of small potato, artificial crab, small amount of yam…um, there might have been more but I can’t remember. All of this was on top of spinach and iceberg lettuce leaves. I didn’t have a proper serving of any of the toppings, I put tiny amounts of everything on the salad so for my points I counted the egg (2 points) and then approximated the rest. So, if something I had was portioned that it would have been only 0.25 of a point then I add that quarter to the quarter point I used for a different topping and eventually add enough things up to a point. Seems to make sense to me. 😀

The salad was so filling that when I got home from work I didn’t want dinner, weirdness. 😛 I killed some time doing other things then eventually ate – I had enough points left over for dinner I got to have hot dogs, yum! I didn’t have hot dog buns so I used bread but other then that it was a normal hot dog dinner. A nice little treat. 🙂

Now, for tomorrow…I have an audition! Don’t get too excited for me, I still don’t have an agent and if I get a part it won’t pay me but it’ll be great experience. It’s only the first stage of auditions, this particular project takes the first audition then shows all the videos of all the auditions to those making the casting decisions and they pick from the videos. They might contact people in for call backs (a follow up audition) or they may just pick from the videos. We shall see! 😀

Today I ate:

2 weetabix = 2 point

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 1/2 strawberries = 1 point

1 cup grapes = 1 point

1 salad = 5 points

1 light babybell = 1 point

2 hot dogs

    – 2 light hot dog weiners = 2 points

    – 2 pieces of bread = 2 points

    – 2 slices kraft cheese slices = 2 points

1 Smart Ones cake desesert = 4 points

Total points used 21. I will probably not go searching for anything to eat for that last point, I am not hungry and don’t have any one point snacks left, sigh. I know I am s’posed to eat all my points but when you factor in such a huge salad for lunch and lots of fluids throughout the entire day there just isn’t enough room left for anymore food. lol.

Wish me luck for tomorrow, well actually wish that I break a leg! 😛

Attempting…and failing…

27 Jul

Holy crap! It has been days since I have been able to get online, I feel like I am going through withdrawl. eeek! I am staying at my parents place and they have internet but they don’t know their password so I can’t get my laptop online and while I may know a lot about computers my knowledge stops at hacking…I may remedy that! lol. So it is late at night and I am finally able to get on to their computer, phew!

I am not going to cover all the food I have eaten since I have been offline because nobody wants to read that many food lists, lol, but I will give you the ups and down. 🙂

The second day of the roadtrip almost started out with such promise. 😛 I went to the restaurant attached to the hotel I stayed at and ordered the one healthy breakfast item they had, can you believe that?? One item!! It was eggs with fruit salad on the side…I think there was toast too. Not the greatest meal but ya gotta work with what ya got. lol. The waitress comes back to my table after I place my order and informs me (very nicely) that they have no fruit…no fruit?!?! The supplier didn’t bring them any…so no fruit. huh. That’s a new one, and wtf am I s’posed to do now? I took a quick look through the menu again while the waitress hovered over my shoulder making me feel very pressured and picked such an amazingly unhealthy dish I surprised even myself. 😛 It was eggs benedict but without the ham, instead it was an english muffin topped with sliced tomato, bacon, poached egg and of course the hollondaise sauce. Yum!! I haven’t had something that rich for breakfast in longer then I can remember. It also came with hash browns (home made diced hash browns) and I ate some but was too full to have more then a couple bites of them. I really savoured every bite of that breakfast, it tasted sooooooo good. again…Yum! lol

Most of the rest of that day I was really good; I ate my veggies I had packed for a snack and somehow wasn’t hungry for anything larger so I didn’t bother with my salad. I did however stop at Peter’s Drive In for my milkshake and onion rings, I can’t believe what happened ! It was horrible! Not the milkshake or rings-they were perfect, but my stomach, sigh, I only drank about half (at most) of the shake (oreo flavour btw) and had about 7 of the rings and was full to the point of feeling sick…I wasn’t even out of friggin cow town yet before I had to stop! (yes I was eating and driving at the same time, it’s AB, they let you do that! lol) I was actually mad at myself, here I had been waiting for this milkshake and I couldn’t even enjoy the entire thing? Know what I ended up doing for the last 3 hours of the road trip? Drinking…water! Water! Horrendous! I left the milkshake alone and drank water…what’s the world coming to? ugh.

The only plus side to not being able to drink the whole shake or eat the rings is that I saved points which is good considering my breakfast. *rolls eyes*

My next day started off not too badly, I had Weetabix for breakfast topped with some fruit…back on track right? And when I needed a snack later I ate fruit, so good choice again…and then I went out for dinner with a friend. I tried deluding myself the salad I was ordering was healthy but let’s get real, it so wasn’t! I ordered the Top Sirloin Steak Salad with Goat Cheese (the description is: seared medium-rare top sirloin steak, mixed greens, roma tomatoes and quebec goat cheese, tossed in a spicy tomato vinaigrette with a hint of tomato clam cocktail and served with banana bread) It was really tasty! I didn’t eat the banana bread (it wasn’t very good, dry, shrug) but I ate almost every bite of the salad. Mouth heaven. There was very little goat cheese and about 6 thin slices of steak, I should have got the dressing on the side but totally forgot so I think the dressing took away from the healthiness of the greens and veggies in the greens. sigh.

If you can believe it the next day was even worse! How they keep escalating I am not sure but they do. lol. I went to a friend’s kid’s birthday party; it was a bbq and to be honest I thought we’d just be eating veggies, chips, snack type items but nope, full out bbq. I had a hot dog (I can’t believe how long it’s been since I ate one of those!), some homemade potato salad and some homemade beans (they had pork n beans, bacon, brown sugar, ketchup and onions in it – put it all in a crock pot and let it do it’s thing). The beans were really excellent. 🙂 The entire time was great but I kept thinking wow, this is so not healthy…oh and then there was the big slab of cake we all had, oy! Then, just to make the day even better I had a family dinner (which admittedly wasn’t as unhealthy), there was brocolli pie with cheese on top, baby potatoes, salad, veggies, a tiny bit of roast chicken and strawberries for dessert. Luckily my mom is also on weight watchers so she made a healthy dinner. 🙂 Go mom go! lol

Today I decided I have to get back on track, I can practically feel myself getting fatter, ugh, and my tummy is not happy with such a drastic shift from healthy stuff to not so healthy stuff, it’s been having some pain and general discomfort today, not fun!

I started the day with, you guessed it! Weetabix. lol. It’s the healthiest cereal here, and some fruit then when I was out I hit up Extreme Pita, I love this place. 😀 I got the Maple Dijon Chicken (it has grilled chicken, blend of greens, red grapes, grape tomatoes and maple dijon dressing all in a pita) I got the small and it was only 4 points, it tasted like it should have been way more points it was that good. 😀 I also just had to hit up this sushi place in the mall that does this roll called the Alberta roll, it has beef in the middle which is very un-sushi like but it’s so good and only at this one place. I got two as a treat. I then felt so bad cause I felt like I had eaten a ton that I didn’t eat again until quite late when I drank a can of Guinness (only 4 points!) and some chips my uncle brought us from England when he came to visit, my mom portioned them out so they were another 4 points but I had the points to spare. I ended up under my points today and don’t feel bad about it in the least considering the last 3 days. lol

I would like to say I am going to eat healthier from now on but tomorrow I am eating dinner at Red Lobster (my fave place!) and the day after I have dinner plans at the Cheesecake Cafe, and the coming weekend is going to be food hell but that I will explain in a different post since this one is becoming a novel. lol.

Suffice to say I fell of the wagon and hard the beginning of this trip…hopefully I can find a way to salvage my diet cause I sure don’t want to gain my weight back. It took a lot of work and weeks to lose the weight so far, how much would it suck to gain it all back on one vacation?

Weigh In Day!!

4 Jul

OMG OMG OMG I LOST WEIGHT!!!!!! wOOt!!! 😀 😀 😀

I s’pose I shouldn’t be quite so excited about it since it was only a small-ish amount but I don’t care, it’s my first documented weight loss so I am gonna continue to do my happy boogie dance. lol.

I lost…ready for it?…1.8 pounds! That’s only 0.2 pounds under 2 pounds and my goal is to lose 2 pounds a week so I almost made it! Maybe I shouldn’t be so glad about it since I didn’t make my 2 pound goal for the week but I think I did pretty well so glad I shall be. 🙂

Now what did I do this momentous day, did I celebrate by drinking only water? Going for a hike? Eating super healthy because of being inspired? Well…no. I started the day off pretty well, a nice big healthy salad but then the day snowballed (food wise) and now I have eaten more points in this one day then in any day since this whole adventure started. Not good! I thought if my weighing in showed a weight loss I’d be even more inspired and do even better but it appears to have a slightly opposite affect. I didn’t feel that “oh, I lost weight so it’s ok to eat now” it was more “I only had a salad today and I have been doing so well it’s ok if I use some extra points” Not the best way to be thinking!

On a good note I felt great about myself all day; even though logically I know I don’t look any different I felt better about how I look and as a result felt better it my clothes and didn’t feel like some overweight ugly blob that everyone was looking at and judging. I know this won’t last probably longer then today; such a small amount of weight loss will not create a permanent change in my perception of my body but for today it was great. I think, in the coming weeks if it gets harder and I am really tempted to cheat I will try really hard to remember this feeling and realize that when I have lost 10 pounds the feeling will be even bigger and maybe slightly more permanent. Cause, a 10 pound loss would have more of an impact on what I look like, right? Goes to figure that the feeling of not looking like a horrible bump on a log might be a tad more permanent when I will actually look different, right?

Oh, on a (slight) side note, the pants that are my other gauge of weight loss did not fit better – not that I could notice anyways. shrug. Guess the weight came off some other section of my body. At this point I don’t really care where it came off, I am just glad it came off! lol.

Most of my food points today are guesses because the roomie and I went to the Night Market – the Night Market is like an outdoor fair with some games, one pathetic ride and a lot of booths selling food and random oddities (mostly over priced jewellery). It was alright, nothing so amazingly great that I just have to go back but it was fun as a one off. However, due to the food options and the face that in places like that I am always tempted to spend money I don’t have I probably won’t go back.

Ok, so here is what I ate (brace yourself!)

1 Fresh Express Salad Salsa Supreme = 8 points

2 pieces of toast = 2 points

2 tsp marg = 2 points

1/2 medium slush = 1 point

1 cup cherries = 1 point

potato on a stick (yes, you read that right lol) = 6 points

1 steamed bbq pork bun = 4 points

1 duck wrap = 5 points

1 bubble tea = 7 points (can you believe that?!?!)

So, that puts me at…I can’t believe I am admitting this, 36 points! I am actually ashamed. It’s easy to over eat and not feel ashamed about it when you aren’t tracking what you are eating; you can convince yourself you didn’t eat all that much or that what you ate wasn’t all that bad but seeing it written down like this, oh man, not good!  I guess that will be the inspiration I need to keep at it; that combined with the scale number going down down down.

potato on a stick…mine was drizzled with ketchop, tasted like a big french fry!

Fiesta Friday!

26 Jun

Hola mi amigo!

Today was Fiesta Friday at work, it was supposed to be a team building thing *rolls eyes* but really it was an excuse to eat a lot of food, drink at work and goof off on a sunny friday. Normally I would have been thrilled for this but it seems a cruel world that during my first week trying to lose weight throws at me bday cake, mexican food, alcohol and invites for after work today for more mexican food and margaritas. It is totally patio season! Today was all sunny and warm, slight breeze but not enough to get your hair in your food and I could envision myself sitting out there with a nice big drink and some nachos. I felt that I would not have had enough willpower as of yet to resist ordering something horrendously bad for me at the restaurant so I didn’t go, sad for tonight but a small sacrifice to be made for my happiness in the future.  This whole looking at the big picture thing can kinda suck. 😛

I was concerned about what I would be eating today since I wouldn’t be able to acurately calculate my points but I don’t think I did too badly. shrug. I didn’t eat as much fruit as I have been used to and I found that I was unconsciously drinking more water. I don’t know if I was drinking more water because I wasn’t eating the fruit and my body wanted the hydration or if I am just a bit more used to drinking water now. I guess it doesn’t really matter why I was drinking more it’s just good that I was. AC, a friend at work, she brought in dessert for today (well, one of the desserts) and she is so awesome, she knows I am trying really hard on weight watchers so she brought in a Mexican Fruit Salad, it had cut up fruit (duh) and she used the actual juice from fruit instead of juice juice and there was a bit of rum in it and chili powder. I would never of thought to put chili powder in a fruit salad but it was really good. 🙂 I totally owe her because the other desserts were brownies, expensive boxes of chocolates and the candy in the pinata – none of which I could touch.

I took a nice big salad with me to work thinking that I would eat that with my taco thereby making me full and not tempted to go back for a second taco. Well, lunch ended up starting later then planned and I was going on an errand with S so we both scarfed down our tacos and bolted. By the time we got back I didn’t want the salad so I figured I’d bring it home and have it with my dinner or eat it tomorrow…great plan but it is still sitting in the fridge at work cause I totally forgot about it. sigh. Hopefully it’ll still be ok on monday! Mid afternoon I was getting peckish so I grabbed my cut up pineapple and nibbled on it, I had 1 cup of pineapple but only ate half at most so I brought that home too. Seems to be the day for bringing food home with me. lol.

So here is what I ate today:

1 light whole wheat bagel = 3 points

1 tbsp peanut butter = 2

tea = 0

1 cup grapes = 1 point

1 taco = 6 points

-taco topped with ground beef, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, tomatos, shreeded cheese

grilled veggies = 0

fruit salad = 0.5 points

1/2 cup pineapple = 0.5 points

whole wheat pasta = 5 points

1/4 cup Knorr’s Alfredo sauce = 2 points

mixed veggies = 0 points

That puts me at 20 points, 4 left over!

Not enough left over points for cookies and milk but that’s ok, I had that last night. 🙂 I will finish off my points with some fruit which is apparently becoming my “go to” food. lol. Who’d of ever thought that would happen? I may keep a couple points un-used just in case my calculations for the day are off and I used more then I realized. It’s so hard to guess what the points used are when you can’t measure. I made sure to be really sparing with the peanut butter, guac, sour cream and cheese but when those things are all combined who knows what number they add up to? I think this whole worrying about points thing will get old really fast, or I will become strangely obsessed and be one of those annoying people that talks about their food and points all the time…I realized yesterday I am talking about food and points way too much at work to my friends so I am trying to shut my yap about it. Just cause I am getting all absorbed in this doesn’t mean they want to hear about it. lol. I must remember that!

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