Work, Bugs, Audition, Hot Jeans and Cancelled Plans

1 Sep

Aaaahhh, what a nice calm day, yeah right! A roller coaster of thoughts and feelings…just the way I like it! 😀

Let’s start at the beginning…work! I sat with IF (yes, that is initials not the word if lol) cause she has been training me for the new job I am being bumped up to. She totally rocks. So much fun to sit with and she’s teaching me well. 🙂 Not like I wanna be doing this job or working in this industry forever but it’s ok for now. Work was all good today, I am picking up the new stuff fairly quickly and am starting to feel more comfortable about the whole thing. It’s much easier getting through the work day when you aren’t floundering around trying to figure out what the hell is going on. lol.

However, at lunch time the day went a tad bit icky. I was eating my 1 cup of cherries, these are the oh so fresh cherries I bought at the farmer’s market this past sunday. One of them tasted a bit funny, no biggy right? It happens. shrug. But then I looked down in to the container and saw something on one of the cherries, a little white fleck. Now, this is weird cause I wash all my fruit uber carefully so I wondered what it could be. I took a closer look and was worried, the white fleck looked like it might be a bug, but no, that can’t be, I wash all my fruit. I poked at it with my fingernail and it moved, MOVED!!!! It was a little white bug! Some kind of miniature white worm – least that’s what it looked like. Talk about disgusting!!! So I do what any sane person who finds bugs in their fruit does…I pushed the fruit to the side and decided to eat my blackberries instead. They are also from the farmer’s market so I was looking at them with a stink eye and it turns out I had reason. sigh. There was another little white baby worm thing in the container with the blackberries! Now this is more then I can handle…I dumped them all in to the compost bin and drank some tea to try to get rid of the idea I swallowed bugs. What if I missed some? What if they got in my mouth? What if they were still in my mouth worming around my teeth? Or worse! What if they are in my stomach, or crawling up my esophagus?? Oh the horrible ideas that are flying through my head because of those two worms. The whole rest of the work day I kept flashing back to those stupid bugs. Ugh. *sick face*

See, this is why I like pesticides…stupid farmer’s market! I am never buying food from there again. From now on only produce that has been sprayed with various chemicals to kill all those nasty creepy crawly things! I’d rather wash off chemicals then wash off “natural whatever” and find out some stupid bugs made it through. *shudder*

The bugs helped keep my mind off my nervousness for my audition. I haven’t been to one in a while cause of all the agent drama that happened. This is for a non-union job in a short film so no agent needed to get the audition. I was sooooo nervous! Mostly cause I was worried I’d screw up something. lol. The guy who ran the room was great. 🙂 Totally put me at ease, he was a great reader and I had so much fun! Auditions totally get my adrenaline flying, it’s better then anything out there for an all natural high. A person isn’t living unless they are in front of a camera. 😀 Anyways, the whole thing went great, great experience, lots of fun, felt really good about what I did. And now I will put it away cause once the auditions over you hafta drop it otherwise you’ll over think everything you did and drive yourself nuts. lol.

Total bonus though, I wore a sweet pair of jeans and looked totally hot in them! Least, I felt like I looked hot in them. I reminded myself before going in front of the camera that I have lost 9 lbs which means I will look better in front of the camera then I did previously. The confidence I got from my outfit was great. 😀 I can’t wait till I have lost even more, imagine how much better I will feel about myself then?

On to the cancelled plans, a friend of mine bought a tanning studio and I thought today was the grand re-opening but I had the day wrong so I am going tomorrow after work instead. That works out better for me anyways since by the time the audition was over I was hungry and ready to go home and make dinner. One thing about auditions, when they are over I am always ravenous, I think cause of the adrenaline that gets pumping. It feels like the equivalent of exercising…but in a good way!

So there we go, today started with normal work stuff, then the realization I was getting better and feeling good about it, then being disgusted because of the bugs, switch from that to confidence cause of how I looked once I changed and did my makeup for the audition, then I was running high and felt like I could rule the world and that the “acting thing” will definitly work out for me, after that I was a tad relieved cause I didn’t want to postpone dinner, lol, always ruled by my stomach. 😛 Now I am exhausted and on my way to bed to recover from the ups and downs of my day.

A quick run down of my food from today:

3/4 cup Blueberry Special K = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 cup grapes = 1 point

1 cup soup = 2 points

1 whole wheat bagel = 4 points

2 triangles Light Laughing Cow cheese = 1 point

snap peas = 0 points

1 medium slush = 2 points

85 grams Alexia Yam fries = 3 points

100 grams beefless tips = 2 points

grilled veggies = 0 points

1 tsp becel oil = 1 point

1 package Thinsations Choc covered pretzels = 2 points

I used 23 points today. One over my allowed daily points but that’s what flex points are for. lol. 😀 I made the decision to eat the pretzels even though I knew it’d put me over. I could have eaten popcorn for 1 point but it was too much food, I wanted a small snack that was 1 point but didn’t have any so the pretzels it was. I figured better this time around to go one over then one under. Let’s hope the gamble is right!


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