Another two bite the dust!

14 Aug

uh-huh! Another two bite the dust, that’s right! Another two bite the dust, you heard me! Another two bite the dust! oooh yeah! 😀 😀

To clarify why I am so happy…I lost 2 pounds this week! Not 1.8 or 1.9 but 2! 2! Two! Dos! Deux! Due! TWO!!!!!

Not that I was unhappy with my losses of 1.8 or 1.9 but 2 is something else, something frickin amazing! 2 pounds a week is the mecca of weight loss, the amount that is quoted by all the so called experts as the healthy amount to lose per week. You aren’t supposed to lose more than that per week (unless your on the biggest loser lol) and obviously any amount of weight loss is a good thing but 2 is the number to hit, and I hit it!

Granted, I had been sick for two days prior and was probably dehydrated when I weighed myself but I don’t care, I am counting that 2 pounds no matter what! lol. However, I weighed myself 2 hours earlier then normal which usually means the scale doesn’t show as high of a weight loss (time of day really does matter when you are on that scale) so maybe the earlier weigh in time and the dehydration cancel each other out? 😛 Ok, so I know it doesn’t but let me have my delusions. 😀 lol

To continue on with my singing:

Yesterday was plain awful!

You can say that again…

Yesterday was plain awful! But that’s. not. now. that’s then!

Little bit of Annie for ya there…yesterday was bad though. I got to work and seemed fine but a little bit after I ate I got horrible abdominal pains and chest pains and was struggling to breath. Seems I even looked horrible cause people were looking at me and telling me to go home. I hate that, when you look so bad people are telling you to leave, makes me wonder what exactly I am looking like…so I am vain, what? You’re shocked about that? lol. So I went home early and by the time I got home I was feeling a bit better. I figured problem had passed and was a little mad I left work early, if whatever was wrong was going to fix itself so quickly why couldn’t I have realized that and stuck it out at work? I can’t afford to miss a day but oh well, I was already home. Around lunch time I got hungry, shocker!, so I ate and regretted it about 15 minuter later when the pain was back but even worse and I was quickly wishing for death. That sounds dramatic but it hurt! I called the closest doctors office to me and was told they didn’t have any doctors in, wtf?! Why the hell have an open doctors office if there aren’t going to be any doctors in it???? Grr! Doctors in this city suck! I was curled up on my bed crying cause of the pain when my roomie got home so I had her drive me to the nearest hospital which has closed its ER, brilliant, so we came home. By the time we got home the pain had eased a bit, just like earlier, and an hour or so later was pretty much gone. shrug. I don’t get it.

I was scared to eat the rest of the day cause hello? I eat I end up curled up in a ball crying, not a good association to have with food. lol. It was really hot here though so I couldn’t not drink, I sipped at a bottle of water the rest of the day and night and almost drank the whole thing. That seemed to settle alright so that was a relief. I went to bed early cause the pain sessions of earlier in the day wiped me out and woke up this morning earlier then normal and feeling…not normal, but a bit better. Considering I hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before I was surprisingly not hungry, shrug, a little thirsty but that’s it. I shrugged the thirst off and went back to sleep cause like I am gonna get up early on a saturday? ha! When I finally did wake up and got my lazy ass out of bed I went and had my happy moment on the scale. 😛

Today has not been so bad. I didn’t get hungry for a really long time, and actually, I wasn’t hungry at all when I finally ate something. I ate because it was early afternoon and I hadn’t put anything in me since the water from the evening before…it just seemed time to eat. shrug. I had a salad, it seemed a safe choice. lol. The salad gave me some pain but not as bad as the food the day before and it cleared up without me resorting to tears which was nice. I even felt well enough to go grocery shopping and buy my weekly timbit lol. These little rituals are important I think, knowing I get 1 timbit every weekend makes it easier to not give in to tempting foods during the week. I learned something sad though, my information about the points for timbits and iced capps from Tim Hortons was wrong, sigh. One timbit is 2 points, not 1, and it’s not the medium iced capp made with milk that is 3 points, it’s the small. *rolls eyes* I was quite upset when I learned this, more because all those other weekends where I treated myself I miscalculated my points but hey, I lost weight anyways! Gotta look on the bright side! I was tempted to count the timbit and capp incorrectly, as I had been doing for so long, since it didn’t seem to be hurting me but that is just stupid, sigh, so I from now on will count them as they should be counted. Sucky but ah well.

I had planned to eat really light non tummy upsetting things today but was oddly enough craving things like chocolate and heavier sweeter foods. I didn’t indulge in only chocolate related foods but neither did I eat nice and healthy like I planned to. I managed a bit of a middle ground. The salad was that fiesta salad I have had in the past but not quite the normal one. I had the toppings but I put them on a normal salad that had carrots and cabbage and other veggies on it, it was not a good combo. Ugh. I ate it anyways, obviously, but the dressing combined with the carrots and cabbage was not good, don’t ever do it!

So, today I ate:

1 Fiesta salad = 8 points

1 small Iced Capp = 3 points

1 sour cream glazed timbit = 2 points

1 cup cherries = 1 point

1/4 cup couscous with corn = 3 points

18 Maltesers = 4 points

That gives me a total of 21 points for the day. I could eat a 1 point weight watcher snack to finish up that last point but it’s not gonna happen. lol. I will probably continue to sip on water, as I have been doing all day, since it seems to help keep the tummy settled but that’s all that is going in to me the rest of the night.

I was really worried that my weight loss this week would be pathetic because of being bloated but instead I got farther down the scale then expected, it makes me feel more secure in my weight. Last week I lost just enough to get me in to a new weight bracket but I was only in that new bracket by 0.4lbs, not a very high amount and quite easy to screw up and end back up in that weight bracket I had finally managed to get out of but this week, I got even farther in to this weight bracket and I don’t feel as scared I will screw it up. Does that make sense? It would make more sense if I used numbers I guess…so let’s say I was weighing in the 180s and last week I finally got in to 170s, well, I only got in to the 170s by a smidgen, weighing in at 179.6…so really easy to screw up and end up back in the 180s right? Right, and scary! But then this week enough weight was lost to put the new weight at 177.6 so now I am not as worried I will screw up this lower weight bracket because I am more secure in the bracket…make sense now? And no, those numbers are not my weight, they are just examples. 😛

So, despite the pain and general crappiness of the past two days I had a happy result on the scale and today I managed to eat without curling up in pain so yah for two things! Well, for three things cause each of those pounds lost should be counted seperately, lol. 😀


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