Weigh In Day #2

11 Jul

Do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight! Get down tonight! wOOt!

Strap on your dancing shoes we got something to celebrate! Week 2 and I lost weight again!

Another 1.8 pounds gone! Seems to be my magic number. lol. 😀

It was a weird weigh in day; I woke up early, 9am (hey, on a saturday that is early!) and stumbled in to the washroom cause all that water I drank last night before bed really needed out. lol. 😛 I figured why not weigh myself since I was there so I stood on the scale and wtf?!?! It said I gained 0.2 pounds. Well, that was not a happy moment! I stumbled my way back to bed and tried to figure out what happened. Could my glasses account for the weight? Last week I had my contacts in. Did I go over my points and not realize it? I know I ate a lot of points at the night market at the beginning of the week but since then I hadn’t gone over my points at all so I should have been ok. Am I cursed? shrug. A lot of things went through the brain. I decided to go back to sleep cause I didn’t want to think about it anymore. All that work just to gain 0.2 pounds? What’s the point?

When I woke up again hours later I stayed in bed reading for a while (that’s my fave way to start a saturday) and tried to ignore the fact that apparently I am getting fatter. ugh. When I finally got up I decided to re-weigh myself and I was showing as being down the 1.8 pounds I am currently celebrating. WTF??? Here is what I figure; last week I weighed in late in the day, after lunch time, and when I weighed in the second time today it was closer to the same time…I think that matters. So from now on I am going to be weighing in early afternoon…no more of this morning weigh in crap. lol.

After seeing the smaller number I decided I needed to do something to celebrate. 🙂 It was suggested to me that every week when I weigh in I put $5 in a piggy bank and when I reach my goal weight take the money and celebrate (with something that isn’t food!) I thought I should be more strict, only weeks I lose weight will the money go in; after all it’s like a congrats thing, right, and I shouldn’t get the money if I don’t do well that week. Either way it’s a good suggestion. However, there was a mix up with my paycheque on friday and I didn’t get one so I don’t have any money to put in to a piggy bank this week, instead I decided to find something to treat myself with when I was out.  I so found something too! It is food related which is probably not a good thing but it’s healthy so it’s not as bad as it could be. lol. I found at M&M Meat Shop a raspberry fruit frozen bar, it’s like a fudgesicle but with raspberry instead. One bar is 2 points, I haven’t had one yet (I will eat it after I am done typing) but I think it’ll be a good addition to my food options. 🙂

Also, I thought why not get some sushi for my dinner? I should have the points available to me today, might as well use em. lol. I wanted to buy the sushi from Safeway while I was grocery shopping cause the sushi packages have the nutritional info on them, I never knew sushi could be so bad for you! In the weight watchers food book they give you points for certain sushi pieces (I will put what they write about sushi on a page so you can read it there) but when I calculate the points based on the nutritional info on the package, my reaction was “oh hell no!” I picked up the brown rice california roll, there are 8 in the package, it was 10 points!!!

Here’s what Prawn Salad Wraps look like

Instead I got some Prawn Salad Wraps, there are 2 in a package and were 6 points. When I read the package I thought it was 3 points for both which seemed awsome, I should have realized it was too good to be true. lol. I double checked the nutritional info when I got home and realized that was 3 points per wrap; which really, isn’t so bad.

In the end I got two treats! The raspberry bars for later and the wraps for immediate. Worked out well. 🙂
Here’s what I ate today:
1 cup pineapple = 1 point
1 cup grapes = 1 point
1 Activia  yogurt Strawberry and Rhubarb flavour = 2 points
2 prawn salad wraps = 6 points
1 slush = 2 points
2 cups Kettle corn = 3 points
1 pepperoni pizza pop = 6 points
1 raspberry bar = 2 points
That puts me at my 23 points for the day. 🙂 I noticed that this past week I didn’t eat as much fruit as the weeks before so I am going to work at increasing my fruit intake; and my veggies. I bought two salmon steaks for this coming week to help inrease my protein since I don’t get as much of that as I should. lol. Really, I don’t think I get enough of any of the things I am s’posed to – if left to my own devices I would live off pasta. This week I will still keep to my points but I am going to try to eat a more balanced diet, I will try to have protein, veggies, fruit, dairy…all that stuff, on a daily basis. Don’t know exactly how this will work out but I guess I’ll find out! 🙂

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