I’m goin down!

7 Aug

I’m goin down down down down down – wOOt!

Thought I’d rip off the lyrics to a song by Freddie King to help me celebrate my weight loss. lol. The song has been performed by many different artists and Freddie’s isn’t actually the version I have in my head but oh well, guess it’s right to give kudos to Freddie since it’s his song first. lol. 😀

So all that freaking out was for nothing, yah! I had managed to convince myself earlier today, right before I stepped on the scale, that I’d be happy if the number was somewhere around where it was last time I weighed myself, the same would be fine – a bit depressing but what I deserved considering what I ate while on vacation. Well, when I saw the number I would have given a shriek but I wasn’t sure if my roomie was still asleep or not and if she was I didn’t want to wake her. Not only did I go down by 3.8 pounds (omg, I can’t believe I just wrote that!!!!!) but the weight loss put me down in to a whole new weight bracket. By that I mean the second number in my weight has changed! Oh yeah baby, that’s right! The second number changed this time!!! 😀 😀 😀 I haven’t been in this number bracket for years and when I was in it is was only for the time it took to keep going up in weight until I ended up as heavy as I was when this whole thing started. Now, maybe I shouldn’t be too excited, I am only in this new weight bracket by 0.4 lb but I don’t care, I am in it and I will fight to stay in it…until I get down in to the next bracket that is! lol.

Not only am I thinner but the amount of points I get to eat per day has gone down by one; now I get to eat 22. The reason this changed is because part of the calculations for figuring out your daily points uses the first two digits of your weight – that second number of mine changed so now I am down a point. 😛 I feel perfectly happy with this change; I am not concerned about losing the food per day associated with that point because a lot of days I have trouble eating my whole 23 points – maybe having 22 will be easier to manage? Just wait, I’ll probably be bitching in a couple of days about how hungry I am cause I am at 22 points now, lol.

You may or may not be wondering why it’s been so long since I had a weigh in day on here…I am going to pretend you are wondering and explain. lol. My first weigh in day on vacation was the day after my road trip, I used my mom’s scale and it had me go up by a couple pounds which devestated me. 😦 My mom pointed out though that every scale is a little different (very true), the time of day I was weighing myself was different from normal (time of day totally affects your weight) and that the previous day I was abnormally inactive because of spending so many hours in the car (didn’t burn as many calories just from normal daily movement cause of well, not moving, lol). I decided to try to ignore the scale and re-weigh myself later that day. When I re-weighed myself I lost almost a pound from my earlier weigh in that day so I figured, shrug, don’t freak out about it, wait for next week and see what the scale says then. I got a little impatient and weighed myself the next day and I’d gone down a pound and a bit from the day before so I seemed to be on the right track. The next saturday though I couldn’t bring myself to step on the scale, I had eaten so much bad food and most of the activities I had been involved in were not all that active so I just pretended the scale was not there. lol. Well, couldn’t do that pretending today could I? I had to step on and face the music, and the music was good! On average I lost 1.9 lbs per week which is right about what I was losing before (the weeks before vacation I kept going down by 1.8 lbs per week). Awesomeness! 😀

Let’s see what I ate today:

1 Sandwich

    – 2 pieces of toast = 2 points

    – 1 scrambled egg = 2 points

    – 2 pieces of turkey bacon = 2 points

    – 1 Kraft cheese slice = 1 point

    – mixed peppers (in the egg) = 0 points

1 chocolate Timbit = 1 point

1 pckg Mr. Noodle Chicken flavour = 8 points

2 Maple cookies = 4 points

1 Coffee Crisp Single = 2 points

Total points used 22. Right where I am supposed to be. 😀 Admittedly, I wasn’t eating very healthy food but hey, it’s saturday, my whole eating schedule got off kilter. lol. The Mr. Noodles surprised me. They were something I still had in my cupboard from before weight watchers started and I had been ignoring them because I thought they’d be as high in points as Ichiban (that’s 12 for the package!) but when I saw how many points I had left and that it was getting late I decided to check the nutritional info and found out they are 8 instead. 8 is too high for something normaly, especialy something with no nutritional benefit and too small to completely fill me but for today it was perfecto. lol.

So all in all a great start to being back on track after vacation, I didn’t lose as much (well any really) ground as I thought I would and I bought healthy groceries today so this week should be all kinds of good. 🙂 Go weigh in day go!


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