An Almost Pizza?

2 Sep

Most of today was pretty normal, got up stupid early, went to work, came home, went to the Grand Opening of my friend’s tanning salon, came home, made dinner, did laundry and am now writing a post. See? Normal. 🙂

The Grand Opening was cool, mostly cause I got to see MS again, I haven’t seen her in quite a while. We didn’t get to catch up, she was at work after all, lol, but being that she is her own boss we got to chill a bit. She’s still organizing the old client files that were kept on filing cards (seriously?!) soon they will all be in her computer. Her and her bf did a lot of work in that place before they could consider it presentable. Apparently it was disgustingly dirty – the lady who owned it before never cleaned, eeeew! So her and the bf slaved from 5pm to some ungodly time the next morning to get the place the way they want it and now they are up and running. I hope she does well with it, it seems to be making her happy for now so that’s good. 🙂

Now, on to the almost pizza! I got the idea from my mom sometime last week. I grilled a chicken breast on my george foreman grill, I love that thing!, then topped a whole wheat tortilla wrap with Alfredo Roasted Tomato Sauce (the kind I had on my pasta the other week) a light babybell that I sliced up, some tomato sliced up and then the chicken cut up in to tiny bits. Stuck it all in the oven for, well, I didn’t time it, I waited till all the cheese was melted and the edges of the tortilla looked toasted and voila! Almost pizza! It was actually pretty good. 🙂 Next time I will put more veggies on it, I would have this time but I didn’t have any raw veggies (other then the tomato) and I didn’t feel like digging out some frozen vegg. And yes, I know, I was already in the kitchen it’s not like digging the frozen vegg outta the freezer involved anything other then me turning around and opening the freezer door but that’s not the point! 😛 lol Oh, I also put a Kraft cheese slice on top after I took it outta the oven, ripped it in to pieces and placed it on, the pizza was hot enough it melted the cheese. If I had a bunch of veggies on it I wouldn’t have done that but it was looking a little…well, lacking, ya know? The entire thing was 7 points which is not bad at all. It would have been six except for that cheese slice and since next time I make it I will have more veggies on it I won’t need that cheese slice to make it look less plain.

I found a way to make my pizza and eat it too! 😛

On a slightly distressing note I think I am getting sick. I just felt off all day today and my throat started to hurt, ugh. Whatever the bug is I might be able to beat it, I am eating healthier now! lol. There is a nasty cold/bug thing going around so knowing me I will catch some form of it. Cause I was feeling so worn I was oh so tempted to buy dinner on my home from the grand opening. I was right beside a fish n chip place that is s’posed to be the best in the city (I can’t say for sure if it is since I haven’t eaten there, sigh) and man was I tempted, my feet started walking towards it but somehow I ended up going right on by. I also almost stopped at a Japanese restaurant, thought I might grab some sushi or something but didn’t want to spend the money. In the end I ended up just going home cause I was too tired to bother figuring out somewhere else I could eat. Yet one more indication I may be getting a bug…too tired to be properly tempted by food? Oh the horrors! 😛 I am glad in the end I came home and made the almost pizza, it was lower in points then anything I would have bought, it was interesting and easy to make and it gave me one more dinner dish that I can fit in to my daily eating so all in all, good way to end the day.

So, for today I ate:

2 weetabix = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk  = 1 point

1 1/2 cup strawberries = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1/2 Fiesta Salad = 4 points

1 cup grapes = 1 point

1 cup soup = 2 points

1 light babybell = 1 point

1 small slush = 1 point

50 grams chicken = 1 point

1 whole wheat tortilla wrap = 2 points

1 light babybell = 1 point

sliced tomato = 0 points

1/4 cup alfredo roated tomato sauce = 2 points

1 cheese slice = 1 point

1 weight watchers package pretzel twists = 2 points

I went over my points for the day, I ate 24 instead of 22 but I have two reasons for why. (1) I forgot I ate the banana at work so didn’t add it in and thought I had two points left for a snack after dinner, my bad! (2) I didn’t finish my strawberries or my cereal because I started not feeling well so I didn’t actually get all those points. Halfway through the day I decided I would eat a little extra this evening to make up for those lost points, nothing big just a little snack of some kind, and then I totally forgot about that. lol. So when I ate my pretzel twists this evening after dinner it wasn’t to make sure I got all my points, it was cause I thought I still had two more points to eat…doh!

I am ok with having a total of 24 today, mostly cause of not finishing all my breakfast but also I have flex points – I try my hardest not to use them – but they are there in case of a slip up or special treat or whatever so really, this shouldn’t screw me up too much. Tomorrow might but that’s cause I am going out to a bar and I haven’t figured out calories in alcohol yet, lol. But that is a problem for tomorrow!


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