Rotting fruit and overly large pants

15 Aug

What did I do today? Let’s see, I ran errands, watched a movie and revelled in the knowledge that my Lulu Lemon pants no longer fit. teehee. happy dance!

Now, I shouldn’t be so happy about this, these pants cost me a mint and they are one of my most comfy casual pants but hey, I like knowing I am shrinking out of my clothes. 😀  I have found that my work clothes are fitting looser, awesome, and a pair of jeans I couldn’t fit in to I can now wear…the jeans admittedly are a bit snug still but I am getting there. The Lulu Lemon pants really made me realize how my clothes are fitting differently. They are longer now, because they don’t have as much to get caught on lol, and  all through my thighs, hips and abdominal area they are noticeably looser. In some areas it’s not so bad, looser but still ok but other areas are loose enough that the pants don’t look all that good on me anymore, sigh. If I was clothes shopping and tried these pants on in this size I wouldn’t buy them because they’d be too big, *slightly psychotic giggle* but since I already own them I wore them anyways cause I just can’t bring myself to not wear them…seriously, they weren’t cheap! Lulu is an investment, if they are treated properly (cold wash, hang to dry) they can last for years and they always go back to their shape after washing (I know this cause a friend wore hers when preggies and they fit perfect after she lost all her baby weight) so even though they are expensive they last for ages…but they aren’t going to shrink down to whatever size I end up…this could be a problem…

Once they for sure become to big to wear I won’t replace them cause what would be the point? Like I am going to buy a pair for each new size I become, ha! I think that new Lulu pants can be my treat for when I lose all my weight…I have been trying to think of what to treat myself with…I was thinking I’d finally allow myself to eat McDonald’s (I am still going to do that! lol) but a new pair of stupidly expensive pants is a pretty good final weigh in prize…don’t ya think?

On another note I seem to be having bad luck with my fruit lately, it keeps going bad before I can eat it, ick! I think it is because of the heat…it’s making everyone lethargic and killing my fruit. Poor fruit. It started with the plums…my landlord gave me two huuuuge bowls of plums from his plum tree that I was going to turn in to jam, well, not gonna happen cause they all rotted, yack! Then today my pineapple was bad, a nectarine had gone soft, some cherries split and were pussing and a section of my grapes were fuzzy and attached to each other. All in all, that’s a lot of fruit to find bad in one day. Obviously I got rid of it all, sadly not before tasting the pineapple and one of the bad cherries, that was oh so pleasant lemme tell ya. lol All of the fruit except for the grapes and the plums were in the fridge so I am not sure what happened there, shrug, I will hafta be more careful though cause fruit is expensive! Ever notice how healthy things are more expensive then the bad for us stuff? So not fair! 😛

I did find a new ice cream snack this weekend, it is Nestle’s The Skinny Cow Vanilla Sandwich. Basically it is an ice cream sandwich that is “healthy”, or at least a healthier option if you really want an ice cream sandwich…

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Ice Cream Sandwiches for 2 points!

When I told the roomie about them she made an icky face and implied they are not good so I was a bit worried but I really liked the one I ate today. It tasted exactly how an ice cream sandwich should and it is just 2 points; pretty awesome! The packaging actually tells you that each sandwich is only 2 points, I double checked of course with my Weight Watchers points slider and they really are only 2 points each. Sure, someday I will only have 1 point left and really want one of the sandwiches and then I will be bitching cause they are too many points, lol, but for now 2 points per sandwich seems pretty rockin to me. 😀

Alrighty, so today I ate:

2 pieces of toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 Thinsations pckg Chocolate covered pretzels = 2 points

1 small Iced Capp = 3 points

1 chocolate timbit = 2 points

1 grilled cheese sandwich

    – 2 pieces of bread = 2 points

    – 2 Kraft cheese slices = 2 points

   – 2 slices turkey bacon = 2 points

    – 3 tomato slices = 0 points

    – 1 tblsp Light Miracle Whip = 0 points

1 cup cherries = 1 point

1 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich = 2 points

That puts me at 20 points for the day. I just can’t eat anymore today, it is too hot and too late and I am too full to fit anything else in me but I figure 20 points is ok since I wasn’t all that active today. 🙂 And now I am off to figure out what to put together for my lunch for tomorrow…oh how I miss the days of running out for fast food, sigh.


2 Responses to “Rotting fruit and overly large pants”

  1. Katie B August 23, 2010 at 4:07 pm #

    I finally found this. It sounds like you are doing well. Keep up the good work! You looked awesome last time I saw you!


    • shrinkingwmn August 23, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

      Thanks! :)Just wait till you see me in December! lol

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