Sometimes I just don’t know…

26 Sep

Do you ever have trouble knowing why you want to eat? That sounds weird but I am sure some of you out there know what I am talking about. I was out for pretty much all of today (well, all of the day that I was awake for, lol), while out I enjoyed a very yummy late lunch that used up almost all my points (totally worth it!) but when I got home and was finally sitting and chillin I wanted a snack and a cup of tea. That doesn’t seem so bad, right? I mean sure I had already used my points for the day but I could use some flex points if I wanted…but did I want to? And if I did want to why did I want to? I couldn’t be hungry, could I? After eating such a large late lunch…

So the wondering began, I went back and forth for about an hour on if I wanted a snack because I was hungry or for some other reason…and if I wasn’t hungry why was I wanting a snack? hmmm…lots of options for the answer to that question.

I think part of the answer is habit, usually when I come home it’s meal time so it’s almost ingrained in me that when I come home I get to eat. Is that normal? Who knows. lol. But today when I got home it was not a meal time, it was late evening, I was still full from lunch, shrug, theoretically I should have been fine with not eating the rest of the day. And yet I wanted to snack on something with my evening cup of tea.

I finally decided to use 2 points on a snack and am now a little over-full, sigh, guess I wasn’t all that hungry after all. Oops. lol.

I have been getting bugged by KB to get a measuring tape and use that as well as the scale to keep track of my weight loss. She said maybe some of the weeks I didn’t see a change on the scale I might have built muscle instead (ha!) so measuring might be more accurate. It’s worth a try. From what I have seen on weight loss shows you shouldn’t measure yourself weekly the way you weigh yourself cause the changes will be small on a weekly basis and could make you discouraged sooooooo I will measure myself on a monthly basis, let me be more specific, once every four weeks…that’s not quite monthly. I am gonna do some research to find the best parts to measure…I mean obviously there is the waist, hips and bust but I think I will also measure my thighs and arms (biceps) so I can keep track of every change. Obsessive? Maybe. lol.

I’m going to measure myself for the first time next saturday – correlate it with when I weigh myself – hopefully I don’t manage to lose the measuring tape before then! lol. Oh, and fyi, if you wanna buy one mine was only $2 at wal-mart. 🙂

Today I ate:

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

Brown’s Social House

1 veggie burger = 16 points

1 side salad = 4 points

1 Quaker Granola Crunch’ers = 2 points

That is a total of 24 points. Sure, if I had resisted the Quaker snack I would be right on target with my points but I don’t feel bad about using the 2 flex points, those little Quaker crunch things are yummy and a nice little evening snack. 🙂 Oh, another fyi, you can buy them at wal-mart for…you guessed it! $2! Gotta love wal-mart…mind you, I hate wal-mart too but meh, love/hate relationships are some of the best kinds. lol.  And that is totally a topic for another post! 😛


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